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Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Dec 11, 2020)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry Horne, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Joel Nohnn

    Joel Nohnn Well-Known Member

    All the color deluxes have a unique bonus track and as we don't know the titles if you want just one edition - choose your favourite colour out of the four available or just settle for the standard CD until the inevitable 2 disc collectors edition next year.
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  2. stagnation

    stagnation Forum Resident

    Bridlington UK
    508 pages of posts for an album we haven’t heard a note of yet

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  3. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

    Roll the dice for this crass and tacky Vegas production. Maybe you’ll get lucky and choose the right colored CD with the best demo. Those with patience and dignity will wait for “the inevitable 2 disc collectors edition next year” that’s strategically being held back, collecting dust on shelves in a warehouse.

    Oh the artistry and integrity.
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  4. grorr76

    grorr76 Forum Resident

    I Guarantee you due to limited slots in manufacturing that product whether it be boxsets or deluxes will not be sitting on shelves. Most plants were closed for months with literally no product coming out. The mere fact McCartney has been able to get production slots amazes me, he probably has pushed some lesser known artists aside. I heard the backlog is considerably large. The mere fact he's getting out so many cd and vinyl variants during a pandemic is an incredible feat of luck organization and show his pull still in the industry.
  5. Olivier Northern Son

    Olivier Northern Son Forum Resident

    This one looks like mine. And mine is English only edition. It's often difficult to understand the different Taschen editions, I had this same problem with Little Nemo comics, also a Taschen book.
    And on the Taschen site, it seems there's only one edition :
    Linda McCartney. The Polaroid Diaries - Éditions TASCHEN
  6. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria
    “Insert gushing fanboy emoji.......”
  7. Dean R

    Dean R Forum Resident

    In Europe none of the major plants were closed, but there was a lot of postponed releases in the March to July period, and now there are so many releases going through that lead times are close to six months.
    There’s no delay on CD pressings, which is perhaps why the new announcements have been of that nature.
  8. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

  9. lavalamp3

    lavalamp3 Forum Resident

    Yep, I can wait for the music, I’m a McCartney collector who has every record he ever made but I’m also a professional musician who hasn’t worked for 8 months and find this whole ‘Mc 3 circus’ to be extremely crass and rather insulting. I cannot justify for one minute buying into the craziness.
    George’s words somehow seem even more prophetic to me:

    “But oh Lord we pay the price
    With the spin of the wheel with the roll of the dice,
    Ah yeah, you pay your fare
    And if you don't know where you're going
    Any road will take you there...”
  10. Solaris Morse

    Solaris Morse Forum Resident

    So long as Paul doesn't end up totally sounding like Arthur Mullard then I can certainly live with his aged voice. :righton:

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  11. postscripum

    postscripum Forum Resident


    Aaaah, wise words frometh Saint George, there. And now, brethren, before the collection, I remind you that the special limited edition of I Me Mine is currently selling for many hundreds of lovely pounds, while his deluxe albums can be collected in a variety of spiritual yet very expensive formats. Here endeth the sales pitch, er, I mean lesson.
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  12. bob60

    bob60 Forum Resident

    London UK
    Actually Kylie Minogue managed exactly the same feat just seven days ago, but then of course she has 8 no 1 UK albums under her belt against Paul's six solo albums so maybe she has more pull.

    Kylie's DISCO dances in at Number 1, sets Official Albums Chart record
  13. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain

    There it is. Third picture.
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  14. Sargon

    Sargon "Unmasked". General Ursis wanted the week off.

    King George Island
    It will be interesting to see if the color poster is included with anything other than the TMR yellow lp.
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  15. hEARt PhoniX

    hEARt PhoniX living musical polyamory

    Leipzig, Germany
    Well, to be exact, we have had the 45 seconds album trailer.
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  16. Guy Smiley

    Guy Smiley America’s Favorite Game Show Host

    Sesame Street
    As much as I like Paul, George’s “Cockamamie Business” comes to mind.
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  17. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    I've been very disappointed and even confused at the way Paul does things sometimes. He's often said in much older interviews how he and the other Beatles placed a priority in giving the fans the best value possible for their money. At times, his mind seems to be in a whole other place.
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  18. rlj1010

    rlj1010 Forum Resident

    It’s a weird release. The regular US fans do get a pretty good value for money - if you buy just ONE copy of the $7.33 album from his online store.

    But on the other hand, he is taking advantage of the portion of his fanbase who feel they must own everything.
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  19. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain
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  20. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain
    Apparently Andre' Gardner played two songs from McCartney III during Breakfast With The Beatles earlier today? Anyone in the USA can check that out and maybe record it?
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  21. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    Is there an online feed of the broadcast? Should be easy enough to verify if there is.
  22. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain
    Don't know if you mean this, but it only says
    • 2:37 PM Breakfast With The Beatles / 4—Andre' Gardner
    • 1:32 PM Breakfast With The Beatles / 2—Andre' Gardner
    • 1:01 PM Breakfast With The Beatles / 1—Andre' Gardner
    and not the song titles.

    Songs Archive - 102.9 WMGK
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  23. Brian from Canada

    Brian from Canada Forum Resident

    Great White North
    Kylie's album has a June release date on her website. It was held back five months to release, meaning it already had a spot in the queue.
    Hell, Lady Gaga's album was already manufactured and waiting when the release date was moved to December and then back again once they decided to release.
    Bon Jovi's 2020 went through a similar delay of release date.

    From what I've read, the problem isn't the CD processing plants but the printing stations for the booklets, etc. because they don't need to follow the same routines for workplace cleanliness.
    Followed by the fact that most record stores were closed due to Covid and the industry did not want to ship physical product through online distributors alone — because that would put stores out of business.

    What we're seeing now are the releases principally recorded at the start of the Covid period — March through May it looks like.
    Paul's and Bruce Springsteen were recorded then from what I've read. Taylor Swift's may have been recorded later, but there's no way the record company would sit on her release.

    My guess is that, as the summer months proved to be no touring months, more and more bands looked at getting into the studio and we'll see a rush of new releases for early spring 2021.
    The movie industry is already scheduling last year's blockbusters for March (Ghostbusters: Afterlife coming first) to get the product out, so music may go the same way.
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  24. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    I meant anywhere you can go back and listen to the program. Some radio stations do that nowadays, I think.
  25. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain
    I tried but it’s unavailable in my location. I guess it’s US only.
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