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Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Dec 18, 2020)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry Horne, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. mercuryvenus

    mercuryvenus Forum Resident

    Maryland, USA
    I totally agree.

    I mean, hell, some of my very favorite Beatles music are the 1962 Star Club recordings. I know the audio quality is completely crappy, but that doesn’t stop the music from being like a tidal wave of rock n roll.

    If the music is good enough, you’ll know it, regardless of the sound quality.
  2. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    I believe the 2 better sounding tracks were from the Andre Gardner radio broadcast
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  3. mercuryvenus

    mercuryvenus Forum Resident

    Maryland, USA
    Question: Can someone be charitable and post a link to wherever you all are listening to the album? I didn’t log onto the forum today and sifting through a million pages is unlikely to be productive.

  4. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    Got my delivery update today as well and it says it will be delivered on the 18th. Amazon
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  5. Flipmode77

    Flipmode77 New Member

    What did you do?
  6. Sean Murdock

    Sean Murdock Forum Intruder

    Bergenfield, NJ
    I'm really sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my son to suicide in August 2019, and for me the Paul song that will always make me think of him is "Happy With You." Not because he was happy, but because I kept hoping he would get to the point where those lyrics could apply to him. Towards the end, I heard "Little Lamb Dragonfly" in a whole new, and heartbreaking, way. Hopefully you've had people (and music) around you to get you through this past year. Maybe Macca III coming out on the anniversary will help a little?
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  7. Sean Murdock

    Sean Murdock Forum Intruder

    Bergenfield, NJ
    I think the alleged "tension" between Paul and Nigel Godrich gets overplayed a bit. Yes, both Paul and Nigel referred to it openly in interviews, but then again ... both Paul and Nigel referred to it openly in interviews! You know what I mean? The album got finished, Nigel didn't get kicked off it, and he seemed happy enough to contribute to the "making of" DVD and also the "Chaos & Creation at Abbey Road" special. Paul did seem to get a bit bent out of shape a couple of times, and Nigel seemed a bit sheepish about how blunt he was -- and yet, the album got released, both of them seem proud of it, and it is widely loved. Success heals all wounds. Bob Dylan and Daniel Lanois famously argued (and a guitar or two was smashed) while making their two albums, but they're classics, so ... cool!

    Hey, Nigel got further in the process of making an album with Paul McCartney than Elvis Costello did -- and they're FRIENDS! :agree:
  8. jricc

    jricc Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    So sorry about the loss of your son Sean...
  9. Bill007

    Bill007 Forum Resident

    Boynton Beach, Fla
    My sympathies too Sean
  10. moople72

    moople72 Forum Resident

    What kid looking forward to a Beatles album under the tree in 1963 figured he or she would be looking forward to Paul's music under the tree in 2020?
  11. Ringo Hendrix

    Ringo Hendrix Resident Pest

    So I take it we know next to nothing about the bonus tracks? How many are there? And is it true different bonus tracks are being released on different editions?
  12. Sean Murdock

    Sean Murdock Forum Intruder

    Bergenfield, NJ
    If it's possible to know less than nothing about them, that's about what we know. We know there are four tracks; we know they are "unique" and "secret" and "demos"; we know that there is one one each of the "color series" CDs on Paul's web store. To deepen the mystery, the Japanese "deluxe" CD has four bonus tracks -- but we don't know what they are either, or if they are even the same as the "secret demo" tracks. (I suspect they are, but who knows?)
  13. Paul P.

    Paul P. Forum Resident

    Seattle, WA, USA
    Just so you know, that's not all that's available from Paul on that Spotify playlist - that's just the intro you see on the Desktop version. If you use mobile Spotify, there's a an additional video - where he talks about songs from McCartney and McCartney II.

    I can only play them on the mobile app - the "Tap to see the story" link:


    He talks about:
    • Maybe I'm Amazed
    • Every Night
    • Junk
    • Teddy Boy
    • Coming Up
    • Waterfalls
    • Temporary Secretary
    • Check My Machine
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2020
  14. maccafan

    maccafan Forum Resident

    It's not about what McCartney deserves, it's about what the music deserves! On that opinions will as usual, greatly vary.
  15. maccawings

    maccawings Forum Resident

    Jersey Shore
    Guess we will know in a little over 2 weeks
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  16. Lownote30

    Lownote30 Bass Clef Addict

    Nashville, TN, USA
    Made it listenable. Dynamics restored, digital distortion from clipping removed.
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  17. Chris from Chicago

    Chris from Chicago Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

    I didn't know this. If this is so... does that imply that a remastered version in CD is possible in the future?
  18. susyredstripe

    susyredstripe Forum Resident

    So sorry for both of you. It's been a few years for me & it does get a little bit easier.
  19. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    Different strokes, Egypt Station is in my top 5 all time McCarntey albums and probably top 3!
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  20. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    Spotify had a really nice uncompressed version of MAF as well for quite a while that I really enjoyed listening to, but they replaced it with the standard ear blowing version.
  21. palisantrancho

    palisantrancho Forum Resident

    Maybe there are different leaked versions? The copy I heard sounds pretty good. I doubt there will be a huge improvement when it comes out. A few songs don’t sound of great quality, but it’s hard to say how different the released version will be. I still say it's my favorite in 20 years. I don't listen to any of these other albums very often. The last album I really loved was Flaming Pie and that was only about half of it.

    1. McCartney III
    2. Chaos and Creation
    3. Electric Arguments
    4. Driving Rain
    5. New
    6. Memory Almost Full
    7. Egypt Station

    I agree. I don't get it either. If you are close to my tastes, I think you will like McCartney III much more.
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  22. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    Thanks to @SimplyPut Here is my 21st century ranking of Paul's albums. As you can see the 2010s have been Paul's best decade for me since the seventies!

    1. Egypt Station 9.5/10
    2. McCartney III 8.5/10
    3. New 8/10
    4. Chaos and Creation in The Backyard 8/10
    5. Memory Almost Full 7.5/10
    6. Electric Arguments 7.5/10
    7. Driving Rain 6.5/10
    Complete Kisses including Live at Capital performance - I have to rate totally separately, but it's awesome and fun! 10/10

    • Egypt Station is one of my favorite Solo McCartney album of all time. I rank it on par with Beatles albums (haven't really thought about where exactly) because it has many great songs and practically no filler, different from most Solo McCartney stuff
    • The positioning of McCartney III in this ranking is a preliminary one, of course. I am totally into "Deep Deep Love" at the moment, and I love Find My Way, Pretty Boys, Women and Wives, Kiss of Venus and the gorgeous When Winter Comes. That's a lot of enthusiasm which earns it a #2 at the moment with Lav' Lil and Slidin also being some rocking stand outs!
  23. theMess

    theMess Forum Resident

    Kent, UK
    Sean you have my most sincere and heartfelt condolences; what you have said is an important reminder of the true power of music, including Paul’s work of course. I have leaned heavily on his music to keep myself going over the last year or so and I find there is no other solace quite like it. I hope that you find as much to enjoy with “McCartney 3” when it’s released as you have with the best of his work from more recent years.

    As for your point about Godrich, I think you are entirely right to make sure that the size of the disagreements isn’t blown too far out of proportion; as you say, the sessions did lead to an album both are proud of. It would be interesting to know if those sort of artistic tensions have arisen with the other producers Paul has worked with and whether they are just not willing to speak about them. It is also interesting to consider how that back and forth impacts the work and how it potentially could lead to even greater results.
  24. paustin0816

    paustin0816 Forum Resident

    Columbus, Ohio USA
    Take XTC and Todd Rundgren for example. Look at the results of their acrimonious relationship. "Skylarking"
  25. Bruce M.

    Bruce M. Forum Resident

    Yes. IMHO (some here will vehemently disagree) it's Paul's best post-Beatles recording.

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