Paul McCartney Flaming Pie Archive Collection Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jlf, Jan 2, 2020.

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    I hate to do this, but... he's going to his farm. ;)
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    I'm pretty sure there will be the archive edition of Broad Street someday. The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour TV Special, not being the public's favourite, got its deluxe release 8 years ago, why not Broad Street? Fill it with tons of existing extra, and it’s surely gonna be demanded by Macca fans, me included.
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    I'm a massive McCartney fan, but I fell asleep at the cinema when I went to watch Broadstreet.
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  4. My parcel from eith Deluxe Edition been shipped just now from a Germany place. Estimate delivery 10 august
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    Well, I fall asleep while listening to Flaming Pie, so what? ;)
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    Good to know that Paul and I both share a liking for Linda’s veggie burgers and sausages.
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    Jersey Shore

    From what I have heard and continue to hear, BTTE and LT would be next.
  9. JamesRR

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    Driving Rain is already 19 years old (!!!!) and only four years younger than Flaming Pie - so it could warrant it, esp. in a few years. Not sure how many outtakes/demos there are, but knowing Paul, there's likely some interesting content to add. Even if it's a more toned-down Archive release.
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  11. That rocks. Looks suspiciously like Keith Richard’s Library! LOL

    • [​IMG]
    keith richards library |
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    Have you heard anything to suggest whether that's then a wrap, or whether more gaps might be filled after those?
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    You can be sure I wont be ordering that from UDiscover!
  14. Re: “The (alleged) glitch:

    I’m definitely not an audiophile, but I forward this theory- it’s natural to the recording process of this track.
    We have to consider that this highly unusual and detectable sound at 3:05 is due to an equally unusual recording technique used on the song.

    See below, but it is certain that the “Old-Timey” sound effect takes place right around this point.
    The “technique” involved switching the audio source to a crude and decidedly low fidelity source , ( a key fob with a built in sampler).

    I didn’t notice if this aspect has been discussed, so if so, a mea culpa.

    Check Below:

    “Souvenir” is a song from 1997 album “Flaming Pie”. From the liner notes:

    Written during a relaxing holiday in Jamaica in January 1995, the later studio recording of ‘Souvenir’ saw Paul anxious to replicate the easy atmosphere of his original demo, which carried the additional sounds of a ringing telephone and tropical downpour. So the demo was laid into the multi-track tape as a guide for the studio recording and each element of the original was carefully listened to and replicated. The 78-rpm-like coda was added after Jeff and Paul saw co-engineer Jon Jacobs carrying a key-fob with a built-in sound sampler. The end vocal effect was added using this as the medium
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    No clue, way too early to start worrying or hearing about that
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    Number 1629 has landed. I sure hope I enjoy this album, it looks like a lot of packaging for a ‘90s McCartney record.
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    However, order now.... and it still might be late. ;)
  18. Darrin L.

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    I imagine it's a remastered version of this video...

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    Elvis Costello also, IMO.
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    was anyone’s Collector’s Edition double boxed in shipping? just curious if others’ outer cardboard packaging took a bit of a beating in transit like mine.
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  22. vinylbeat

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    I pre-ordered the Rolling Stones "Goat's Head Soup" deluxe CD set and the 4LP from UD during their sale and used the UD20OFF coupon, so I got a great deal.

    It's supposed to be released on 9/4. I just hope it shows up before!
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  23. Lovich

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    Is there already a (speculation) thread for the next Archive Collection?
  24. Lewisboogie

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    My version of Paul's best by decade

    1970s Ram
    1980s McCartney II
    1990s Flaming Pie
    2009s Electric Arguments
    2010s Egypt Station
  25. Brian from Canada

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    Paul often talks about an entire album's worth of extra material, and Rusty and Brian have talked about songs unused. There is likely enough for an extra bonus CD for sure.
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