"Orange is the New Black" Netflix series...any fans

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by dbacon, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. dbacon

    dbacon Forum Resident Thread Starter

    A comedy/drama set in a women's federal prison. There are excellent supporting characters with interesting back stories....my fave us crazy eyes.
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  2. rburly

    rburly Sitting comfortably with Item 9

    I just watched 6 episodes today. I'm really enjoying it. I think I like that it's based on a true story/book and its really entertaining. It kept drawing me back for "just one more episode" several times. I work in a state prison, not a federal prison, but I can tell you that several of the security (officer) things that happen don't happen, from a technical point of view, but that's just me looking at that stuff. I also don't work with women, so that's different.

    Where I work, there are many "crazy eyes", and if they made a movie about where I work, no one would believe it. I'm glad I started watching it today and will finish out the rest of the 13 episode first season by the end of the week. Just a caveat for those who wouldn't know, but have probably heard, lesbianism is alive and well in the show. Nudity and other acts would keep it off "regular" television. There's not as much violence as I expected, but again, it's not a men's prison setting. Also, it's not just based solely in prison. Don't let that keep you away. Jason Biggs is in the show. It's the story of the main character, Taylor Schilling, and how she got where she is. I'll leave it there. Great show IMO.
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  3. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    I've only seen the first episode and enjoyed it - was a big fan of "Weeds" and like Kohan's sensibility. It's going to take a while until I see the whole thing, though.
  4. kevintomb

    kevintomb Forum Resident

    I LOVED IT!!!!!

    It started off a bit uh wild and crazy, but once I got into the "World" they were portraying, it is extremely interesting, fun, and simply entertaining.

    I can see how some will have issues, with nudity, the story lines being at times a bit raunchy, and lesbian sex etc, but at its heart I feel a simple drama with good intents.

    Its as if the lead character simply got caught up in a lot of crap, and she has to work herself either out of it, or go along with it, but she does not fully have control.

    Can't wait for more!!!
  5. kevintomb

    kevintomb Forum Resident

    I have a friend ( don't want to give details, but a she ) that works "somewhere uh similar" we will say.

    According to her, a lot of "Stuff" goes on, and often, and even crazier than what we see on the show on occasion. If anything im betting, the show is a bit "tame" at times, but at other times fairly spot on.
  6. Macman

    Macman Forum Resident

    I've watched the first episode and enjoyed it enough to see more. Lots of nudity, that's for sure. As my wife said, "This is not Rob and Laura Petrie, is it?"
  7. dbacon

    dbacon Forum Resident Thread Starter

    My favorite aspect of the series is meeting the characters in context of a federal prison, then discovering their back story.
    My least favorite part of the series is Jason Biggs.
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  8. rburly

    rburly Sitting comfortably with Item 9

    Yeah, there's so much stuff that goes on in prisons that telling people about it is almost pointless. Things beyond most people's imaginations. But, it's prison life.
  9. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin and Current Impatient Creep

    New Jersey, USA
    I'm watching it, and I like it.... very entertaining.
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  10. George P

    George P Forum Pianophile

    Great show, I binge watched the entire thing over the last three days. Can't wait until season two!!
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  11. chumlie

    chumlie Forum Resident

    Good show.
  12. mikestar

    mikestar Forum Resident

    South Central MA
    Watched the first 3 eps last night. Cuple more on tap for tonight. Good so far.
  13. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin and Current Impatient Creep

    New Jersey, USA
    Just finished watching the first season last night. How long before season two??? Not sure I can wait!! I hope I'm not giving anything away when I say they really did end the show on somewhat of a major cliffhanger.
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  14. Larry L

    Larry L Forum Resident

    Allen, Texas
    Have seen four episodes. It's OK I guess. The wife hates it, so we're probably done. Loved Weeds, but this ain't even close. Can't wait for more House Of Cards!!
  15. gottafeelin

    gottafeelin Forum Resident

    Watched all 13 episodes. My least favorite character is Piper. I find myself enjoying everything bad that happens to her - she kind of deserves it.
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  16. ellingtonic

    ellingtonic Forum Resident

    I really liked it and am looking forward to season 2
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  17. phish

    phish Jack Your Body

    Biloxi, MS, USA
    we are on episode 6 tonight. loved the first 4, thought the 5th was pretty meh.
  18. Solaris

    Solaris a bullet in flight

    New Orleans, LA
    I like it for the most part for taking an unsympathetic character and forcing her to face who she really is. Crazy Eyes is great and there's a lot of other good acting to enjoy, too. When Kate Mulgrew is on I just know something interesting is going to happen, even if it's just her performance, and the textures the other actors provide sometimes just with their expressions really make the show for me.

    Negatives: I can't stand the theme song or many of the song choices, and I was disappointed they actually felt compelled to show a large chunk of the Christmas Pageant rather than have it as background; painfully predictable. Some of the characterizations are uneven, particularly in the case of Pornstache and the counselor. Piper even does some out of character things in obvious service to the plotting.

    Pennsatucky, however, is vicious and horrible and impossible to look away from. Living in the South, I've known people who are only a few degrees from that level of madness, and it's jarring.
  19. Sandinista

    Sandinista Forum Resident

    Wife and I are more than halfway through the first season. We love it. Funny and sharp with flashes of brutality. A lot of good characters, some great. Very cool show, imo.
  20. benjaminhuf

    benjaminhuf Forum Resident

    On episode 8. I like it a lot. It's a better show than House of Cards imho.
  21. Luckless Pedestrian

    Luckless Pedestrian Forum Resident

    New Hampshire, USA
    I was thinking the same as I was watching that scene - painfully predictable; but then consider Chapman's reaction to the same - she instinctively flees from the staged falseness of it all, directly into it's inverse reality: madness, treachery and rage. The forced sentimentality of the pageant puts this darkness into sharper focus - and works as metaphor to the falseness of all of Piper's earlier role-playing. In the final moment the mask disappears and neither we nor she recognize her. This is one of the show's strengths; it constantly threatens to become predictable and sentimental, but at the last moment it cuts away into something deeper.

    I was losing hope for awhile; in it's first half, Orange threatens to devolve into a comfortable rhythm of back-story inmate vignettes balanced with perky Piper's fish-out-of-water hijinks combined with her basic decency, which gradually draws out the latent goodness from deep within even the hardest inmates, while she and her fiancé try to cope with the heartache of being separated. But the threatening conventionality is shattered after the dirty dancing incident and its aftermath; something more complicated, more disturbing, more real emerges from behind the surface of the characters. Even the annoying, stuttering performance by Jason Biggs starts to make sense as his character's utter shallowness emerges in the final episodes; by the end it's apparent that both he and the despicable and pathetic Healy are cut from the same cloth.
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  22. MonkeyMan

    MonkeyMan A man who dreams he is a butterfly?

    My ball-and-chain has been watching this on her i-thing...
  23. foundthesound

    foundthesound Active Member

    Northampton, MA
    Watched it, enjoyed it. A solid 8 out of 10. Could get better... strong ending
  24. phish

    phish Jack Your Body

    Biloxi, MS, USA
    we finished this a couple days ago. good stuff. can't wait for the next season.
  25. AKA

    AKA You guessed it… Frank Stallone.

    Second only to Rectify as the best new show of 2013.

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