Parasound HINT 6 deal in Portland, OR

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  1. Lebowski

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    I saw on the Echo HiFi website that they have a Parasound HINT 6 that was briefly owned by a customer, and being sold with full warranty for a GREAT price of $2,275.

    I pulled the trigger but then cancelled. According to the Parasound website there's only one dealer authorized to sell via mail order or online (Audio Advisor) so I was worried about the warranty not being honored.

    If you live locally or want to take your chances it looks like a tremendous deal.

    Echo Audio | Parasound Hint6

    FYI: the link is currently working and shows that it can be purchased; I'm not sure how long it will be available.
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    I think that was a wise choice. I’ve read the Parasound warranty info and it’s highly likely that unit would not have carried warranty.

    Taylor at Goldprint Audio is a Parasound dealer. I’ve purchased several pieces from him and have experienced stellar performance from Taylor. I’m in the process of trading my Cronus II in on a Hint6 with him now. I’ve recently got into some speakers that the Rogue is holding onto fairly well, but I’ve got that itch to go back to SS with more power.
  3. Lebowski

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    Eastern MA
    Yes, Taylor is terrific. Got my Rega P3, LS50, and Rogue Sphinx from him.
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    "Pre-owned" Parasound equipment does not carry a warranty. I had called them a few years back when my P3 preamp stopped working and Richard Schram actually answered the phone. He told me that previously owned equipment has no transferable warranty under any circumstances, but demo stuff does as long as it comes from an authorized dealer.
    Instead of shipping it for repair, I removed the cover, made sure all the harnesses were tight, and like magic it worked again. Haven't had a bit of trouble since. (Didn't inform Mr. Schram either...:whistle: )

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