Once Upon a Time in Hollywood SPOILERS! SPOILER THREAD...

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    I took my time reading it and loved it. It's a great complement to the film.
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    Enjoy it! It's a great read that fills in a lot of back story.
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    not his thing, but I wish QT would make a sequel. Would be interesting to follow those guys a bit longer.... or just 2 hours of driving around with the radio on would good too.

    Or maybe set in in 1973 and they can run into the gang from Licorice Pizza.
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    Hopefully Rick will use his flamethrower on them.
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    My wife and I stopped off in LA on our way to Maui and snapped a few shots of "Rick's" house and Casa Vega. Sorry about our rental being in the photos as I stayed behind the wheel with the engine running while my wife took the shots in case "Rick" came out and told us to get the hell off his private road. Watching the film again when we got home gave a different feel knowing we had been on the cul de sac where so much was filmed. The huge movie poster is long gone and in someone's collection.


    The gate in the final scene.



    Casa Vega as most know was filmed in for two scenes; the Italian restaurant scene and the fateful night scene where Rick and Cliff get bombed. We ate in the booth behind the one shown in the Italian scene. They filmed the other scene on the other side of the restaurant past the bar. The food in Casa Vega is excellent by the way. What a great film.


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    My sister lives three doors to the right of “Rick’s” house. She said that it was fun watching the filming and that all of the homeowners on the street were very well compensated for the inconvenience.
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    Nice pictures you Fin hippie. ;)
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    Thanks for the pics of Rics house, so cool, god I wise he would release the extended version like what he did with the Hateful 8 on Netflix. There’s a scene with Rick on the phone towards the end that needs to be seen that is in the book.
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    QT did say he could add an additional 20 minutes to make it a 3 one hour series.
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    I absolutely loved that part.
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    We are saddened by the news of the passing of actor Rick Dalton, best known for his roles in the hit TV series Bounty Law and The Fireman trilogy.

    Rick passed away peacefully in his home in Hawaii and is survived by his wife Francesca. RIP

    Rick Dalton 1933-2023

    Because of his passing, the episode for Rollerball has been postponed. Instead, we will come back on Tuesday with a memorial episode designed by Quentin that features some of Rick’s best roles.

    Quentin Tarantino announces Leonardo DiCaprio's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood character Rick Dalton has 'passed away'


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    I want to see The Fireman.
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    Quetnin Tarantino seems to waste an awful lot of time of dumb stuff. He wrote a book "The Films of Rick Dalton" with descriptions of fake films and synopsis of all his tv shows? I hate to say it, but why? I guess that's how you spend time when you're goofy enough to end your film career after ten films. "Hope I (die) stop directing before I get old?" Kinda childish reasoning he's given, quite frankly.
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    He has $150 million dollars. Tarantino can do anything he wants to at this point.

    I don't think Tarantino spent oceans of time on the fake filmography. I've worked with directors who wrote backstories and biographies of the 20 speaking roles in their films so they "flesh out" the characters and understand who they are and where they came from. One of those in particular that I saw was maybe 150 pages of notes in a binder (this was a writer/director), so he had done a couple of years or research in order to figure out the characters, come up with the film's structure, write the character studies, plot out the movie, then write the script. And endless rewrites. I've worked on TV shows where each episode was plotted out on 3x5 cards stuck on a corkboard wall. Every shot, every scene, every plot twist, every major moment... maybe 250 cards on the wall. Very interesting process.

    Doing a "fake filmography" for the lead character of a movie would not be that big a deal. 40 pages? 50 pages of notes? That's nothing. Don't forget that Tarantino has said that Once Upon a Time took him 10 years to write, while he was doing other things.

    BTW, if he wanted to, Quentin could put out the "fake filmography" as a real published book, call it a "limited edition," and sell thousands of copies. There are rabid fans who will buy all of that crap.

    Hey, I'm still waiting for Quentin to make the fake Bounty Law TV series, where he says he had written 7 or 8 episodes of the show just to "get in the mood" for the movie. We saw pieces of it in the finished film. I doubt if it would have Leonardo DiCaprio in it, but maybe they could fake it.
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    I’ve never understood how they have the time to do all that stuff for a single TV episode when there’s virtually a new one every week!
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    So sad to hear about Rick Dalton's passing.
    I had a Rick Dalton lunchbox when I was a kid. [​IMG]
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    RIP Rick, hopefully this might mean something extra, probably not, now what about Cliff !
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    RIP Rick Dalton, a fine actor

    Have 10 Whiskey Sours in his honor today
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    My guess is you are a lot fun at parties
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