Packages from UK delayed - anyone else having this problem?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by gillcup, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. Spitfire

    Spitfire Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest
    My most recent order from Amazon UK took two weeks. Not too bad although I've had faster shipments.
  2. gillcup

    gillcup Senior Member Thread Starter

    Raleigh, NC, USA
    My latest order from the U.K. took only 11 days to arrive. Maybe things are getting back to normal.

  3. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    Yeah, my latest Amazon orders have arrived in about a week or so; some even less than a week. Maybe they've gotten around whatever the problem was.

    Still kind of weird though, ordered a couple different CDs that supposedly shipped separately all on the same day, some arrived here all on same day after about a week, some a few days later (one today for instance), and some others no sign of them yet.
  4. JonP

    JonP Active Member

    From my perspective, the mail system has been progressively getting worse and worse. Here are some recent examples:

    1. Single CD ordered from Amazon USA to Australia. Package took 10 weeks via airmail (posted day after buying it).

    2. 10 x SACD ordered from CD Universe USA to Australia. Sent "priority" mail. Still waiting after 5 weeks. Order sent 2 days after purchase.

    3. Various CDs ordered from Amazon Canada to Australia. Still waiting after a month. Orders all sent day after purchase.

    4. CD sent from UK to Australia. Took 6 weeks.

    5. 2 x SACD from UK to Australia. Should get here before I die of old age (I hope).

    I might as well have bought them all sea mail. Could hardly have taken any longer.

    But then a cable only takes 10 days to come from the US (Washington state, so maybe the West Coast is faster because the planes stop over at Hawaii).

    Anyway, I don't think I will use the normal postal system any more for anything apart from optical discs (i.e CD, SACD, DVD, etc), since the media is robust and I am never in a hurry for whatever I order. But for equipment and LPs, it is going to be Fedex from now on.

    The thought of buying a dozen LPs at $35 - $50 a pop and having then sit somewhere for weeks on end does not appeal to me. At least with Fedex I know the transportation times will be minimal within reason.
  5. Going off anecdotal experiences, I just received a single CD mailed from Australia using Airmail, in less than 10 days to the U.S.
  6. rburly

    rburly Sitting comfortably with Item 9

    My last 2 orders from Amazon UK, while the prices are certainly better than Amazon US, take about 10 days time to get to me instead of the 2 days for Amazon US. While it's nice to get my order in 2 days, the trade off of paying less to get my orders in several days days more time is worth it for me.

    Thanks Amazon UK! :thumbsup:
  7. Jae

    Jae Senior Member

    I'm finding mail from the USA to be painfully slow. A box of CDs sent from New York around 8 December...still waiting...although both me and the seller have now written them off as lost. Replacement set sent three weeks ago...still waiting. The seller has been great--beyond reproach--but what the heck is happening?
  8. rburly

    rburly Sitting comfortably with Item 9

    I don't know the whole postal system, but I would guess you're dealing with just the US Postal System since you're in Australia. At some point the Australian postal system has come into play, and I have no idea how good/fast your postal system is. IMO, the more 'links' involved, the increased chances of delay.

    I don't know (and really doubt) you have a tracking number or system to follow the package, but hope you get the payoff (package) as soon as possible. Good luck! :righton: You've been extremely patient. It sounds like your patience will be rewarded when that package arrives.
  9. Jay F

    Jay F New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    I finally got a CD from today that I ordered from a month ago.
  10. motorcitydave

    motorcitydave Enlightened Rogue In Memoriam

    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Well, I forgot to say, but I did receive the records during the first week of February. Will I order stuff from the UK anytime soon? Probably not, as I got too irritated waiting for this one to arrive!

  11. I just received a rather large package, shipped by Royal Mail on March 3 from the UK, on March 9 in the U.S. So some things are speeding up again and getting back to normal.
  12. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Senior Member

    New York
    I'm still waiting for an LP that was shipped from the UK on February 15th.
  13. jymy

    jymy Forum Resident

    CD's from TheHut and Play I rcvd within 6 days after despatch, so here no problem.
  14. lv70smusic

    lv70smusic Senior Member

    San Francisco, CA
    I received a package on 3/11/11 that shipped on 3/3/11, but on the same date they shipped a separate package via the same method and it hasn't arrived yet. Both of these had an estimated arrival date of 3/24/11. Ironically on the same date they shipped via DHL a single cd that was scheduled to arrive by 3/14/11 -- 10 days in advance of the outside delivery date of the other two packages. That package has yet to arrive, either. Not that the other two are late at this point, but it's just interesting how little consistency there is.
  15. jeffrosen

    jeffrosen Forum Resident

    I'm still waiting for an LP shipped Feb. 3 from UK.
  16. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    Yeah, inconsistency is definitely the word here.

    I'm getting some things from Amazon co.UK in 5-8 days from the shipping date, where others are taking like 5-8 weeks, some (supposedly) even shipped the same day.

    Also some of those are even being delivered via Germany ( for an unknown reason. Of those, I got one of those packages in under a week, whereas another package is now almost 2 weeks in transit and counting.

    There's only 2 things I am still waiting for, and one of those is now 5 days outside Amazon's delivery estimate, and the other is overdue as of today. Strangely other CDs that had delivery estimates not until March 23rd came in over a week ago.

    Doesn't make much sense.
  17. eelkiller

    eelkiller Continental USA only

    That is quite common (packages coming from France Germany when ordering from I guess that makes sense, it is the same company and the same thing happens in the states, packages ship from various distribution centers.
  18. Muzyck

    Muzyck Real inventor of the inverted firkin

    Unfortunately it has been close to a month since a CD was posted to me from the UK and it is still A.W.O.L. :sigh:
  19. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    Australia Post - Customs here in Oz are HOT on holding packages for inspection. I've had a few opened and then sent to me re-sealed. Normally thats the reason for delays. If you are unlucky they will confiscate some items too. Then you have to pay to get them back (if they let you have them back). They can just sit on the shelf waiting to be examined. I've noticed too that often packages posted at different times from different places will arrive on one day. And it's normally Monday or Tuesday. I'm sue this is because they get held back, and accumulate in customs. On a positive note it's normally 9-10 days from US to OZ if you escape the safety net.....
  20. Muzyck

    Muzyck Real inventor of the inverted firkin

    I've revived this old thread because I was surprised to have my local postal service in New York deliver two packages posted by Amazon UK less than a week ago! :D

    Looks like any issues have been cleared up.

    Good deal since I was able to purchase the latest Queen & Kinks Deluxe editions at a great price. No VAT!

    14 discs for $120.00
  21. ubsman

    ubsman Active Member

    I've waited over 2 months so far for something from
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