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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Dirkwkirk, May 16, 2018.

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    Sorry if this is a repeat post. Just saw an ad last night "5-15-18" for the show returning. Used to watch it but stopped before it was cancelled. Interesting at first,but got sick of the bickering. May watch 1 or 2 news ones just to check it out.
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    Wow - that's interesting. When they brought the show back the last time with junior and senior each running their own shops, senior was already looking ooooooooooold and that was some time ago. I also read somewhere that he had gotten himself into some serious financial trouble. Maybe the new show is an attempt to dig himself out. Hopefully people are still in the market for crazy impractical show bikes with 1/4 gallon gas tanks.
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    Used to be a fan for the 1st 2-3 seasons. After that it felt kinda forced. Senior's made some seriously bone-headed decisions regarding his business. 1st and foremost, running off his golden egg laying son! Can't see how this new version can possibly succeed as the bikes were always secondary to the drama.
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    Haven't we seen peak boomer chopper?
    I lived in Rockland County, not close, but not far from there. It seems that in the early part of the decade and the preceding one, there were a ton of aging dentists and others (nothing against dentists) riding some pretty wild S/S based custom rides. Dave Finn, who was near me, built some nice ones. I had a bunch of bikes at the beginning of the millennium, but none that would be considered full on old skool choppas. Invariably, when riding, you'd meet up with all sorts, and many defied the stereotype, like the dude who looked like a hillbilly TV wrestler- figure Harley, right? Nope, Hayabusa, all tricked out.
    We had great fun-- a bit dangerous for old men, but I know a few guys well into their 70s still riding.

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