‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Tarantino's Next

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Olompali, Mar 1, 2018.

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  1. Career killer :tiphat:
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  2. GodShifter

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    I meant *ensnare* but wrote “ensure” instead. I’m an idiota.
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  3. GodShifter

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    Wrong, but funnay!

    ::: slow golf clap :::
  4. Brian_Svoboda

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    The movie was engrossing enough I did not have to worry about that. I did at first, like I always do, but then I forgot about it.
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  5. yesstiles

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    I've never gone to the bathroom during a movie even once in my entire life. I can't imagine having to. I have a bladder that holds the urine there for me. :kilroy:
  6. Vidiot

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    Just caught the film a second time, this one in 70mm film at the Ceramic Dome in Hollywoo, and all of us enjoyed it very much. One of my friends was seeing it for the first time, and he was absolutely overwhelmed: his comment for the first 2/3 was "where the hell is this going," and then at the end it was like, "oh my god, all of the plot elements perfectly came together! Now I see what Tarantino was doing!" There was scattered applause at certain moments, plus quite a bit of uncomfortable laughter during the violent scenes. Lots of fun for the whole family.
  7. bmoregnr

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    If you don't mind sharing, what were your thoughts on the 70mm vs. the digital for this movie? I've seen my fair share of 70mm including the Hateful Eight, and I debated driving 45 minutes to see this in 35mm, but went with the digital and was floored with how great it was and it didn't feel digital once; it seemed to raise the bar for me (although maybe technology has moved/improved recently; admittedly I only see 2-3 movies a year). Anyway, I'm not asking you to say which is better, just curious as to your thoughts on the two formats for this one-- feel free to ignore this.
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  8. The Slug Man

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    re: Having to run to the bathroom during a movie, one good thing you can say about some of the new multiplexes is that they have more bathrooms which are often practically right next door to the auditorium. I've had to duck into them for movies I've already seen and been amazed at how little of the film I've missed. For obvious reasons, YMMV. :D
  9. stereoptic

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  11. ManFromCouv

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    I agree. I didn't even really see the whole scene after the "here to do the devil's business/Rex/Tex" dialogue because I was rolling my eyes at the cartoonish violence in the scene. Easily the worst part if the movie. That people actually analyze it as some sort of grotesque over-violence towards women perplexes me.
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  12. notesfrom

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    This one is still open - so there are still two?

    Same spot we were in yesterday.
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  13. Ghostworld

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    And I gotta say some stuff didn’t work. I haven’t heard hullabaloo get one laugh. It comes too early in the movie.

    One ofmy favorite elements is the music, which Tarantino has brilliantly used to make “Hollywood” almost a musical in some ways - endless motoring to music, everyone dancing at pool parties to records. However I still say the music mix is not right. When they’re driving that bass should be thundering on the soundtrack. There’s no bass punch. I’ve seen it in four different theaters and it’s the mix! I Music does not come on loud enough!

    But music as always With UT plays a huge role in the movie and has turned this entire week for me – now that the soundtrack is available – into just a total immersion week of music and image. When I’m not at the theater I’m listening to the soundtrack and just buzzing to it. Good work QT!
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  14. ManFromCouv

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    Agreed. The mix-in of Rick into The Great Escape scene also was a head-scratcher. Unless someone can explain the relevance to me?
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  15. The story of what could have been and he discussed . That role that could have made him a real movie star.
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  16. Petrofsk

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    Just a reminder to keep this thread spoiler-free.

    Those who continue to ignore this request & post spoilers will be banned from this thread.

    Thank you.
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  17. Ghostworld

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    Yeah. I guess it was meant to be an actor thing: His great career lament. But it does feel kinda out of place.
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