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    This topic comes up here and there all the time, am hoping to see a thread condense this so we could at a glance pick up some of the formidable SHF Brain Trust knowledge of online music sellers stores beyond the Amazon Ebay Curtain.

    Praises, razes, good and bad. We have a plethora of music buying experiences between us all, so go ahead and just post a couple of your main recommends, warnings, experiences - often a subject can seem too vast to approach.

    At minimum please include store type (monster, boutique, reissue label, and link to website) and general music focus.


    Magic Records , out of France, a stellar boutique reissue label run by a tres cool cat named Martial Martinay . Fascinating, offbeat catalog, lots of early rocknroll, pop from all over, and more, he has records you will not find anywhere else. It is in French but any questions just email Martial. Maybe your browser can translate.

    Martial is an excellent seller, answers emails promptly and clearly, prices are crazy fair, shipping tracked, no overseas worry.
    Check out Magic Records ! (Not Magic Records the Polish label which I know nothing about)

    Magic Records link:
    Magic Records - Vente en ligne de CD et Vinyles

    GRAVE: Dire warning ! Hands down the worst online music seller store I have ever run across , takes orders and never ships, is Israel Music , the website of Tamuz Records . At first it looked like a dream site of Arab and Israeli hard to find music, as well as general pop from all over the world at great prices, so I bit.

    I ordered several rare Middle Eastern CDs and never heard from them again, despite many emails on their contact page as well as personal email. Ended up canceling my credit card. Found numerous identical complaints on a big consumer complaint site, Tamuz Records has been stiffing buyers for years. Total mystery how the site keeps going, it is a black hole.

    Here is the link - DO NOT BUY! Just posting so folks can see it to avoid it:
    Israeli & Jewish Music, DVD Movies & Films

    Here are complaints going back to 2015: - Defrauded by Internet CD/video company
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    FAVE: Here is another fantastic boutique record site :

    Light in the Attic Records , out of Seattle Washington USA. Wonderful little curiosity shop of one of a kind discoveries. Their reissues are so eclectic it is hard to categorize. Really a fun browse. I bought several Fran├žoise Hardy reissues, fantastic, the only reissues Francoise Hardy ever personally approved. Also Lee Hazlewood Woodchucks proto surf , very boss.

    You just have to go there to get the idea, old and new, they cover a wide genre range, but all somewhat off the beaten path.

    Music | Light In The Attic Records

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