Paul McCartney - Egypt Station appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Petrofsk, Sep 6, 2018.

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  1. BlueMeanie

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    Siegen, Germany
  2. Rfreeman

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    Haven't listened yet as I was travelling when it came out, but I do appreciate that 3 copies were waiting in my mailbox when I returned, as promised when I bought 3 tix for my girls and I to see him last year. They are labelled as a limited edition. Anyone know what is special about this edition?
  3. omikron

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    Lexington, KY
    I'm guessing you got the "concertina" version which is going to only exist for the initial run of the CD. It's basically an accordian-like CD sleeve with a band around it.
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  4. Just want to say that I've totally got "egg on my face" with this album in regards to this album. I LOVE IT!!
    It's kind of embarrassing to have my original dismissal of the album sitting at the beginning of the fave track poll thread I began here.
    Poll: Favorite Tracks On "Egypt Station" by Paul McCartney

    That same post is buried farther back here in this thread, but here's the now cringe inducing opening statement:
    "Disclaimer: I am a gigantic fan of every era of Macca, very much so including "later era" McCartney, whatever that might mean to anyone (from "Flaming Pie" onwards?).
    This is probably my least fave Macca album since "Press To Play- meaning I prefer everything from "Flowers In The Dirt" onward over "Egypt Station".
    This is after just a couple listens... some could grow & maybe a song or two from the second tier could climb into the top, but I doubt my overall impression of a not terrible, but kind of lesser album, will change."
    Oh well, C'est La Vie... a moment of humility to reflect upon & the kind of comeuppance that is reason to celebrate!!

    Two external factors led to my initial tepid response...
    1) The person I love the most in this world, is going through hell right now.
    2) I initially had my first listens on crappy computer speakers.

    After hearing it on a good sound system (& then getting the CD & playing it in my car too) & spending some time with it.... I am just blown away!!!!

    Some key revised impressions...
    1) "Get Started"- This is the best faster rocker from these sessions & it would have been great to have it on the album proper.
    It is to "Egypt Station" what "Turned Out" was to "New" (or "Love To You" to "Ram", or "Waterspout" to "London Town").

    I really appreciate both of the left field, lesser (to me) tracks ("Caesar Rock" & "Back In Brazil"), I have to say that "Get Started" is just soooooo great, that I'd really like to have had it somewhere on the standard album. At least it came out, but, it doesn't feel like a bonus track- it feels like a great single (and/or killer lead off track)!!!! "Caesar Rock" feels more like a bonus track song, in the vein of "Nothing For Free"- both are interesting, to be sure, but more tangential... where "Get Started" is just a total knock-out!

    2) "Confidante" is the most underrated highest level, great song on the album. "Happy With You" appears to be the break out non-single song (most plays on Spotify) & while I agree it that is also a top shelf track, "Confidante" is in that general vein (acoustic guitar driven song) & the voting here reflects it getting the short shrift.

    3) I have totally ended up adoring this album & it's a measure of how difficult personal issues are now that I could have possibly missed such a great piece of work. It's also ironic, that, on this forum, listening to it in a sub-par sonic setting, also, really did contribute to my initial luke warm reaction.

    It's tricky for me to exactly "rank" it in his overall (or even recent) canon of work just yet, but... suffice to say, I am nothing short of blown away & am in total heaven with this album right now!!!
    My absolute fave tracks are still "Happy With You", "Confidante", "Hand In Hand", "Dominoes", "Do It Now" & "Get Started", but...

    The bigger story is how much I've ended up totally digging the rest of the album & how uniformly great the whole thing is... not far behind those top shelf faves are both the ambitious album closer epics "Despite Repeated Warnings" & "Hunt You Down/"Naked"/"C-Link".... two fine ballads "I Don't Know" & "People Want Peace"... two terrific rockers- "Come On To Me" & "Who Cares"... and, I now have to weigh in totally in favor of "Fuh You", which is a great pop single!!! I may have preferred "Get Started", but, "Fuh You" is infectious, hooky, catchy & cheeky clever.

    I even like the tracks I connect to less, "Caesar Rock" & "Back In Brazil", are interesting & unique detours... as is "Nothing For Free" for that matter.

  5. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    Yep that is what I got
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  6. scoostraw

    scoostraw Forum President

    Did any of you guys who ordered cassettes yesterday get an order confirmation?

    I did not.
  7. TimM

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    Dayton Ohio
    I appreciate the friendly tone in your post and I would not come into a thread to troll or agitate. I simply put out there what I hear, and to me the decline in his voice has been very steady and very much noticed, at least by me. It definitely effects my enjoyment of this music, maybe it shouldn't but it does. I've had the exact same issue with another of my old favorites, Elton John. People have given great reviews to his last several albums and I never listen to any of them. To me he sounds like a tired old man who's voice is shot. I'm glad for you and all the others that aren't bothered by Paul's vocal work these days, and I'm happy for him that he is able to keep doing what he obviously loves to do. Enjoy the new album.:)
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  8. Steffen72

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    Macca Nr1 in Germany
  9. Steffen72

    Steffen72 Forum Resident

    Album charts Nr 1 : ES !!!!
  10. planckera

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    Minneapolis, MN
    I don't really need the cassette or 8-track, but be sure to wake me up when this happens:

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  11. Arnold Grove

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    Great news! When was the last time that Paul had a #1 album in Germany?
  12. Who Cares

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  13. omikron

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    Dude, you crack me up. That's hilarious.
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  14. vinylbeat

    vinylbeat Forum Resident

    I only ordered mine today so no order confirmation yet. Wonder how many of these cassettes will actually be made?

    I guess the cassette version will cover the demand in the Indonesian, hipster and collectors market for the!
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  15. Mr. Explorer

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    Omaha, NE, USA
    I'm confused by this Back To Brazil video. Why does spotify exclusively have a boring lyric video that was (for no reason) framed in smart phone portrait mode? I was expecting the video that was mentioned as being on Paul's FB page, but only viewable in Brazil, and featuring some sort of dancing woman.
  16. 389 Tripower

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    Moline, IL USA
    What's the deal with cassettes?
    You guys lost me on that.... o_O
  17. angelees

    angelees Forum Resident

    Confidante is underrated as far as I can tell, it’s an excellent song about his guitar. Very bittersweet.

    Great article so far. I read the words “Like a true Lennonist—I didn’t just dislike Paul, I despised him,” and thought, what a sad truth. John himself loved Paul so much. I can’t wait for everyone else to get with the program.
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  19. Clem865

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    Wild Rose Speedway
    People Want A 8-Bit Version Of Egypt Station
  20. Haristar

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    Super McCartney Bros?
  21. scotti

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    My recap after five full listens to the deluxe vinyl version...

    I have much more appreciation and respect now due to all of the awesome posts on this thread, what a loyal and dedicated true fan base!

    If I were to eliminate any songs they would be People Want Peace and Hand In Hand, but it's not that I dislike them, just not working like the rest of the album for my tastes. I also would have trimmed the running time of Fuh You down to a minute or so which is plenty for a novelty type song, plus I think would have made the song fit in better.

    There should have been a Super Deluxe Vinyl version with the third sleeve containing a 12" with the two bonus songs, cut at 45 RPM. Us vinyl fans would have loved this! (or at least I would have)

    I personally enjoy stopping off at the Bob Marley Cafe while enjoying the incredible ride as the music keeps sucking me in to it's easy going grooves and awesome sounds!

    The vinyl production/sound is excellent all the way around and I am still almost in a state of new music shock to how bad as$ this fantastic album is, have to give it 5 out of 5 stars! This album is just a blast to listen to!

    I think Paul summed it up best, when he shouts (WHOO) at the very end before the run out groove, priceless!

    My top 3 favorite albums of the year so far...

    1) Paul McCartney - Egypt Station
    2) Alice In Chains - Rainer Fog
    3) Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs (one of the best newer bands to come around in quite a while)

    If someone would have bet me a $1000 dollars that this would be my favorite album of the year before I heard it, I would have laughed, took the bet, and then lie afterwards so I would not have to pay up. Ha!
  22. “What’s so special about this edition?” The ELASTIC BAND! LOL
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  23. scoostraw

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    If you do receive an email I'd appreciate it if you'd mention it here. (I don't trust these guys can you tell?)
  24. When will we get to buy the anti-concertina version?
  25. Haristar

    Haristar Apollo C. Vermouth

    Southampton, UK
    This might satisfy your needs:

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