‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Tarantino's Next

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Olompali, Mar 1, 2018.

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    I’m excited about this. I’m a big fan of Tarantino and I love seeing this era depicted in film, so this sounds great to me. Plus, Tarantino seems to be a music fan as well as a filmmaker and a cinephile, so it’s probably going to have a great soundtrack as well.
  3. alexpop

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    Like the title.
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    VERY hyped about this one!
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    Walton Goggins would be a great Mason, even if he's a bit old for the part. And in tradition of "Inglourious Basterds" they could kill him in the end.
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    Nice this film is still up and running and the whine generation couldn't pull the plug on it. Still think Tom Cruise would have been brilliant casting as a stunt double, although the height difference questionable with DiCaprio ..humour factor I guess.
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    I hope Margot Robbie can turn in a performance that doesn't annoy me, this time. I'm still trying to shake off that awful Harley Quinn character and voice. I, Tanya didn't help, much. But she probably just has to lounge around in Sharon Tate's famous red bikini in the backyard, so... :righton:
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    In pre production.
    12 total in cast & crew so far.
    Released August,9th 2019..exactly 50 years after Manson Family did the dirty deed.
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    I haven't really enjoyed a Tarantino movie since Death Proof. I liked pieces and parts of Basterds but both Django and Hateful kinda bored the crap out of me and I really wanted to like Hateful. Then I finally saw Kill Bill II for the first time and there was that wonderful wacko energy that was missing from these later films. Quentin says film making is a young person's game. Maybe in his case, it's true. Then again, I'm not the most mature person myself so maybe these later films just go over my head. I'm still intrigued to see what he might come up with next though. Probably always will be.
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    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood " is supposed to be a return to Pulp Fiction I really think QT wants commercial success after H8, but I don't think it's going to anything like Kill Bill..unless Kato is involved.:)
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    I was a huge Tarantino fan at the start. The cracks started appearing in Kill Bill for me, although I did enjoy those, it's been painful since.
    Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt!? Please, somebody give me an amen; this guy is a terrible. If he had a face like a collapsed lung, he'd be working in my job.
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    Do you if there has been a concerted effort to stop the film? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit given the culture of virtue signaling in the United States now. It’s a horrible and puritanical climate for Tarantino’s dark and edgy art.
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    billy wilder and Hitchcock created some masterpieces in their 50's-60's. Im optimistic, maybe he has another classic in him (the last one for me was basterds) Django was ok but Hateful 8 had me looking at my watch
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    Can you point me to anything remotely edgy or dark about Tarantino’s movies? I like his stuff, but he’s no Hitchcock. Everything is there on the surface, spelt out for you so you can’t miss it.
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    Like Hitchcock, Tarantino focuses on the dark side of humanity (violent revenge narratives most of all). Everything is on the surface so long as you know your cinema history (especially European exploitation cinema). Not knowing this world of references—including specific visual quotations—does not spoil one’s fun because Tarantino is not a pretentious filmmaker. He is, though, a brilliant stylist with flair.
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    I hate to say it, but that is really an idea in bad taste.
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    I'm excited by this movie (apparently, the script is terrific), but I'm predicting it doesn't get made.
  20. alexpop

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    Sony has already gave QT money upfront $$$.
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    I was a huge QT fan until Kill Bill when he started overdoing blood scenes.

    Excessive to the max.

    Django was good till Leo got killed and it went down.

    Hateful was boring.

    I still think he has one more masterpiece left.
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    So who's Manson?
  23. alexpop

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    The Wizard
  24. alexpop

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    Have you watched "Aquarius"? It's set in the same period of time and basically about the same characters.
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