One turntable is running .8% slow, and I kinda like it.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ghostworld, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Maybe it's the sit down and relax experience of playing vinyl, but I noticed one if my favorite tables is running .8% slow, and I seem to like it. All the familiar songs just seem a wee bit more insightful because my attention is drawn by the slight difference of things, making the listening experience feel new. It's not off-speed enough that it doesn't bother me tonally, but it must be slow enough to make my ear go:"Huh? Why's it sound different?" Interesting.
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  2. RiCat

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    Pitch controls and tone were put there to be used. No one ever has to be tied to, as in your case, the standard. Use your gear in any way that pleases you. If it was me though I would want to know why my TT slowed. If that is what happened.
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    If music is playing at the wrong speed, I personally enjoy it slightly more when the music is playing at a slightly faster speed. When something is playing too slow, it feels slightly distressing sounding to me.

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