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Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Dec 18, 2020)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry Horne, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

  2. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    ^^By the way: Richard Avedon took those photos.

    Here's another one:

  3. Mister President

    Mister President Forum Resident

    That remix of Slidin' has taken 30 years off Macca...I like it.
  4. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    Yeah think I remembered that avedon took these famous pics...Arnold, you’re always on hand supplying those foxy model with Macca space suit pics...lol.
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  5. Unpainted Dreams

    Unpainted Dreams Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    A thought: is there any chance that the vocoder lines ["oh ohhh yeah"] in the Find My Way remix are Beck singing? I assumed they were Paul's at first, but maybe they earned Beck that "featuring" title.
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  6. Paulwalrus

    Paulwalrus Forum Resident

    I like it. I do feel maybe the guitar is a bit buried in the mix??

    I don't really enjoy much that Lavatory Lil cover. It's good but... I miss Paul's vocals. Even at his age, his voice is special.
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  7. Paulwalrus

    Paulwalrus Forum Resident

    I forgive him. I was a huge Blur fan back then. Hell, that was before I was a Beatles or McCartney fan! :D
    Plus, I admit for a long time I didn't think much of A Day In The Life's middle eight :hide:

    Anyway, Paul's clearly not someone to hold much of a grudge!
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  8. Paulwalrus

    Paulwalrus Forum Resident

    Yeah, seems a legit reading.
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  9. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    As I’ve said several places on SHF....so much about who and what you like musically...is generational....song was much more meaningful to earlier generations, ..youngsters particularly on SHF I notice take pot shots at pepper and almost all of Paul’s later Beatles work along with his solo work...and even don’t like some earlier Beatles albums and songs...I’m so old ...that I don’t even know his Blur is....so joke is and was on me, lol. You don’t have to hide under the chair...lol...as boomers then said “question everyone and everything.”

    I don’t know if downing Paul’s later Beatles is due to preference for Lennon or dislike of all things maccca I see from many on the forum or what,,,but in the sixties you dare not split the Beatles and down one. I do know one thing, take Paul out of Beatles 66 forward then group would have been far more musically limited and probably wouldn’t have those later albums period as he instigated them and he produced many number one hits for the group then.

    The middle eight to my generation and older was a great Lennon-McCartney psychedelica fusion song complete with a pot stoner interlude before contemporary folks started the fad of dissecting Beatles songs, albums or their parts as “inferior”...No, if Paul held grudges for all his put downs from all his colleagues for his very long career, he’d waste all of his time in bitterness and hatred rather than with continuing to makes great music...Many younger Paul fans are like you...obviously got into Paul somehow as a solo artist probably but not necessarily before you got into the Beatles or maybe got into him solo as or just after you got into Beatles ...My situation is so different...
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  10. Chief

    Chief Over 10,000 Served

    Y’know, I sold most of my vinyl. And I’m selling (or giving away) most of my books and magazines. But I kept all of the McCartney 12” singles and other oddities from the eighties. That stuff isn’t on CD, so I keep those. I still have my Press To Play CD. It was the first CD I owned, and the reason I bought a CD player. It had those 3 bonus tracks, after all. I should have kept my vinyl for sentimental reasons.

    Speaking of which, anyone interested in my magazines? They are free. Click the link in my signature.
  11. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    Well, everybody’s different...I should but won’t sell much of my vinyl ...though did some a few years/decades go sell on other artists, new wave stuff but bought more, but as collected solo Beatles and Beatles never sold their stuff ...never much got into CDs...wish I had that PTP cd with bonus tracks though and..especially wish I had those Macca eighties 12 inch singles and oddities but of course you said you’re keeping those ,,,the exact stuff I missed right at the time when I began to miss unknown me then stuff,,,That PTP cd to you is like my ..more of the Monkees album was to me..first ever bought, probably day dream believer maybe my first 45, certainly first pic sleeve 45.

    I clicked for the free mags but unless Macca on cover not interested in them, sorry, not interested ...as my mag collection almost completely Beatles, solo Beatles and a few general sixties mags and seventies music mags...I think you and others in relevant SHF eighties Macca threads said those 12 inch and other Macca oddity eighties stuff isn’t on cd. Boomer here got so busy with life and never made cd adjustment, didn’t keep up with music mags then..missed all the PTP, flowers and OTG era weird singles, mini cd singles, deluxe ground, etc. I’m still astounded and impressed that you knew of all this then and collected it...whether you made the decision to keep it long term or not. That’s how I got all of my earlier sixties Beatles stuff in the late sixties beginning in 69 or group breakup era...folks had it then sold or gave it away.
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  12. bward

    bward Forum Resident

    Boston, MA USA
    Maccawing; THIS is a find!
    Well done.
    I love this.
    It's not too far removed from Paul's version, just heavier.
    But for those who cannot abide "old man" Macca, this must be a revelation.
    And it's probably what the song would have sounded like had it been written and recorded in the 70s.
    Very nice.
    Thank you.
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  13. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    Did he get clipped?
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  14. Paulwalrus

    Paulwalrus Forum Resident

    A Day in the Life is possibly my favorite Beatles song (all of it) but it took me a while to like the middle eight.

    I properly got into the Beatles with the "1" album. What an incredible collection of songs! Then shortly after that I got into solo Paul, got Flaming Pie and Driving Rain was released then...
  15. calluses

    calluses Forum Resident

    Just got a chance to listen to the EOB remix. Not bad!

    I have to admit, I laughed for the first 15 seconds, because it sounded like if I had accidentally left my turntable at 45 rpm and played my MIII record at the wrong speed.

    But once I was done laughing, I realized such a small change made a huge difference in the song’s energy level. I think the song worked a lot better at this tempo.
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  16. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    WOW!!!! As much as I love the original, it sounds like a demo compared to this!
    Too bad it's not on the re-imagined album.
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  17. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    I have read so many younger fans got into the group over that album beatles 1...and thus also got into FP and DR as released around that time. The weirdness of psychedelica Beatles like ADITL middle eight part is odd unless you remember those types of songs in those days ....

    I’ve seen several SHF folks around your age who got into group on that Beatle and those solo two McCartney albums. I think I read another forum member 5x5 ? A female Paul fan, I believe is the one, whose old comments I enjoyed but doesn’t seem to post now, who from older SHF threads I think I read got in on the albums you did...I’m odd for my age group and really like the DR album and FP is a more traditional style Macca album.

    Its a testimonial to the greatness of their and his music that they’ve accumulated so any younger fans throughout the decades. I’ve read only 2%of the population is boomers now.
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  18. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    This is WONDERFUL too!!! :love:
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  19. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    Yes, this is...very seventies sounding...
  20. Elliottmarx

    Elliottmarx Always in the mood for Burt Bacharach

    Los Angeles
    I have my quibbles with this remix - but agree that the quicker tempo makes a positive difference. It makes me wonder if this project encourages Paul to reconsider some of his go to moves. This EOB mix is faster than anything Paul's done in years. And it works. If Ed O' Brien had been in the room urging Paul to originally record the song at this tempo, would he have taken heed? I doubt it.

    Where I don't think this version succeeds is in sticking with the original drum track. These are not the fills (or feel) that a drummer would bring to such a charging song. Paul (or is it Abe on this one) would have done it differently himself.

    Also, some of the sonic layering applied to this mix makes it too murky for playing at high volume.

    Anyway, I've grown to like this version more than when I first heard it.
  21. ZippyPippy

    ZippyPippy Forum Resident

    Yeah, the “brotherhood of man“ didn’t seem idyllically consistent from track to track
  22. James McCartney

    James McCartney Forum Resident

    Penny Lane, Spain
    Yes, I think that’s Beck. It’s actually my favorite part of the track when he does that.
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  23. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    If nothing else the re-mix of Slidin is a reminder of what a great piece of classic rock the song is to begin with
    Great riff
    Great vocals
    Great hook
    I do like both versions
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  24. Henrik Jutbring

    Henrik Jutbring Forum Resident

  25. jesse

    jesse Forum Resident

    Oh yes, that is really admirable. I don't know if he is not aware of many things people said in the past or if he is and forgives them.

    In any case, I think it is also remarkable how he hardly ever said anything bad about other artists.

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