Oppo 83 SE and SACD playback

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Percivale, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. Bill Mac

    Bill Mac Forum Resident

    So. ME USA
    In what way does the Arcam blow away the Oppo? I'm not doubting what you are hearing but to me "blows away" is an improvement of huge amounts. Almost like going from a cheap sound system to a top quality one. I guess we all have different thoughts of the term "blows away" :).

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  2. Kal Rubinson

    Kal Rubinson Forum Resident

    Why? The items in each class will be different but, more significant, is that items from a given class will generally sound better than those in lower classes and not as good as those in higher classes. The generally is important to note because individuals have personal preferences and applications.

    I cannot comment on those players since I've never used them and individual reviewers will have (do have) different opinions and experiences. None of us get to hear every piece of equipment. Even JA only comes close.
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  3. Kal Rubinson

    Kal Rubinson Forum Resident

  4. joelee

    joelee Senior Member

    Huge Amounts Bill.
    Now of course this is on my system, tube playback.
    The Arcam has a very warm sound, with great dynamics in the mid-range. I believe some members here use the term "goosh" or something like it.
    The 83SE has the sound of a mid-level Sony player, good but a bit clinical sounding.
    Hope this helps!

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  5. Bill Mac

    Bill Mac Forum Resident

    So. ME USA

    Thanks for your thoughts :).

  6. Limelakephoto

    Limelakephoto Forum Resident

    Oshawa Ont. Canada
    An excellent description !
  7. Percivale

    Percivale Active Member Thread Starter

    Thank You Karl for your comment.
    So as not bother you more I have the last question concerning the recommendation list you and your colleagues prepared in the October issue of Stereophile and earlier in the April edition.

    In April you placed Oppo 95 (successor of 83SE) in class A+.
    The model 105 is generally acclaimed as a slight (but still) improvement over 95. You even stated this (maybe not straightforwadly) in your review.

    Could you explain why did you place 105 in class A (instead of A+) in October 2013 recommendations?

    Do you consider 105 sonically on the same level as 95 or slightly lower? Is there any mistake in that list?

    I will be very grateful for your comment. You have tested all models of Oppo and it would be interesting for me to know how you compare them.
    When I decide to switch to another Oppo I will know where to move on.
  8. roboss38

    roboss38 Forum Resident

    Clovis, CA U.S.A.
    Your focusing way to much on Class A+ or Class A. I've owned all three players in question: 83Se, 95, and 105. I listened to all three players in their stock version for a couple months before having each one modified by Dan Wright. Buy a 105 or 105D, and call it a day. With each new player the sonics have improved (83SE<95<105 or 105D), the sonic difference between the 83SE vs. 95 is greater then the difference between the 95 vs. 105.
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  9. Percivale

    Percivale Active Member Thread Starter

    I agree with the above although I haven't tested all of them.

    I would welcome Kal to comment on that ranking since his opinion might be different.
    Perhaps, there is a mistake there or indeed 95 is in A+ but 105 in a bit lower A.
  10. BrewDrinkRepeat

    BrewDrinkRepeat Forum Resident

    Merchantville NJ
    You're probably not just burning files onto a DVD (to be read as FLAC files), the software is creating either a DVD-V or DVD-A for you, so the OPPO sees it as such and not as FLAC files on a disc.
  11. Alan G

    Alan G More A Lurker Than A Poster


    Sounds possible. This is a good thing. right? I guess the same holds true for cds burned from flac files using Toast. Toast burns them as an audio cd and the Oppo just reads it as an audio cd and plays it without a problem. So the only issue is that the Oppo won't play flac files directly[like from a usb drive] but does not have a problem with them if they are burned to disc, right?

  12. Kal Rubinson

    Kal Rubinson Forum Resident

    You're focusing way too much on Class A+ or Class A or any other class. Amen.
  13. Percivale

    Percivale Active Member Thread Starter

    Don't get me wrong. I am not oversensitive about charts and I realise that there is a lot of generalisation in them.

    But reading your review I rememeber you state "subtle but consistent difference" between 95 and 105.
    Do you prefer a bit more the sonic of 95 over 105? I came across some users who feel it this way.
    I am only asking what is your personal preference.
  14. Limelakephoto

    Limelakephoto Forum Resident

    Oshawa Ont. Canada
    While everyone was bickering over the differences over the oppos, I listened to my oppo while you guys bickered....so therefore mine sounds better period !
  15. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Drum machines are not inherently evil.

    Austin, TX
    I would just somehow verify that when the FLAC files were converted during the burn process that they were transcoded to the proper resolution and bit-rate.
  16. roboss38

    roboss38 Forum Resident

    Clovis, CA U.S.A.
    I wasn't bickering with the poster, just reminding him that paralysis by analysis inhibits listening and enjoying your music. Parsing the difference the between why one Oppo is Class A+ and the other Class A falls into that category.
  17. Limelakephoto

    Limelakephoto Forum Resident

    Oshawa Ont. Canada
    I know ....I am just pushing buttons
  18. Kal Rubinson

    Kal Rubinson Forum Resident

  19. Reese

    Reese Why did you say 'Burma'?

    I had posted this in a Sinatra thread where someone asked about why their BDP-83 was no longer playing the SACD layer of hybrid discs. This thread seems like a more appropriate place for this:

    My BDP-83 was doing the same thing and getting progressively worse. At first, cleaning the laser would improve things but, gradually, it got to the point the player would not recognize the SACD layer of any hybrid disc. I found a replacement laser on eBay for less than $50 shipped and ordered it despite the poor description. Turned out to be exactly the same as the laser in my '83. There are no instructions provided. Replacement is as simple as this:

    If you have an anti-static strap, wear it while doing this if it makes you feel better. I just shot myself with the Zerostat and went for it.
    Be aware that I made this up on the fly. Your results may vary from mine and following these instructions may result in complete destruction of your equipment (and your audio gear, too), blindness, electrocution, and the untimely demise of any small pets nearby. Proceed with caution.
    • Eject the tray and unplug the unit with the tray open.
    • Remove the cover - two screws on either side, five across the back. Lift cover from the back until almost perpendicular to the unit and then lift straight up to disengage the tabs in the front.
    • Remove the two small silver screws on the top of the disc mechanism and carefully peal the two pieces of tape toward the back of the unit away from the top of the cover. You'll reuse this tape.
    • Use your fingernail or a small screwdriver to depress the four black plastic tabs that hold the cover on and gently lift the cover off.
    • Verify the laser you bought appears to be the same as the one in your player. The numbers on the boards on my replacement were the same as those on the original laser.
    • Push the sled as far forward as it will go.
    • Gently lift the dark grey clip that holds the sled's ribbon cable up to release the cable.
    • Find the spring clip on the right rear side of the disc mechanism that holds the right rail in place. This is the rail next to the worm gear.
    • Be sure the sled is a far forward as possible and carefully pry the spring clip up only far enough to release the rail. Moving the sled forward allows the rail to move to one side easily.
    • Pull the rail towards the back of the unit to slide it out of the sled and the right front retainer.
    • Remove the sled by disengaging the left rail guide from the left rail.
    • Remove the white plastic part on the right side of the sled that connects to the worm gear. It is secured with a tiny, easy to loose screw.
    • Install this part on your new laser sled. Try to avoid touching the laser lenses.
    • Remove any dust and debris from the rails and worm gear.
    • Slip the new sled's left rail guides over the left rail and rest the white plastic worm gear connecter on the worm gear.
    • Slide the right rail through the rails guides on the right side of the sled and insert the end of the rail into the front retainer. You'll need to gently lift the front retainer's spring clip up to do this.
    • Make sure sled is all the way forward.
    • Gently pry the right rear spring clip rail retainer up and snap the right rail into place.
    • Insert the ribbon cable into the slot on the sled as far as possible and close the retaining clip. Make sure the cable appears to be straight.
    • Snap the disc mechanism cover back into place.
    • At this point, you can test the player to make sure it works before replacing the disc mechanism screws, the tape, and the unit's external cover.
    My player now immediately sees the SACD layer on hybrid discs when I load them. Good luck with yours.
  20. SamS

    SamS Forum Legend

    Nice write up! Good to read that your problem is solved.
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