Paul McCartney Archive Collection - 'Forthcoming Releases' [TBC]

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Thrillington, Mar 25, 2017.

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  1. andrewskyDE

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    I strongly hope a thread about the official announcement of a White Album box set would come before all of this you mentioned.
  2. freddiebell

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    I see your point, but I regard Back to the Egg differently, sort of a "Ram light" in its relevance to McCartney's solo career -- an album that got unreasonably poor reviews when it came out, often by critics who seemed to have a personal ax to grind more than an actual case against the record (see Rolling Stone for a particularly good example), but which also was popular among fans and has aged well with the passage of time. As he likes that his vision for Ram has been validated well after the fact, I think a similar case can be made for Back to the Egg, if he chooses to embrace it and play it up. Perhaps for personal reasons he demurs (Wings coming to an end and wanting out, not particularly enthused with the Wings lineup at the time, maybe relating it in his mind to the Japan bust fiasco, etc.). But the potential is there for a very nice reevaluation release, including the "Goodnight Tonight"/"Daytime Nighttime Suffering" single and his known fondness for the B-side, and for fans and collectors there are ample rehearsal tracks and outtakes, the Back to the Egg video special, the Wings UK tour audio and video, and maybe other goodies that we don't know about. Unlike some other albums, it seems that there is no problem in finding enough quality material to create a comprehensive release and justify its inclusion in the series.

    If in fact part of Sir Paul's purpose in doing the Archive Collection is to allow for modern-day reappraisal and reassessment, combined with exposure to a new audience (hello, hipsters), then Back to the Egg arguably is the best and most worthy remaining album to get The Treatment. A strong case can be made for it, if McCartney is willing to listen. I certainly hope so.
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  3. WilliamWes

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    I think the reason why this thread is a 104 pages long at this point is because the archive material of Paul is one of the most interesting and hey, I agree with every point except that I do think other albums have plenty of material. If played up Back to the Egg, it could work and forces fans/press to re-evaluate but what's going to make Paul believe there's a chance? I think there are a couple of problems.

    1. He hasn't done anything yet to get it re-evaluated like he did when Unplugged was released and it gave a big boost to McCartney. It's been almost 40 years since Back to the Egg and other than mentions of "Daytime Nighttime Suffering", he doesn't seem to acknowledge it. If an Archive version were to be released, their is a lot of material from that time period before and just after the album release. Add in the 1979 tour and all the jamming of which there was a lot of during those sessions, plus half the album has music videos, it would be fantastic. He could even play up the 'sunny side up/sunny side down' halves or the radio theme and the live concert theme (which needed a change of running order to work).

    2. Back to the Egg without his pushing has not been re-evaluated and though his entire catalog is looked at more fondly in general at this point, no individual album except Ram has gotten a re-evaluation in 40-50 years and I don't know if will happen now. It would have happened but Wild Life, Back to the Egg, Press to Play all have their so-so reputations intact. Pipes of Peace was used for a box and there has been no re-evaluation even from this forum. Red Rose Speedway got decent reviews at the time and now has lost some of that reputation that started his #1 70's album streak that ended with London Town hitting #2. Wings At the Speed of Sound also has not gotten any positive re-evaluation.
    That said, something needs to be done and if he doesn't want to bother with huge boxes for every album anymore, then at least finally do a comprehensive unreleased recordings box. He's being so selective that he's leaving good tracks out of even the boxsets at times. Ram had over 25 demos he could have put on, Tug of War and Pipes of Peace have years of outtakes stemming back from the late 70's. Wings Over America could have fit one full concert at one venue to hear what one single show sounded like.

    Red Rose Speedway, London Town and Back to the Egg all have a ton of material and hopefully something occurs with this material. We can hope but I'm just doubting anymore boxes right now. I do agree with your post and I hope it comes true. I still want Press to Play with the entire Return to Pepperland album. He he
  4. Darrin L.

    Darrin L. Forum Resident

    It would not break my heart if they neglected to include "PS Love Me Do".
  5. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    What about a deluxe Fireman box set, with all three albums and a bonus disc of outtakes and new remixes? Maybe Liverpool Sound Collage fits in with this as well...5 discs...
  6. Now this would be my personal number two choice right after Wild Life. Seriously.
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  7. Monasmee

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    Has Paul ever mention whether the album title Back To the Egg directly references Wings?
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  8. Paul H

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    All well and good, but what's the story? What's his narrative? All of the AC releases have had some kind of positive story connected to them. Egg suffers because it doesn't. It was just another album and one that was recorded by a band slowly but surely falling apart. I suspect that part of it's problem is that there's just nothing positive or interesting to say about it.
  9. Beatlened

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    There's a lot of video material and plenty of outtakes that make this probably the most suited of all wings albums for an archive release
  10. chacha

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    I believe you.
  11. Zeki

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    That Lennon had it on his shopping list? (Sorry...that's the first thing I think of when I read the discussion of Back to the Egg!)
  12. Oyster Boy

    Oyster Boy Forum Resident

    Also, speaking of BTTE era material there is the live stuff from The Concert fot the People of Kampuchea which has never been on CD as an album (OK I can imagine licensing issues), which not only included Wings tracks, but also three from the Rockestra. This was obviously filmed as well. There must also be a story or two there. Maybe a proportion could be donated to charity as well.
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  13. jmxw

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    Hmm... sounds like a familiar notion.. ;)
    But I think LSC should [and will] remain its own thing..
  14. supermd

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    Some points of conversation for a potential deluxe book: the interesting aspect of getting a new Wings lineup, recording at a castle, ROCKESTRA with Bonham, Townshend, and many others... Talk about those points, go into why the songs are good and what was in his head at the time, and you can have a positive/interesting book. And sure, you can mention Wings ending. It's not "the world is coming to an end" that the Beatles' breakup was to fans. Plus, we all know the hyperbole/hype used in these things. I can imagine reading, "This may have been the final Wings album, but what a way to go out: swinging!" Pair all this with some interesting bonus tracks (and who knows, a complete Glasgow concert??), and you have a great set!
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  15. jmxw

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    Yes, although I've always preferred the Glasgow 1979 performance..
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  16. jmxw

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    ithaca, ny
    Yes, all that and reuniting with co-producer Chris Thomas!
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  17. mrjinks

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    I’m pretty critical of Back to the Egg, but even I think you’ve “laid” :D it out well here.
  18. DrBeatle

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    Pretty sure it's been said by Paul, Linda, and others say over the years that it was a sort of "back to basics" more straightforward rock album. Also trying to keep up with the times and modernize his sound to fit in with the new wave and punk ethos that was around at that time in the late 70s. Unless I'm missing something? :confused::confused::confused:

    The whole Japanese bust on the eve of the massive 1980 World Tour (which would've brought him back to the US again) in support of this album alone makes it interesting. Although I can see Paul not wanting to reopen that can of worms again...
  19. supermd

    supermd Forum Resident

    Campbell, CA
    Another great set of things to add to the narrative of this album in a deluxe book. Chris could be interviewed and speak about his experiences with the album and how Paul was searching for a more raw, back-to-basics sound.

    As far as the 1980 Japanese bust... he will either not mention it, or make a sly comment referencing it, like, "Well, there was some, shall I say, trouble in Japan that caused me to cancel the rest of our tour..." Something like that.

    Really, it would be easy to do a Back to the Egg book that shines a positive light on the album. I just did it! :)
  20. DrBeatle

    DrBeatle The Rock and Roll Chemist

    Midwest via Boston
    It would never happen, but what if Paul included his book Japanese Jailbird, published for the first time EVER, in the deluxe set? :yikes:
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  21. jlf

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  22. Baq

    Baq Forum Resident

    Haha - this is probably the best gif ever! XD
  23. dudley07726

    dudley07726 Forum Resident

    He did say in Wingspan that he was an idiot so it wasn’t that sanitized.
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  24. WilliamWes

    WilliamWes Forum Resident

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    I had written a few posts on Back to the Egg because there is a lot going on within the album but it's a bunch of ideas that seem to have gotten jumbled. The radio show concept, the live show concept, the Sunny Side Up and Sunny Side Down sides, the recording locations and how Paul was working on possibly doing a punk album and then possibly doing a back-to-basics album. This was a post from a while back...


    The Concept:

    Is it a radio show concept or a concert concept? We have remnants of something that was in Macca's head, but it's jumbled. "Reception" and "The Broadcast" seem unnecessary if this isn't a radio concept album. If it was then the outtakes for both these would serve better. The longer version of "Reception" has more radio-dial changes and static while "The Broadcast" originally had an older lady that would have been a better choice than the stuffy guy we here instead. (Also the 'Sunny side up' and 'Sunny side down' could have been a concept of hard rock/soft rock.)

    If it's a concert theme, then "So Glad to See You Here" should have been near the beginning of the running order. After a while trying to work some kind of concept or running order for "Back to the Egg", I found this was the best way I could handle it...
    (Old post from another forum)

    A while back I promised to fix this album's concepts. This is frustrating to get the running order right because the theme of a radio broadcast clashes with going to a live show. To fix the concept, either we can picture us going to a live show while we listen to the radio, or separate the concepts and listen on the way home. Here is a running order for the 2nd idea:


    1. We're Open Tonight ("come one, come all")
    2. Getting Closer ("when will we be there, oh no, don't answer", "keeping ahead of the rain on the road")
    3. So Glad to See You Here ("someone's got a show tonight" "well in time to make a flight, the airplane's standing..."
    4. Old Siam Sir
    5. Again and Again and Again
    6. To You
    7. Rockestra Theme (show-stopping end on this track)
    8. After the Ball/Million Miles (late night/the morning after)
    SIDE B- OVER EASY (radio listening after the live show)

    9. Reception (turning on the radio on the way home from the show, or the next day)
    10. Spin It On (DJ spinning the first record)
    11. Arrow Through Me (such a smooth R&B radio styled song)
    --Daytime Nighttime Suffering--(mother taking care of the kids listening to the radio)
    12. Winter Rose/Love Awake
    13. The Broadcast (continuing the concept)
    14. Baby's Request ("but could you bring back memories departed by playing by baby's request")
    --Goodnight Tonight-- (the actual requested song to say goodnight to)

    So I put this together last year and this is the way I hear it now. The lyrics fit a lot better now also (or titles like "Spin It On"). For those who like their 1979 Wings single snuck in, I added both sides un-numbered. I use the version including the single because Paul sings "play my baby's request" but then no other song is played afterwards....why not use "Goodnight Tonight" as the actual request-it's a great closer.
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  25. Mister President

    Mister President Forum Resident

    Actually like Back To The Egg mostly (Spin it On is dreadful), much more than Mccartney II and Pipes of Peace so is strange what's getting released. Wonder what Lennon thought of it if anything.

    The big let down for me was the mix, really squashed, even worse on the early 90's cds but Macca's voice is pretty great here, Old Siam Sir just rocks. I guess there's less hardcore fans out there these days...asked most people to name a track of the album and they're probably have no idea.
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