Opinions on new Judy Garland film, Judy, with Renée (Renee ) Zellweger

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Lawrence Schulman, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. carrick doone

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    Vancouver, Canada
    The trailer looks good. I like the approach that explores her whole life, not just the movie star / lounge singer, career up and downs aspect. This is not my type of night out movie anymore (no one to take on a date) but I will watch it at some point.
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    The soundtrack includes duets with Sam Smith and Rufus Wainwright and is due September 27, 2019 (at least in the UK):


    1. By Myself
    2. Get Happy (duet with Sam Smith) - Smith, Sam
    3. For Once in My Life
    4. Zing Went the Strings
    5. You Made Me Love You
    6. Talk of the Town
    7. Come Rain or Come Shine
    8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (duet with Rufus Wainwright)
    9. The Trolley Song
    10. The Man That Got Away
    11. San Francisco
    12. Over The Rainbow


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  3. Michael

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    I am really curious the job she did as Judy!
  4. pghmusiclover

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    And here's the complete vocal of "Over The Rainbow", which is surprisingly good:

  5. pghmusiclover

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  6. Rick Bartlett

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    The trailer looks 'fantastic'!
    I'm in!
  7. pghmusiclover

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    The soundtrack on CD and vinyl on Amazon US is listed as "Currently Unavailable" -- even though the release date is listed as September 27, 2019.
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    I guess I should have started this thread in the Music Forum to get some more eyeballs!
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    Thanks for posting this. That's one of those "tough ones" to do, but from the trailer, Zellweger certainly throws herself into it. She doesn't exactly look like Judy, but she's got the speaking voice down. Sings decently too. We'll look at it when it goes streaming. I get the impression from the reviews that the script doesn't go all the way in driving home her misery, to the disadvantage of the story.
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    Sometimes a good idea, later on mods can move it once the hype has died down.
    I'm sure it'll pick up once it comes out and we start pulling it apart like we do here.
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  12. Torontotom

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    The reviews for Renee have been outstanding. I've been trying to get a ticket to a screening at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and sadly, there's not one to be had. Which is also a good thing because the buzz for the film (and Renee) is strong.
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  13. WLL

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    ...Well. That was serendipitous:p. I came here meaning to ask about the film's soundtrack's performances of Judy songs and I stumble onto this:)!!!!!!!
    I had been wondering if it included " For Once In My Life " - which I had read she did late in her career )which I have the impression was adopted as a yoken " nee " song by a lot of older-guard singers in the late Sixties). At'sa nice.:angel:
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  20. Hexwood

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    It seems as though Judy could turn out to be like Bohemian Rhapsody. The film itself is getting mixed reviews, but Renée's lead performance is winning a lot of praise.
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  21. Mirrorblade.1

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    Judy Davis did better version in the abc tv movie.
  22. Graham

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    London, UK
    Apologies for the cynicism, but this has begging for an Oscar written all over it.
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  23. Michael Rose

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    I'm very indifferent about Renee but, I watched the trailer and was mighty impressed with what I've seen. I'll say she'll win a Golden Globe then be nominated for an Oscar.
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    Brave and amazingly cool, respect.
  25. pghmusiclover

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    I watched one of the promo trailers on the bus home the other night and was getting choked up. When I took off my ear buds the girl in front of me asked if I was ok as I was sniffling LOL
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