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Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Dec 18, 2020)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry Horne, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    Have a look:



    This is one of the CBS 16-track sheets shown in the books of "Ram" and "Red Rose Speedway".
    This one shows the contents of the multitracks of "Three Legs" (top), "I Lie Around" and "When The Wind Is Blowing" (bottom).

    You can see that Paul really worked on the vocals for "I Lie Around", both lead and harmony, in April 1971.
    There's a chance these vocal tracks were later erased during the "Red Rose Speedway" sessions with Denny Laine's vocals recorded over. But even if it happened, there must be some rough mixes from 1971 because it was common practice to make rough mixes while the works were in progress.
    I doubt none of those mixes have survived.

    Also, in the RAM boxset, engineer Eirik "The Norwegian" says that he worked on the final mixes of the songs and then was asked to choose which ones would make the album and sequence then. So there's a big chance that he mixed "I Lie Around", "Get On The Right Thing", "When The Wind Is Blowing", "Little Woman Love", "The Great Cock And Seagull Race" at least because, judging by the dates on the track sheets, all of these were finished during the Ram sessions. Why none of them were used for the boxset in 2012 is beyond me. What they used were mixes done by Dixon Van Winkle later on, after the album was even released! And they certainly sound different if you sequence them with the album tracks to make a double album, like I did. It spoiled my fun! hahahah

    Oh. Eirik also says that Paul performed "Big Barn Bed", the whole song, at the end of "Ram On" but didn't want it on the album and he didn't resist letting a few seconds of it appear. I bet they still have the complete take but were busy in 2012 with that 1980s near-remake of "A Love For You".

    Go figure...
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  2. kaniffee

    kaniffee Well-Known Member

    I don't know how this would impact things, but I remember hearing that Paul was unhappy with how the Bush administration twisted his song Freedom.

    “And I thought it was a great sentiment, and immediately post-9/11, I thought it was the right sentiment. But it got hijacked. And it got a bit of a militaristic meaning attached itself to it, and you found Mr. Bush using that kind of idea rather a lot in [a way] I felt altered the meaning of the song.” SOURCE

    I could imagine that would taint things for him.
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  3. calluses

    calluses Forum Resident

    I didn't like Bush, but just for argument sake, what did Paul really mean by singing "fight for the right to live in freedom" right after 911? Released at any other time, it could refer to activism for social freedom/equality etc., but released after 911, I think one couldn't help but interpret it literally as militaristic. How would a regular citizen "fight" for the right to live in freedom?
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  4. paustin0816

    paustin0816 Forum Resident

    Columbus, Ohio USA
    it is what its is...and it is a pro war anthem. Paul could not so naïve to think it wouldn't be used that way. He got caught up in a moment. We all did.
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  5. kaniffee

    kaniffee Well-Known Member

    I mean I was barely alive when this was happening, so I do not remember what the aftermath was like really. Paul was in New York waiting on a plane when the attacks occured. I don't know what it was like to be that close to what was happening, and even people alive then don't all have the experience of being in NYC. However Paul processed it he ended up making that song. Paul says that wasn't how he intended the song, whether that's how everyone else interpreted it is its own beast, but in terms of how he looks back on that time, it seems to be with regret.
  6. Bill813

    Bill813 No relation to Billy Shears or Bunglalow Bill

  7. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    Not enough colors! :D
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  8. Elliottmarx

    Elliottmarx Always in the mood for Burt Bacharach

    Los Angeles
    Was RAMiversary the second piece of news that was supposed to have been announced last week?
  9. Did I ever?

    Did I ever? Forum Resident

    Richmond, VA
    Already preordered! It would be nice if they also reissue the mono edition that was out in 2012 with the archive collection.
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  10. linklinc

    linklinc Forum Resident

    Sweeeeeet!!! Thanks for the peak!

    As I noted before, the only sane/reasonable explanation I could possibly imagine for him leaving things like this unused (both for this release & various other of a similar nature) is that they are being held back as part of a larger box set (or box sets, hopefully).
    One can only hope, as that is a lot of great material, just languishing there, from the "Ram" sessions alone- although this was a truly rich & fertile period too.
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  11. Unpainted Dreams

    Unpainted Dreams Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    I recently did an interview with orchestrator Tim Simonec who is a close collaborator of Michael Giacchino. Tim said that he wasn't part of the sessions and hasn't heard any of the score, but he did get to meet Paul and he was as lovely as one could expect. He said Paul had been very excited and involved in the score and that Michael loved working with him.
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  12. jmxw

    jmxw Fab Forum Fan

    My thoughts exactly.

    This is my right
    A right given by God
    I will fight for the right
    To live in freedom

    Anyone tries to take it away
    They'll have to answer, 'cause this is my right
    I will fight for the right
    To live in freedom

    Fighting for rights, given by God, immediately evokes not just militarism, but also implies some kind of crusade or jihad.

    I love Paul's music but this song was a misstep in so many ways... :tsk:
  13. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain
    That one came out a few years ago didn’t it?
  14. Bill813

    Bill813 No relation to Billy Shears or Bunglalow Bill

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  15. crossroads69

    crossroads69 Senior Member

    London Town
    Third vinyl reissue in 9 years........yeah, quite the RAMiversary celebration....zzzzzz
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  16. SRC

    SRC That sums up Squatter for me

    New York, NY
    I wouldn't say "we all did", from my personal experience, but I hear you generally.

    I saw Paul live in April 2002, and if I recall correctly, somewhere at the end of the show, he came gleefully bounding onto the stage waving a giant American flag. I won't get tripped up here criticizing that, I assume he meant well, but deafening chants of USA USA USA began to thunder ceaselessly through the concert venue, and maybe I'm reading into it, but I think even Paul was a bit taken aback by that, because he did try to meekly change the tone a little immediately, saying something like "well....don't forget...we're all in this together you know..." which didn't calm any drunken patriots down at all.
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  17. edenofflowers

    edenofflowers A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular!

    He used to do the big flag thing at all his concerts for a while throughout the world.
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  18. FLF

    FLF Forum Resident

    Southen Oklahoma.

    I own the half speed masters of the recent vinyl box from The Police. They're pretty good I guess. Not sure I'm convinced that they are any better than my OG copies, but I do like them.

    What's the general concensus on McCartney half speeds from all you SHF folks?

    Are these half speed McCartney remasters worth picking up? :)
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  19. paustin0816

    paustin0816 Forum Resident

    Columbus, Ohio USA
    well now they've fubard everything...there was no translucent red for the 50th McCartney
  20. Brian from Canada

    Brian from Canada Forum Resident

    Great White North
    The answer lies with the unreleased single for "Great Cock And Seagull Race": they were tracks not ready for release because Paul didn't feel they were finished yet to him.
    Note that it's not until Venus And Mars that we get tracks on a set that were not earmarked ready for release.
    Ram chose the best completed songs for the set – even if a 1971 version of "Little Woman Love" sounded more logical than the 1972 version.
    It's MPL… they keep you guessing.
    "Junior's Farm" is the track that took until the Archive. I was basing it on MPL's original UK listing.

    If you're talking the US, "Mull Of Kintyre" didn't get released officially again until Wingspan, and the same for "Hi Hi Hi" – as the 1993 remasters in the UK were not available domestically.

    That still goes back to the hunt scenario with McCartney music, as he's got pieces here and there that need to be collected eventually into a set.
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  21. PhoffiFozz

    PhoffiFozz Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL, 60173
    I know a good majority of people take lyrics literally. - But as a songwriter, I try not to.

    And Paul is often a great example of why, for me. - I know what the word "fight" means and what a statement like "fight for our right to live in freedom" really should "mean". But I NEVER actually thought about it until this thread... To me the word "fight" meant "stand up". Basically, the gist of the statement was saying to me, "stand tall, show those who chose violence for their beliefs that we are not totally defeated, our eyes are open and you're not going to get the best of us."

    That's not what the lyrics say word for word. But that is the feeling it evoked for me personally. - And yes, I do think Paul was/is naïve enough to have not thought through how this would be taken or looked at.

    Post 9/11 was a very emotional time for everyone in the country. Very reactionary, which can bring out feelings in people that they would not normally think/feel. Sort of defying your own logic at times.

    I'm not defending the song, but I am pointing a perspective that although is not seemingly logical, is valid.
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  22. Sargon

    Sargon "Unmasked". General Ursis away on COVID lockdown.

    King George Island
    Just got done comparing.

    The Cherries digital transfer archive lp has a nice open and lively sound with crisp texture throughout. However, it does sound ever so slightly strident. Not bright. Just not as smooth. (This is something I've noticed with digital sources - especially at higher volume). Still, amazingly close to the original lp.

    The 50th half-speed digital transfer is very nice. More of a rounded smooth sound and very warm. But it lacks a touch of the energy of the Archive transfer.

    The 1970 original fully analog album on Apple has the best of BOTH. It isn't quite as warm as the 50th, but still very warm and it has all the good bite and texture of the Archive transfer without being strident in the slightest.

    This is the problem I encounter with technology that includes a digital stage in the transfer. It may have come from the analog master tape, but I suspect there is a digital stage in here somewhere. Edit: It appears it was "cut from a hi-rez digital transfer." They come out with this stuff and reviewers "gush" over it. But I feel that if you did a blind test and played these digital to analog remasters FIRST, and then put on an original, people would freak out over how good the "new original" sounds and pick the 50 year album over the rest, thinking it must be the new transfer. For me, the tech is going backwards.

    The good news is that both the archive and this half-speed actually sound much closer to the original than A LOT of other digital remasters. I'm pretty darn impressed. If I had to pick between an Archive lp and the half-speed, it would be a tough choice because they each offer something different. But again with the original, I get both!

    The 50th is very quiet vinyl. But so was my archive and my 50 year old Apple lp. I still think it is a cool limited edition collectable. But my "old timer" lp will continue to get prime-time rotation. But the bonus archive lps are irreplaceable.:drool:

    I don't expect a different result with the Ram release. (Just my take on all of this. Your mileage may vary). Trust you own ears, - they never lie. :) - (even when the "experts" try to tell you otherwise).

    But the "good news" is my 50th Cherries album came with one more "difference" from my originals. Here is a pic of one of the sides, freshly opened today- Hadn't even hit the turntable yet:
    All scuffed up and that scratch extends along another part of the album not pictured. ... and people wonder why I prefer not to open my records. ;) Sealed - Mint. Opened - Trash condition.
    (It didn't used to be like this folks). :realmad:
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  23. calluses

    calluses Forum Resident

    Well I can relate to this. As a Canadian teenager at the time, it didn't really resonate with me as any sort of call to action. Like you, I think I always just thought it meant "stand up" and live your life normally to show the terrorists you're not in perpetual fear. It had as much (or little) emotional power over me as Dance Tonight. But it was indeed unfortunate that he chose two of the most triggering words at the time, "fight" and "rights." As a seasoned songwriter, you'd think he could be more careful with word choice despite how catchy the words would be!
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  24. jesse

    jesse Forum Resident

    When The Wind Is Blowing - love that one! It is such a shame that it was used and thus buried in the Kanye collaboration. It certainly deserved better.... ( and I don't mind the collaboration as such)
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  25. Paulwalrus

    Paulwalrus Forum Resident

    Oh, I certainly wouldn't call it a "pro-war" anthem or song or anything. What does pro-war even mean. Defensive, aggressive, "preventive" war? There's a lot of nuances here.

    He certainly mustn't have agreed with the actions taken by Bush afterwards, hence his comment. What exactly he meant though, it's open to interpretation.
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