Paul McCartney - Egypt Station - Traveller’s Edition / Explorer's Edition*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jack, Feb 14, 2019.

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    And Spotify!
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    $400 hurts, especially when you're feeling the pinch.

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  3. So what songs have received single edits?
  4. Sean Murdock

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    I don't know of any official ones, but I plan to lop off about a minute of "Come On To Me." My preferred version of "Despite Repeated Warnings" runs a crisp 5:35 and contains nary a reference to Janet or her mum. :agree:
  5. dtuck90

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    Buying the hi res from HighResAudio. At £18.10 it’s cheaper than the cd

    At some point I should buy a version of the album on vinyl
  6. Hey, I LIKE Janet!
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  7. Thanks. I had read earlier in the thread that somebody had planned to include single edits on their custom compilation. I guess those would be unofficial edits.
  8. Frank

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    I have now listened to the two "new" songs, the one about the other Frank and the "237 seconds too long street" one, on Google Play Music. Nice job finally picking the best of the current material for the actual album, Mr. McCartney. I know it's been a career-long struggle, and it's good to see that's been addressed.

    Question: Are there more Kurstin songs still in the vault, and could they possibly be less worthy of the man singularly responsible for some of the most enduring pop/rock songs of our time than these two?
  9. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Of course it s available for streaming
    So for all those only interested in the new tracks there is an option for free-at least if one is a subscriber to the streaming services
    For those who wants to ”own” the music there is the relatively cheap option of Explorer edition
    For those with money to spend and serious collectors there has been the strictly limited Travellers edition
    I personally went for the Explorer edition. If I had not been so in love with the album I would have just streamed the songs
    Obviosly there are things one can critizise in the marketing -maninly that the two editions were not announced at the same time.On the other hand those who have pre-ordered had plenty of time to cancel when the Explorer ser was announced
    Overall one also can have opnions about record-companies way of selling the same thing over and over. In the context that it cost money to make albums I still don t blame them for trying to make some profit.
    In the end it is up to is customers to decide. Some have been p-d of by the deluxe but it actually and amazingly sold out. So there you go
    I think the Travellers edition looks smashing but have long ago split with the curse(or blesding)of being a completist. So for me it never was an option
    Hopefully though everyone out there with 1,2 or 27 editions of Egypt Station will be happy with their purchases
    It s a brilliant album well worth all this attention
    I also feel a bit of envy for those who now own the Travellers Edition. It looks absolutely fabulous and given it s strictly limited edition bound to become a true collectors item. The thing collectors want in other words
    Long live Egypt Station
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  10. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Im shocked you did not enjoy the ”new” songs and dismissed them in a humorous/sacastic way. Highly unusual and unexpected
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  11. wolfmac

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    I welcome myself to the club! #0236/3000 :cool:
  12. Greg Smith

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    What will be your revised tracklist? Says how solid an album it is that it'll be hard to replace with the bonus tracks though like Frank Sinatra & Nothing For Free
  13. MemoInPR

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  14. maccawings

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    Jersey Shore
    Now my updated shipping from Amazon shows tomorrow...
  15. Paulismyname

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    Northern Illinois
    Listening on Spotify, Frank Sinatra's Party doesn't seem as loud as the first two tracks. I had to bump the volume a few spots to hear Paul's voice come in. Is that strange for a new track to not match volume?
  16. peterpyser

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    Tried to redeem my download code from the traveller's edition the other day, but sadly the first file freezed out halfway, then tried again and nothing. It didn't even let me download the second file at all.
    Really disappointed. I bought it for the hi-res files.
    Next time i won't bother with so-called deluxe or super deluxe editions and i will give my money directly to Qobuz or HDTracks, even if i will have to wait longer.
  17. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Just listened to the live-tracks. As usual Pauls live-versions are pretty similar to the studio versions. Fuh You differs a bit and is really good live. My face though is Confidante were among others the accordeon and backing vocals add a nice touch. Also -Paul put on some good rock n roll vocals on Who Cares
    Right now 62 street might be my favorite bonus-track. It grows and the whole track really sonds like vintage McCartney. Also good vocals and-after a few listenings-a gorgeous melody and arrangement
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  18. maccawings

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    Jersey Shore
    The thing with the new songs coming out , I have had Egypt Station in heavy rotation. I almost had forgotten how much I like this album!
  19. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    Other than Back in Brazil of course
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  20. sunking101

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    Yorkshire, England
    I'd say most of the leftovers are better than Back In Brazil.
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  21. Col

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    Just downloaded the explorer's tracks at Highres audio(a very reasonable £18 for flac) and it's great to get Get Started and Nothing for Free at 24 bit as they are wonderful tracks.I am loving both the bouncy Sinatra and cool 62nd street and can't decide which I like better-but the dududu change of tempo in 62nd might make that win!Get Enough is worth the price of entry for the last choral part which is beautiful.The "new" songs confirm my feeling that Egypt Station is up there with the Ram,Tug of war and Flowers sessions as a collection of superb,varied and high quality songs.Egypt Station is full of moments and songs as strong as anything from his entire career.This is a real purple patch time for this man as writer/performer.
    Fe fi fo fum.
  22. paulmccartneyistheman

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    I am happy all of the Egypt Station tracks are on Spotify. I believe Frank Sinatra’s Party might be my favorite of all the bonus tracks. What a fun, bouncy and loose song that is. I had it blasting away in my car, sunny and the windows rolled down and it just felt good.

    I believe the right tracklisting was chosen this time though. The regular album is amazing start to finish and 5 new songs to enjoy with it.
  23. paulmccartneyistheman

    paulmccartneyistheman Forum Resident

    Well said, I completely agree. But I believe it to be light years ahead of the Flowers sessions, although I like FITD better good.
  24. Henrik Jutbring

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    The ”new” approach to leftovers is interesting. In the 70s-90s they were used to fill formats (7”, 12” and CD singles). Now they drive the re-selling of whole albums
  25. jacden

    jacden Forum Resident

    Very true. If Egypt Station had been released in the 90's these tracks would probably have been released on a string of CD singles. Something like this:

    I Don't Know
    Come On To Me
    Get Started
    Nothing For Free

    Fuh You
    Frank Sinatra's Party
    Sixty Second Street

    Who Cares
    Come On To Me (Live)
    Fuh You (Live)
    Who Cares (Full Length)

    Get Enough
    Confidante (Live)
    Who Cares (Live)

    It would have been more costly and difficult to track down all the extra tracks compared to picking up Explorer's Edition.

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