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Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Dec 11, 2020)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry Horne, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

  2. Dean R

    Dean R Forum Resident

    All those albums were put back because no-one knew what the demand would be and when the shops would open.
    At that point of time I could have had an album turned around from delivery of lacquers or master in less that 6 weeks, currently it's five months unless you already have booked capacity.
    Of course all the major's have booked capacity because they put so much business through the plants.
    So as I said no major European release was held up by a factory being closed.
    And currently no CD release is being held up - not by the CD factory or the printer. I can get a CD order in two weeks.
    I'm not saying that Covid isn't delaying anything just that plants being closed wasn't the issue
  3. KaptKopter

    KaptKopter Forum Resident

    They might upload the Andre Gardner show later on to this: Beatles Radio Shows

    Normally a 24 hour wait for us Europeans..
  4. Solaris Morse

    Solaris Morse Forum Resident

    More organic and less artificial....that's music to my ears. Thanks for sharing your review, the album sounds even more promising now.
  5. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain
    They did upload last Sunday’s show in there, so there might be a chance! Thanks for the heads up!
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  6. susyredstripe

    susyredstripe Forum Resident

    It is beautiful. I posted that back on page 373. LOL! Along with a male singer with his version.
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  7. dormouse

    dormouse Forum Resident

    Thanks for the detailed overview. Much appreciated. The first listen is always good. You tend to concentrate more and have that 'it will never sound this fresh, and new ever again' feeling. Suitably jealous here, but pleased to hear some positivity and, from your comments and scoring, realism.

    I'm tending skip most things now but I will try to pick out the posts that are uplifting, and yours is. Cheers.
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  8. dormouse

    dormouse Forum Resident

    Had a go, but not available in my area. Sounds like no exclusives though.
  9. susyredstripe

    susyredstripe Forum Resident

    That seems to contain a pic of Paul on the horse .
  10. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    well, i didn't buy the "Flowers" box....BUT, I WOULD buy THAT!!!
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  11. Joao Carlos

    Joao Carlos Forum Resident

    Some shows, not all of them. When he started doing that, the album was side by side with Eminem. So, one or other show he did that and certainly helped that.
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  12. brettb33

    brettb33 Forum Resident

    I’m actually with you. The music sounds like what rich kids think rap is. Plus, the exaltation of Hamilton as a historical figure is problematic in a number of ways.
  13. Joao Carlos

    Joao Carlos Forum Resident

    I will buy one version only (vinyl and cd)
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  14. Hawkman

    Hawkman Supercar Gort Staff

    New Jersey
    Is this your first day here on the Forums? :)
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  16. Fabsmith

    Fabsmith Forum Resident

    Livonia, MI
    I for one am put off by all the many versions of McCartney III and cancelled my order. At his age, and with his legacy, why not just let the music do the talking? It seems obvious MPL going all out to manufacture a #1 album but if that happens it will ring hollow with me. If I hear some of the music and like it, I will buy a copy. Also, does anyone else wonder about why the release date was moved to Dec. 18. Could there be a surprise digital release on Dec. 11 of the Plastic Ono Band 50th? Dec. 11 is the actual anniversary date. Just a thought.
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  17. Cat People

    Cat People Forum Resident

    West Midlands
    Is this a new artist? I've just ordered the album. Is he any good? :unhunh:
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  18. jacden

    jacden Forum Resident

    He's OK. Wrote a few good tunes in the 70s but no-one knows who he is now. ;)
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  19. bob60

    bob60 Forum Resident

    London UK
    I know that Kylie’s album was mostly recorded in lockdown as she has spoken about it whilst promoting the album. She recorded her own vocals at home and engineered the album herself whilst isolating, of course these things are possible these days what with the technology and stuff. I imagine that Paul has his own studio set up permanently to use anytime he wants, depending on where he was isolating of course.
  20. Ringo Hendrix

    Ringo Hendrix Resident Pest

    That would be FANTASTIC. The POB remixes I heard on the Gimme Some Truth reissues were Amazing and left me wanting to hear the whole album. The original had too much hiss.
  21. Ringo Hendrix

    Ringo Hendrix Resident Pest

    Yeah I mean he worked with that Wanye Kest guy, he got pretty high in the charts

    ....Or maybe he just got really high :angel:
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  22. Ringo Hendrix

    Ringo Hendrix Resident Pest

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  23. joshbrf

    joshbrf Well-Known Member

    Pennsylvania, USA
    It seems to be the only constant “ehh.. it was ok” track
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  24. jricc

    jricc Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    Thanks Yorick! So much anticipation for what sounds like a real good to great record
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  25. vinylbeat

    vinylbeat Forum Resident

    Wrote a few good tunes in his 70's as well!
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