Ozric Tentacles - new box set arriving in January 2022

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    For those of you who enjoy the spaced out bliss of the Ozrics, Kscope have just announced a new box set for 14 January.

    This will include Ed Wynne's remasters for the Pungent, Erpland, Strangeitude and Jurassic albums, along with the live Underslunky album. The remasters were done for the vinyl editions and have been available as downloads via Bandcamp, and I can attest that these are a nice improvement on the previous masters used for the existing cds.

    The set also comes with a rarities disc, a dvd, and an eighty page book approved and contributed to by all previous members. I'm on the band's FB page and the book has been the subject of a lot of anticipation, as the author (also on the group) is clearly a fan who knows the band members well, so everyone's cool with the contents.

    You can pre-order from Burning Shed here: Travelling The Great Circle: Pungent Effulgent to Jurassic Shift (burningshed.com)

    The official blurb is below:

    A 7 Disc boxset showcasing a band in the ascent and at its most inspired.

    Alongside the first four official studio albums released by Ozric Tentacles - Pungent Effulgent, Erpland, Strangeitude and Jurassic Shift - and Live Underslunky, Travelling The Great Circle offers a collection of rare content from band members old and new, personal artefacts from close associates of the band, and new Erpmen drawn by Ed Wynne.

    The 80-page Hardback Book Edition also features liner notes by Dominic Blake, rare photographs and hard to find audio and visual material.

    The bonus disc Demos & Rarities was hand-picked and remastered by Ed Wynne

    This edition also includes a DVD featuring the band at the height of their powers, performing to a sold out crowd at Brixton’s Fridge in 1991, along with various TV appearances from the era.
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    The best Ozric Tentacles era remastered
    Curious about the Brixton DVD

    That gig has been available for ages in really low quality

  3. This is very interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    Nice boxset; I love this period of the Ozrics! My first encounter with them was with Erpland. Great cosmic energy.
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    I have the original Erpland CD, haven't had the time to dig further into their catalogue, but great they get some recognition in terms of remasters!
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