Paul McCartney Flaming Pie Archive Collection Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jlf, Jan 2, 2020.

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    I hope there will be enough new material to expand my 1-CD master collection for Flaming Pie to 2 discs when the dust settles. I don't include all the mid-80s songs from the Oobu Joobu series in this set as they really have nothing to do with the Flaming Pie sessions. I'm stretching it by including the "Oobu Joobu Theme". As it is now, this is what my single-CD collection looks like:

    2 THE WORLD TONIGHT - single (5/6/97)
    5 YOUNG BOY - single (4/28/97)
    9 USED TO BE BAD (w/Steve Miller)
    13 BEAUTIFUL NIGHT - single (12/15/97)
    14 GREAT DAY
    15 LOOKING FOR YOU - “Young Boy” CD-single
    16 BROOMSTICK - “Young Boy” CD-single
    17 OOBU JOOBU THEME - CD-singles (1997)
    18 THE WORLD TONIGHT - sampler mix
    19 YOUNG BOY - sampler mix
    20 SOMEDAYS - sampler mix
    21 TROPIC ISLAND HUM - single from the movie ‘Tropic Island Hum’ (9/20/04); recorded 11/17/95
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    Huh? There wouldn't be any links at this point for a release (apparently) that far in the future.
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    This one matches the UPC
    Amazon Global Product Price Check
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    I love Flaming Pie
    This will be awesome
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  7. Jason W

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    Fantastic news. I love Flaming Pie. Such a cool project that embraced Beatles roots, and a hugely emotional time in Paul's life. Video-wise, I imagine we'll get the In the World Tonight video special (I loved the hilarious bits joking around in the studio ). And doubtful, but it would be cool if they included the long Oprah interview show and the John Fugelsang interview at Bishop's Gate.
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    I had kind of lost interest in McCartney after the early 80s, but loved The World Tonight when I first heard it and bought it as a single. (I think it was an EP CD... can't remember for sure now.)

    A few years back I decided I should grab most of the stuff I missed and Flaming Pie was a standout. So I've gone from not caring at all about a deluxe set like this to “all in”. (Still wouldn’t mind seeing London Town and Back To The Egg this year, though.)
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  9. tug_of_war

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    So he is a big fan of all the albums that got archive treatment so far...

    I don't think that's the reason why he started the series.
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    After the Wings heydays, the next album that I connect most with is Flaming Pie and I haven’t heard any of the potential extras being talked about here. So bring it on, I am IN!
  11. tug_of_war

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    You did:
  12. tug_of_war

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    Now let me understand one thing: where did we get the news from?
    I searched the other thread and everything I've found were links for empty Amazon pages that don't even have the "McCartney" name written anywhere.
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  13. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    The fact is they will get Archive treatment regardless of their sales figures and MacCa's opinion about them.
    If "Wild Life" and "McCartney II" did, then every album will.
  14. Wiserforthetime

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    Maybe we're getting the entire Oobu Joobu series? How many of those would fit per CD? CD 1 album, CD 2 b sides outtakes. CD 3-5 Oobu Joobu.
    I have the entire series on one data disc DVD. Perhaps we may get them that way? ....or not at all. Just throwing it out there.
  15. supermd

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    How do you know this?
  16. mrjinks

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    That's kind of what I think fear. I'm all for hearing every outtake Paul will share with us, but I really disliked the too-cutesy Oobu shows, with fragments instead of complete songs, and that annoying jingle (over)used throughout. With our luck, we'll probably get a full cd (80 mins worth) of that damned Oobu jingle...
  17. supermd

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    This is what I was thinking as well. Oobu Joobu is very tied to Flaming Pie. BUT, would @maccawings be as excited as he is if one or two full discs were full of Oobu Joobu episodes? Anyways, fingers crossed.
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  18. Paul H

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    The actual radio series featured 19 one-hour shows. They ain't being released over 4 bonus CDs. They were boiled down to six edits of around 7 minutes each, which would definitely fit on a single CD.
  19. chickendinna

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    Anyone who's reading this more than likely believes that there is a market for just about everything that Sir Paul has released to receive the archive deluxe treatment. I think that the LT and BTTE deluxe's will be released, eventually. It may not be this year though.
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  20. supermd

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    That makes me feel better.
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  21. Calico

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    You could add "A Room With A View" and "Kansas City" (both recorded in 1997) as well as "Bishopsgate"...
  22. jmxw

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    I have copies of the entire series on disc and it would take way more than 7 discs to fit the complete set on CDs [even with all the ads removed]. Going from memory, it was a 1 hour show that ran for 15 weeks with double episodes for the 1st and last, so you're looking at 17 times about 42 - 43 minutes... that comes out to about 714 - 731 minutes or 9 - 10 discs at the minimum...
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  23. Wiserforthetime

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    I would personally rather have some unreleased stuff and more of a flaming pie box than an Oobu box. But I can't say I'd complain if he slipped in a Blu-ray audio full of Oobu
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  24. Wiserforthetime

    Wiserforthetime Forum Resident

    Yes not on CD. But data disc files on DVD or blu. I have them that way.
  25. jmxw

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    Yes, they theoretically could throw them on a Bluray... although that seems like a pretty radical move for MPL at this point. [The exact opposite of what happened on Flowers Archive!]

    But now that I think about it, there could be licensing issues there, too, since not all the musical material was McCartney... I suppose they could edit other artists out, but then we would get a jumbled mish-mash [more than the originals were] and we could cry "foul" as they are not complete...
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