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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Adam9, Aug 10, 2019.

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  1. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith Forum Resident

    What happens when you don't have an internet connection, such as in certain
    Pity that streamed audio doesn't live up to CDs in terms of sound quality.
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  2. I'm constantly needing to prune my collection, a thinning of the herd (thinning of "the heard"?) so to speak.

    But I *never* get rid of CD's because I've uploaded them (or downloaded them), or gone over to digital with them. I *might* occasionally get rid of some classical CD simply because it seems to be a work that I really don't listen to super-frequently (not in the last 10 years), but it does seem to be very reliably available in any of half-a-dozen places on-line.

    Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time" is a good example -- I'm sure there 10-15 different uploads of it to YouTube alone, of various recordings and renditions). If I ever need to hear it, I'm quite certain I can find a copy of some sort inside of 60 seconds.

    But otherwise, if it's something I like and want to keep even in the slightest, I keep the original disc.
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  3. David67

    David67 Forum Resident

    C'mon, you can't blame consumers for choosing not to buy inferior products which is what remasters are in many cases.
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  4. Grant

    Grant Senior Member

    United States
    I'm an Aspie. It's sometimes hard for me to tell when someone is kidding. But, if I assume someone is joking and they aren't, that leads to anger and hostility.
  5. thxphotog

    thxphotog Camera Nerd

    Los Angeles, CA
    15 pages I'm very likely going to repeat what others have written, but because I'm currently in a 'rip cycle', I'll 'add?" to the discussion:

    I LOVE CDs and LPs, and still buy both. I keep the newest and most prized somewhere in the 3-4 different spaces I keep media in the house. The vast majority of CDs are in boxes in the garage. Recently I started ripping FLAC files to an external hard drive I keep in my music room. I find it great fun, (although tedious) and you can add the artwork so it displays nice & big if you're connected to a monitor/tv screen, and can add different artwork so I can view say...SRV in the studio when playing Texas Flood. I love it. While I'm ripping one CD, I'm generally searching the web for the perfect artwork to add to a previously ripped CD.

    Having my music library on a drive also inspires me to play way more music than I would otherwise because it's right there on a list, at the touch of a button.

    I doubt I'll ever sell one of my many copies of Ziggy Stardust or similar classics, but when I go through the boxes in the garage, surely I can part with 90% of them. Especially knowing I have bit-for-bit copies stored on my PC(s). I really don't think I'll need to flip through the insert-booklet of Foreigner's Agent Provocateur ever again. (plus I'm sure it's online if I want to remember)
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  6. Grant

    Grant Senior Member

    United States
    Don't look now, but it...2019!
  7. BourbonAndVinyl

    BourbonAndVinyl Forum Resident

    Kansas City, MO
    I have a good friend who is selling off his CDs... only after he's purchased the same recording on vinyl. He's making a big push to get back to all vinyl. This is the only case where selling off your CDs make sense to me.
  8. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

    Doesn’t make any sense at all to me. A waste of time & money.
  9. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    I was having a bad morning (er, afternoon), sorry for taking it out on you. I hate technology. That probably attracts bad luck with it. But man, my luck with technology is awful and discussing it - and thus remembering everything that's happened - doesn't put me in the right mindset to think clearly.

    I love CDs, the audio is (typically) safe there, and I have a bunch of flash drives to back it up. Man, I have an uncanny ability to accidentally derail threads.
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  10. tineardrum

    tineardrum Well-Known Member

    Lol. Yes. Sell off a medium that does not degrade with every play, has ample players, superior potential SQ, and ability to transfer to alternative digital storage mediums, and replace with a medium that is prone to damage, degradation, and requires more care and expensive equipment to even come close in SQ to the alternative. A no brainer!
  11. Adam9

    Adam9 Senior Member Thread Starter

    Toronto, Canada

    I recently heard a movement from this piece on the radio and was mesmerized by it. I looked up which version it was and then found a used copy on Amazon for about $10. I would never think of streaming it but that's just me.
    The whole thing is just great, BTW.
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  12. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    We could all save so much hassle and headache if we just didn't like music at all.

  13. angelo73

    angelo73 ⬚⿻⬚⿻⬚

    Orbiting Sgr A*
    Sorry about the pink type ! I was using
    the black forum theme, and the default
    font colour there is grey and very muted.
    I didn't consider how it might look with
    other themes. Well, now I have ditched
    the black and back to default theme !

    Used CD purchases do not deprive an
    artist of anything unless the disc was

    stolen from the supply chain before
    reaching 1st-tier distribution. When

    a CD is manufactured, it is fabricated
    at production-cost assessment as a
    capital investment. As it moves through
    the supply chain, the cost is reimbursed
    prior to retail sale.
    All money is, in reality, is an exchange of
    labour value. The artist is compensated

    the first time that exchange takes place,
    and that happens before the merchandise
    ever reaches
    the retail point of sale. In other
    words, the labour-value exchange handed
    down through distribution. It makes no
    difference how many times that facilitated
    labour exchange takes place, the exchange
    that compensated the artist has already

    occurred. Now, it is fair to say that illegal
    copying and distribution of digital files

    deprives an artist. And one might even
    argue that a used CD purchase, in lieu
    of the purchase of an available new copy
    of the same item, forgoes a merchant's
    sale and in turn, the furtherance of
    immediate demand for new production.
    But the idea that the artist is deprived
    of anything simply isn't true. The sale
    of the CD has already taken place, and
    with it, the exchange of labour value.

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  14. Grant

    Grant Senior Member

    United States
    The CD is just a computer software, and a CD player is a specialized computer. You may hate technology, but it is in every aspect of our lives ever since you and I were born.
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  15. libertycaps

    libertycaps Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    Agreed. Maybe a better suited hobby for those here is collecting Depression Glass? Music is your Passion or it is not.
    Be true to yourself. Stop looking for constant validation from others. Grow a pair. Decide. Get on with it.
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  16. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    Which is why I'm angry all the time! :rant:
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  17. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    I think it would be really cool if we were all like robots with no free will and everyone did the same thing. Then we would never have any problems. Signed, Google (or Evil Corporation™ of your choice)
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
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  18. It's definitely a great piece. It's just that back in 2011 I had to downsize my collection from ~7,500 CD's down to maybe 3,600-3,800 (I forgot what I got it down to).

    Obviously, a LOT of stuff had to go. Much as I do appreciate The Quartet for the End of Time (a work I've seen performed live twice, since 1995) -- I had to admit that it just wasn't something I listened to often enough (twice a decade?) to warrant keeping. I mean, yeah, it's only one CD. Thing was, I had to come up with close to 4,000 CD's that simply had to go. (My wife and moved from a 3BR house, a thousand miles halfway across the country, into a 1BR apartment. "Twice a decade" CD's didn't make the cut, no matter how much I appreciated the work.
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  19. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Modern Dad" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA
    It's not like my 20,000 song MP3/AAC library goes way because I subscribe to a streaming service. It's on my iPhone, safe and sound, if I'm on a plane or lose an internet connection. Happened last year when we were in a rental SUV driving from Sedona to Grand Canyon National Park, took the short way up and over the mountains, no cell coverage up there. Since Apple Music streaming lives within the iPhone Music app alongside my ripped files, I was one-tap away from a Playlist perfect for that occasion.

    Pity that you don't own any modern audio equipment that is optimized for Streaming digital audio. What Streamed content sounds like on your 1985 Marantz rack system is of no consequence. What it sounds like via an Apple HomePod speaker, a pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, or a modern car stereo would shock you. It sounds magnificent.
  20. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Modern Dad" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA
    "Consumers" just want to hit a button and hear You Shook Me All Night Long. They don't care about how its mastered. That's for the geeks (myself included) in this forum to concern ourselves with. Or not.
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  21. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Modern Dad" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA
    Go to the Apple Store.
    Buy a HomePod.
    Sign up for the Apple Music free 3 month trial.

    If after 2 months and 29 days you are not satisfied, cancel the Apple Music trial, return the HomePod to the Apple Store, and it will cost you zero out of pocket to experience life the 2019 way.
  22. Gaslight

    Gaslight ⎧⚍⎫⚑

    Northeast USA
    Some streaming services allow for offline downloading. When I've gone on car trips where I don't want to use my data connection, that's exactly what I do.

    Of course it requires a little planning ahead of time, but that's no different than when I packed what CD's I wanted to bring on a trip. Also, and similar to @schnitzerphilip , I can just leverage my local storage of ripped files on my phone, or DAP, if I wanted to.

    That's not accurate anymore, now that lossless streaming exists. Not that I consider it a replacement mind you (I still like to own the music I plan to listen to long term) but the line is blurring somewhat.
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  23. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Modern Dad" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA
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  24. notesofachord

    notesofachord Get Ya Hands Outta Your Pockets

    CDs will be hip, cool artifacts of an "vintage digital" nostalgia wave sometime in the future.

    Just you wait.
  25. schnitzerphilip

    schnitzerphilip "Modern Dad" Unlocked Award

    NJ USA

    Thank you. Much better on the color. But your font choice isn't the form default, it's making everything look like a greeting card including what I type in response. Keep going. Find the default font option.

    Unlike a car, "music" isn't something physical. It's virtual. Dark Side Of The Moon isn't "a plastic disc at a record store" but rather a performance available for download. Every year another young man turns 18, goes off to college, and is introduced to Pink Floyd. From 2001 to 2016 that $10 download kept the artists financially compensated for their work. Today, that $15 a month streaming fee keeps the artists financially compensated. A used, 20 year old compact disc gives no money to Pink Floyd. That's not fair to them. The 18 year old that bought that used CD is 48 years old now and he's never paid a penny for the album. Just terrible.
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