Oscars In Memoriam 2023 Video

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by FredV, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. bloodisthin

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    Tom Sizemore and William Hurt were two huge ovrersights.
    Someone theorised they were only memorialising 2022 losses, hence no Sizemore, but they found room for Burt Bacharach so I don't accept that..
  2. There was a quick flash of a website at the end of the song during the live show. It's a full list of the people who passed away. Kind of messed up. Maybe cut out some host bullsh*t to fit them all in.

    In Memoriam | A.frame
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  3. Ghostworld

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    Let's pay these actors the respect, reverence and honor they deserve...just don't cut into commercial time.
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  4. Mirrorblade.1

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    Being snarky here.. The memoriam should be for oscars as it played out.
    3rd lowest ratings ever.. Abc most likely will make it private event next year.
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  5. spencer1

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    It's actually the most watched entertainment program in primetime this season. Viewership is up.

    Dear Academy, just let TCM handle it. They always do a much better job.

  6. ArchFates

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    That was very nice, makes the Oscars' in memoriam look very lazy in comparison.
  7. NekoM

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    Huntington Beach
    I missed it this year, but every year celebrities give speech’s about how we must stop or change something significant, who then go home and forget about it.
  8. mcnpauls

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    I'm not defending the Academy - a pretty questionable institution, to say the least - but I am not sure they can ever win here. Isn't it the case that there will always be a long tail of film business figures who have passed away in any given year? And while the public or others notice missing actors who appeared in films they knew, I am sure that there is a larger number of missing professionals not included but that few outside the industry know - however are they any less worthy? Even among the actors, I can see "hierarchies" - for instance, I would argue that David Warner was an even better actor than Paul Sorvino, with a longer and more varied career, but as he does not have an Oscar-winning daughter berating his absence, no-one seems bothered.

    I'm also willing to bet that the so called "complete listing" on their website will actually be nothing of the sort and that many distinguished professionals who passed away in the last year will not be on the webpage.

    Maybe the In Memoriam section should just be for actual members of the academy who passed away: an objective criteria for inclusion, as would a section of Oscar Winners (and nominees?).

    Some of the coverage has been rather hyperbolic, claiming cinema "greats" or "legends" or "icons" were missing - the first time I had seen such words ever applied to most of the missing names.

    Finally, there is the Academy's belated attempts to clean up its image as an institution that rewards rapists, paedophiles, killers and abusers - the likes of Robert Blake and Tom Sizemore were controversial in life, to say the least.
  9. SmallDarkCloud

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    I agree, but TCM has the benefit of being able to make their videos as long as they want, and make them available on YouTube and other places online, where people can watch them at their leisure.

    The Academy has to tailor their reel to fit a 3-hour+ ceremony, and they probably can't include everyone notable (TCM sometimes misses a few, as well). The best idea might be for the Academy to follow TCM's lead and make a longer version for Internet viewing, if they don't do that already.
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