Ozzy Osbourne "Shot in the Dark" question

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by The Hud, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Is the version of Shot in the Dark from The Ozzman Cometh missing the same notes as the version from the 1995 Ultimate Sin remaster?

    Trying to figure out if I need to get a original CD of The Ultimate Sin.
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    Sharon has a history of re-recording certain backing tracks to screw past "associates" out of a whatever pittance of royalties they might be due. Sorry, that was a mini-rant, not an answer to your question.
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  3. The Hud

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    That is true, but doesn't apply to the original release of The Ozzman Cometh.
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  4. It is the same but I would encourage you to get the The Ultimate Sin regardless as it’s a great album. You can pick up the 1995 remaster reasonably priced.

    The Ozzman Cometh is a compilation album by British heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne released in 1997. It is his third greatest hits collection. Its initial, limited edition 2-CD pressing contained five previously unreleased songs. Versions released in 2002 and later have only one disc, and the song "Shot in the Dark" is replaced by "Miracle Man". This was due to a legal action brought about by the song's co-writer, Phil Soussan, for unpaid royalties.
  5. That’s correct as I noted in above which is from the Wikipedia page for U.S.
  6. The Hud

    The Hud No More Mr. Nice Guy Thread Starter

    I have the 1995 remaster, which has the missing notes. I am trying to figure out if I the version of Shot in the Dark from The Ozzman Cometh has the missing notes or not.
  7. Thoughtships

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    Yes. I'd like to know too.

    Thing is, I have both the 95 remaster of Ultimate Sin and the original Ozzman Cometh so I can check later.

    I'm just really busy today so it'll have to be when I can find the time.
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  8. sandimascharvel

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    This always frustrated me that they inexplicably edited this song.

    “Shot In The Dark“ un-edited 4:26 full version appears on:

    Original 1986 The Ultimate Sin original CD release.

    “Shot In The Dark“ edited 4:16 version (16 beats, 4 measures, of music are chopped out after the first chorus) appears on:

    The Ultimate Sin 1995 remaster

    The Ozzman Cometh original 1997 release. (The 2002 remaster of this compilation dropped the song due to the Osbournes being sued for unpaid royalties by songwriter/bassist Phil Soussan, which this is likely why there wasn’t a 2002 remaster of The Ultimate Sin or Live and Loud, not that it would have mattered as those remasters, which are still in print except for the first two albums, are painful).
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  9. The Hud

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    I finally picked up an original Ultimate Sin CD, and it is my go-to version now.
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  10. sandimascharvel

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    That’s great. I have several copies of the original: US, Aussie, and 2 from Japan. The CD is a bit bright due to the mid-80’s production so lately I’ve been listening to my rip of the 1995 remaster. I’m not a fan of most of the ‘95’s but the brightness is tamed a bit but I had to leave “Shot In The Dark” off because that terrible edit throws the song off. The ‘95 is not nearly as open though.

    Someone on the forum asked if the original CD has pre-emphasis. I don’t really know or know how to check. I thought that was on CD’s released earlier than this one.
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    Wow. I didn't even know this was a thing.

    Just heard the edit on Spotify. Not bad, but not right, either.

    I only have this album on cassette. Maybe I should rip that. :laugh:
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  12. Bingo Bongo

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    Same here. Some good ears on this Forum..... :ed:

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