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Online CD and Vinyl LP stores what are the best and worst ones?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Francophile50, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Francophile50

    Francophile50 The man with the satisfied ear. Thread Starter

    I was told it closed permanently. I wish they would reopen but someone told me they took the signage down. :(
  2. Francophile50

    Francophile50 The man with the satisfied ear. Thread Starter

    I don't buy vinyl. I primarily use eBay. Recently I've been using the record store but their selection is limited. I looked at Bullmoose and Music Direct and their selections were limited. I'll have to look into Acoustic Sounds.

    As far as the ads here they leave them up till I guess the end of time. I do see that some have listed them as ended. I contacted a couple different sellers and they never responded. So I'm not going to bother with sellers here. There are sellers on eBay that's advertised best offer and if they don't respond to me I don't buy their CDs either. I did buy one CD from Discogs and I may start buying from them more.
  3. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 Forum Resident

    Portland OR
    They had a lot of strip mall locations. Maybe those won't come back, but some of their stores still are on-line on Amazon.
  4. Francophile50

    Francophile50 The man with the satisfied ear. Thread Starter

    I went on their Facebook page and a former employee complained that the management said not to worry we will support you and your jobs and benefits are secured. They said about a month later out of the blue 2000 employees were sent a mass email and summarily laid off.

    Shame that such a descent company will cut and run or cutback so much that it will become a shadow of it's former self.
  5. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 Forum Resident

    Portland OR
    Guess that's just the way things are going these days.

    My whole industry shut down in March. Concerts/events. I work 9 venues, all are closed.
  6. PdB73

    PdB73 Active Member

    Western Australia
    Amazon Aus is a great for buying vinyl ...especially when they have specials. I buy a ton of vinyl from them. I also like the fact that if there's anything wrong with it - so simple to exchange or get refunded. I also find Vinyl Destination a great place to buy vinyl within Australia as well as Discrepency Vinyl; though DV are more expensive - service and packaging is A1.
  7. AirJordanFan93

    AirJordanFan93 Forum Resident

    I'm not a vinyl guy so Amazon hasn't been a good hunting ground for me. The CD prices on Amazon are kind of stupid for both Amazon stock and third party sellers. I stopped checking Amazon last year because of it.
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  8. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Amazon has been going downhill for years. Their charges on third party sellers are ridiculous (would make £3 on an £8 CD). Only good as far as specials offers go.
  9. cjc

    cjc Forum Resident

    What's up with Moviemars.com?
    1. They don't send confirmation email
    2. Your personal order # is like 40 characters long
    3. No way to check status on order.

    If I ever DO receive the CD I ordered from them, it will probably be my final order.
    Anyone else like or dislike Moviemars.com???
  10. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Greater Vancouver
    :shrug: I've never not received a CD I've purchased from them throughout the years.
  11. Chee

    Chee Forum Resident

    Remember the good ole days of Best Buy and Walmart.
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