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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by shepherdfan, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. shepherdfan

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    Hi Everybody,
    First of all, if this is a sensitive area (subject), then please ignore this thread. I just wanted to see what people think about these reaction videos over at YouTube that one can view. Some of them appear to be fairly legitimate while others appear to be using these reaction videos for an excuse to act like fools in front of a world audience. I just wish some people could dig deeper in their reactions to different songs. Sometimes, there's ones that people are taking seriously but they end up reacting with the same words repeatedly.
  2. Grant

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    We have another long-running thread about this same thing. Did you do a search first? I know the search thread isn't very good, though, and the thread may have been removed at some point because of some malcontents.

    My opinion is that most of these videos, particularly of young Black people/hip-hop fans claiming to hear classic rock from the 70s for the first time, were staged. Rarely do we ever see videos the other way around, where classic rockers listen to hip-hop for the first time.
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  3. shepherdfan

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    Eugene, OR
    Hi Grant,
    I didn't use the search. I couldn't remember seeing the old thread and did not realize that it existed. It has become a subject with me because I've been watching some of them lately.
  4. DJ LX

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    The comments in reaction to Scotty Anderson's & Bob Saxton's "Sweet Georgia Brown" are spot on. Especially this:

    Dale Thomas 2 years ago
    After being mesmerized by his technique, I completely marvel at his imagination. He can play a song for 5 minutes and still bring new stuff. Nothing but the best.

    Which was in response to this:

  5. Grant

    Grant That really swings!

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    I've been watching way too many of the react threads last night and today. I went through a whole bunch of the ones where college students try to identify 70s and 80s songs. In most of them, there is always one guy who knows them all, and one who knows absolutely nothing. But the "elders" were no better at identifying their own generations' songs.

    It's amazing how knowledgeable we collectors are compared to the ones on the two channels I watched, and almost all of the "regulars" are or were connected to the music industry. The funniest thing is that the old people on the "name that tune" videos thought everything was either Motown or the Shirells.:laugh: One woman got so flustered that she said one song was by Tammy and the Wynettes.:laugh:

    I found one channel where a christian couple had a very deep discussion about NIN "Closer" and "Sympathy For The Devil" upon hearing them for the first time. One woman in another channel was nearly brought to tears listening to "Mr Blue Sky" by ELO.

    Yup, i've been wasting too much time on this stuff.
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  6. Jo B

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    There are two that I follow. One is two young college students the other a father and son. Both seem legit.
  7. Grant

    Grant That really swings!

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    I always look for signs that the person/people in the video have really heard the song before and they are just jumping on the bandwagon.

    And, again, I have yet to see one single video of a rocker or metal-head discovering and enjoying R&B, disco, or rap. It's always the other way around.
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  8. Jason Penick

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    Short answer: they're an extremely easy (some would say cheap) way to garner clicks, which explains their popularity on the site.

    I had a hankering to listen to an obscure LL Cool J track the other evening, and most of the results were react videos. I wound up clicking on one, and the guy was honestly pretty amusing. I think I actually wound up subscribing to his channel.

  9. overdrivethree

    overdrivethree Forum Resident

    I happened upon their channel when watching Rush videos. As reaction videos go, theirs are fun.

    I started wondering if either or both of them might actually post here.
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  10. Dillydipper

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    Remember, these are not just so-called "industry professionals" who are offering-up "professional" opinions of artists they know you like. These are also unmarketable outsiders trying to break their cred in on the clicks of fans, to give themselves legitimacy to further their own careers.

    While I like the idea of supposedly "dialed-in" experts listening to artists I like, and the fact that they like them too makes me like them as well...this is still somebody who lives on YouTube to "create content", which is usually more to the benefit of the platform, than it is to the contributor. So, they stroke my ego (essentially, "Hey, I like your taste!"), and they stroke the artist I support (See, "Industry"? This "expert" thinks I deserve your attention...), they hope this is stroking them, as well.

    I have no problem with actual artists using YouTube as a method to get around the fame machine and get a name for themselves, but they have to do the work. One of my favorite artists that live off 'the 'Tube" is Pomplamoose, who have been uploading free content for this platform for years...but, whether you personally like their stuff or not, they do the work.

    And, they've contributed to a system that supports artists by giving fans a way to support their overall output while still allowing their cheap-o fans( :wave: ) a way to enjoy them for free as well. In fact, they were so committed to it, the husband half of this online powerhouse founded Patreon, the "Kickstarter for artists". This is about as close as it gets, to "giving back" to a system that you bought into, did you a solid, and then gave you a chance to help others in the same position as you would have benefited from if it were around when you yourself started. Pomplmoose has grown as a duo ("expanded"), and grown as businesspersons on the side.

    Now, when you see some "vocal coach" taking these "reaction videos" they pump out, and turn it into something bigger for the whole "community"...get back to me. :waiting:
  11. JozefK

    JozefK Forum Resident

    I hate them
  12. Grant

    Grant That really swings!

    United States
    I'm also waiting for someone to say they hate something they hear. We get that on the React channel, even though the panels are still filled with industry vets and their families who grew up around music.
  13. Ditto , daddy-O !
    Some if them might be legit but the majority are phonier than three dollar bills.
    There's one YouTuber who cries listening to each song she hears. ' Sound of Silence' ( tears ) - ' Hey Jude ' ( sobbing) - ' You Light Up My Life ( outright wailing ). What an act!
  14. Crimson jon

    Crimson jon Forum Resident

    There is one with these 7 or 8 year olds listening to a bunch of nirvana songs. The young African American girl wasn't feeling any of them until she heard smells like teen spirit. I thought it was cool...entertainment at work for a few fleeting moments.
  15. Evethingandnothing

    Evethingandnothing Forum Resident

    Fairly new to me. I've seen a few. It's fun, but I doubt that the fun will last too long. I'm quite conscious as an old git of liking documentaries and discussion of music a little too much that it can sometimes push out actually listening to music. Darn sentimentalism! Darn!
  16. Strat-Mangler

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    Loathe them and wish they didn't exist. Even worse and more useless than unboxing videos.

    Painfully pointless.
  17. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    I generally enjoy the Kids React, Teens React and College Students React, as it is an honest reaction and they are basically Test Subjects, so not their own YouTube Channel, but the ones with 2 Adults who are listening to Bowie or Pink Floyd for the first time come across to me as phony and just wanting people to subscribe to their Channels.

    This React Video(Kids React to Radiohead 'Burn the Witch' Video) is what got me hooked about a year ago when I first saw it, as was amused by their discussion during and question time after watching the Video(This is Creepy, Whoever made this is messed up-haha Radiohead scaring the kiddies). Didn't Radiohead make a Children Lullabies Album to their Songs in the early 2000s?:


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