Paul McCartney Archive Collection - 'Forthcoming Releases' [2019+]

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    You mean Flaming Pie Sept. :cool:
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    Regarding the copyright rules…

    In the UK, any unreleased recordings from 1963 onwards have 50 years to be released or the holder loses the copyright on the recordings back to the original artists.
    This is why we did not get a second volume of Beatles material on digital services: the rights of the unreleased recordings go from Universal to Lennon/McCartney, and now Harrisons and Startling Music (depending on the artist).
    For the solo recordings, the rights of ownership – and therefore control of who gets to release them – remains with the ex-Beatles unless they sold them.

    Presently, only three copyright-beating releases appear annually:
    1. Motown recordings, which PolyGram wants to make the most profit from before letting it go back to the original artists,
    2. The Beach Boys, who's music was sold in 1966 and the company is making releases with Mike Love's consent (as he owns The Beach Boys trademark) to release those recordings for a set royalty, and
    3. Bob Dylan, who is happy to let someone else do it for them,
    When it comes to original released recordings prior to 1998, there is a window after the 56 years that were originally given for the original artist to file for their songs to be returned to them — unless sold out of country.
    The latter is what happened to Duran Duran; they cannot get the rights back to their earlier recordings because it was sold to an American rights holder.
    Duran Duran is presently appealing in the High Court, and some of the press have speculated it's because the courts don't want to hurt the ex-Beatles.
    In 2018, Sir Paul McCartney filed for a handful of songs (ironically, all led by John Lennon) and a new deal was reached between him and Sony for terms undisclosed.
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    What do I want from a 50th anniversary of All Things Must Pass?
    1. the demos for the album and some early work on the recordings
    2. outtakes from the studio album sessions
    3. a disc of further jams
    4. sides 1, 2 and 3 without the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound"
    5. sides 4, 5 and 6 without the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound"
    6. a DVD with the quadrophonic mix
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    Same thing happened with Rupert in 1978.
    Unless MPL is putting up the money on its own (which is highly unlikely given the cost of animated features), he's searching for a studio to split costs in exchange for exclusive distribution.
    The album would have helped promote the story beyond the children's book and give a more solid vision of what is being hoped for, narratively.
    Last month, Netflix announced Gaumont would be helping to produce the film — meaning they liked what they saw.
    The next step in animation is to finish the script, and then record all audio including the songs and score. This is for timing out movement.
    Depending on production time, and the size of the studio, the film could take a year or three to finish after that.

    So it wouldn't surprise me if Paul had a demo reel going around as far back as 2017/2018 to try and find a company to make the film.

    It would depend on when in 2021 it would open.
    If we look at Jagged Little Pill, for example, the cast recording was released during the preview shows; the official opening was the week later.
    As for Paul's contribution, I suspect the best we can hope for is something akin to Lazarus: the cast recording, and the deluxe edition with the cast recording on CD1 and Paul's demos/recordings of the songs on CD2.

    Production of the film was by both MPL and 20th Century Fox. All VHS versions were on CBS/Fox Home Video, and the DVD on Fox Home Entertainment.
    I doubt Disney wouldn't want those rights and control — especially given the way they've handled Fox's back catalogue recently (and the anger at finding out they don't get all the TV rights for Star Wars right away).
    Disney would have to okay the release of the film. It's entirely possible that the film would not be in the Archives (just the documentaries about) because that's what happened with Wings Over America and Rockshow!

    Lennon's story is well known, and the catalogue is small enough to produce a number of compilations that barely miss anything. The SDE of Imagine is revisiting a well known work, which has already had a number of outtakes, etc. released, in as many other ways as it can.

    McCartney's story is barely known — as are the majority of his albums. He has yet to get a deeper delve into his catalogue; until 2016, the compilations ended at 1984, and even then barely scratched the surface of what he has to offer. To wit:

    One, the McCartney Archives series were never meant to present everything, they were meant to revisit the project to give a fuller overview of what the album offered, what the rest of the sessions offered, and why the material holds a valued place in the catalogue. If they are missing recordings, or skimpy, it's possibly that the recordings don't add to the final product the way Paul wants it presented. And then there's:
    Two, Paul told Dhani not to rush things out, and keep things back. He's not thinking of the Archives as a one-shot deal, he's thinking of them as phase 1 in the re-releases, with more to come — to ensure that his kids (and grandkids) will be able to get something from his legacy thanks to the new material he's releasing.
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    Yes, since there's 2 DVD's worth of video included :).
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    CD/DVD 7 0602508617690 MCCARTNEY PAUL-FLAMING PIE (LTD 5 CD+ 2DVD) 24.07.2020

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    So what will be the first part of the sandwich?
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    Well, we’ll see. We are apparently on a roll here, between the many LET IT BE incarnations and Flaming Pie. Not to mention anything else that will probably come out :frog:
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    Strange release date for an Archive, isn´t it?
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    Well I don’t know what I’ve just preordered but I have.
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    Am I right in thinking that these vague Amazon links (when genuine) tend to only show up very close to the announcement date, so if it is real, then things should move pretty quickly from this point?
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    Or 1 DVD and 1 blu ray
  16. There are at least 10/12 promo videos for the songs of this album... I hope Paul will enclose all of them...
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    Hopefully one of the March dates are true. :shh:
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    I'd like to hear the performances, not the production.
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    A bit hard to keep the overview in this thread... is there any forthcoming McCartney Archive release?
  20. Flaming Pie seems in the road...
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    According to this link, the Flaming Pie 5CD+2DVD limited deluxe edition will be released on July 24:

    The Daily Beatle

    It also mentions that the Get Back book will be released in October, adding that it will be the companion to the film directed by Peter Jackson, both released next fall (exact date to be announced).
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    Tons of footage to include:

    - The Videos
    - In The World Tonight special
    - MPL Rooftop Performance (hopefully)
    - several EPK's
    - VH1's Town Hall Meeting
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    I think that all this information is taken from this forum.
  24. So Paul will break the “no more than 4 disc” rule? If so, please send me the fifth disc with the “downloadable only” Flowers In The Dirt tracks...
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    Jesus, FIVE CDs!! The last (and only second) time I've done a cartwheel was when I heard "A Love For You" was finally going to be released back in 2003, and if I weren't 51 I'd probably do another right now.

    This is like Christmas!

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