Paul McCartney - Egypt Station - Traveller’s Edition / Explorer's Edition*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jack, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. FKA002

    FKA002 Forum Resident

    But why will it be released next week in some other countries tho? and why MPL didn't communicate about it?
  2. Choba b CCCP

    Choba b CCCP Forum Resident

    Looks like Explorer's Edition is THE ultimate one. So if you haven't bought your Egypt Station yet, this one is what you really need ;-)
  3. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    Who the heck knows, I've had 5 different delivery dates so far
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  4. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    "Sum up the forum in one post"

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  5. Diego Esparcia

    Diego Esparcia Forum Resident

    Mine is arriving in Spain on Wednesday, just received the Amazon notice!
  6. daveidmarx

    daveidmarx Forem Residunt

    Astoria, NY USA
    Link? I can only find
    No. The Ultimate one will be THE ultimate one!! ;)
  7. Diego Esparcia

    Diego Esparcia Forum Resident

    By the way, the Explorer’s Edition is now on Apple Music and Spotify (already May 17th in Spain).
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  8. Darrin L.

    Darrin L. Forum Resident

    Logic would dictate that the $400.00 version would be the "ultimate one".
  9. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    An Ultimate Voo-Doo Records release, I hope... ;)
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  10. JamesD1957

    JamesD1957 Forum Resident

    Cypress, Texas
    I'm guessing that one will be in a replica trunk from the photo shoot of Yesterday.....and Today! As an added bonus it will have real cuts of butchered meat inside the trunk to serve as padding for those precious contents! ;) :hide:
  11. Elliottmarx

    Elliottmarx Always in the mood for Burt Bacharach

    Los Angeles
    I really thought it was a brass section getting the great horn sound on this song. Just one saxophonist (and a lot of overdubs)? Bravo.
  12. beatlesfan9091

    beatlesfan9091 Forum Resident

    Explorer's Edition arriving tomorrow! :goodie:

    This will only be my third time buying this album...rookie numbers, I know. ;)
  13. Saul Pimon

    Saul Pimon Co-host of Nothing Is Real - A Beatles Podcast

    I ordered it from JPC. No shipping notification yet, but the colour vinyl isn’t due out until two weeks later on May 31st. So, I’m assuming it’s not time yet.
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  14. Susan Gagne

    Susan Gagne Well-Known Member

    Wells, ME
    I got both my black and colored (magenta and purple) vinyl Explorer's Edition LPs in today's mail. They're both 180g vinyl and both contain a download card. Interestingly, both have a "Made in Canada" sticker on the back.
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  15. paustin0816

    paustin0816 Forum Resident

    Columbus, Ohio USA
    I told Mr Spock about the $20 Explorers set coming on the heels of the $400 Travelers suitcase....I think he took it pretty well...judge for yourself
  16. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Got mine notice from PM store as well. Living in Sweden the shipping from UK will take a few days though.
    Something I have problem with-the most fun is the discussion here anyway
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  17. daveidmarx

    daveidmarx Forem Residunt

    Astoria, NY USA
    Don't ever bet on logic when dealing with McCartney.
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  18. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    Betcha he said that it is not “Logical”
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  19. Hawkman

    Hawkman Supercar Gort Staff

    New Jersey
    The way that I figure it:

    I got a copy of the album when I bought the download.
    I got a copy in download form when I bought the Metro Card.
    I got a copy in download form when I bought the tour laminate.
    I got a copy of the single pocket vinyl which also included a download card
    I got a download when I bought the orange cassette.
    I got a download card inside the blue/orange colored concertina vinyl.
    I have the red band cd.
    I have the green band cd.
    In the Traveller's Edition I have a red band cd, a blue cassette and a concertina black vinyl....which has a download card.
    I have the HD downloads of the audio on the Traveller's Edition
    I have the Explorer's Edition coming despite having the HD tracks but in a different order than the Explorer's Edition.

    And somehow, I guess after buying the Traveller's Edition, I got TEN downloads of the album.

    So if my math is correct, despite the fact that I haven't downloaded all of the possible downloads...yet....but I'm counting them anyway, I have a total of:

    27 copies of the album.

    Someone check my math. Bear in mind that a few of the above physical copies also had downloads...basically two copies of the album for the price of one.

    I'm not even counting the TEN downloads that I was given of 'Get Enough'. Someone else who bought the suitcase please check the original confirmation email if you still have it. There should be a 'Download' in red towards the bottom of the email. See if you have any TEN!!!

    I believe that I am owed a gold record for sales of 'Egypt Station'. :)
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  20. Prudence1964

    Prudence1964 Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    Just heard "sixty second street". Nice song. Good bonus material.
  21. Frank

    Frank Forum Resident

    The $400 version was actually the penultimate one.
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  22. paulmccartneyistheman

    paulmccartneyistheman Forum Resident

    I’m repeating myself here, but I would have loved the suitcase back in Sept. it would have been amazing. Now, if I could turn back time, I would have waited for the Explorers edition. Oh well, won’t get fooled again(oops wrong artist)
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  23. beatlesfan9091

    beatlesfan9091 Forum Resident


    I think the album I have the most copies of is Red Rose Speedway. I've got two copies on vinyl, the 2CD Archive Collection, the deluxe box set, and the double album vinyl. Used to have a CD that I think was from the late 80s that had Country Dreamer, The Mess, and I Lie Around as bonus tracks, but I traded that in for some store credit when I got the 2CD Archive Collection version. Second to that I guess would be Ram, for which I've got one copy on vinyl, the 2CD Archive Collection, and the deluxe box set (which I suppose can count as two since it's got both the stereo and mono versions of the album).
  24. Wiserforthetime

    Wiserforthetime Forum Resident

    ......for now
  25. beatlesfan9091

    beatlesfan9091 Forum Resident

    Explorer’s Edition is on Apple Music!!:goodie::goodie::goodie:
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