OOP Paul Revere & The Raiders Collector's Choice Complete Columbia Singles Still Available !

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  1. MYKE

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    With all the hoopla over the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood soundtrack, and it's inclusion of 4 Raiders songs, Mark Lindsay posted a link to his eBay store, offering up an autograph-related deal. Never having investigated said store before, I proceeded to visit, where I was greeted by the cover of this SH.tv favored set !!!

    eBay page claims to have " More than 10 available " for $49.99 + 5.30 shipping, and they'll be autographed by Mark, for those that are into that ( I'm not ).

    Remember, CDs 1 and 2 are mono, disc 3 is stereo. Enjoy !

    Here's the link : Paul Revere & Raiders Mark Lindsay Complete Columbia Singles 3-CDs AUTOGRAPHED 617742208825 | eBay
  2. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    Actually, it's still available from Friday music. Friday music reissued the full set--a clone of the collector's choice--and it's still in print and available for about $35.

    So the question is, is Mark Lindsay's signature worth 20 bucks to you?
  3. MYKE

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    Actually, $14.32. That's the difference in the total price from Friday + lowest shipping, and the eBay store.
  4. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    Just saw the movie. Excellent!
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  5. Audiowannabee

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    Haven't seen the movie or heard above CD but seeing this thread i did want to jump in n let others know that Paul Revere n Raiders disc has just been released by www.duttonvocalion.co.uk in QUAD as Well as stereo...visit them to order
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  6. A.G. Pennypacker

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    Had no idea they’d released that, or the Guess Who American Woman/Share the Land two-fer. Thanks! Looked like it was cheapest just to order directly from them.
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  7. melstapler

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    In recent years, Mark has had some of these items available at his merch table. I suspect this is his merch team offering these items through other outlets and that's great news.
  8. MYKE

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    Mark oversees stores on eBay, Amazon Marketplace, and he's on Facebook a lot. :agree:
  9. Blodwyn

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    Was there ever published a biography of the band? And I assume there must be plenty rare and unreleased recordings worthy of a release?
  10. MYKE

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    I have copied and pasted you post into a PM to Mark Lindsay. Will post his reply.
  11. Blodwyn

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    Thanks a lot.
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