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Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Dec 18, 2020)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry Horne, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. anthony_beat

    anthony_beat Forum Resident

    Odintsovo, Russia
    I would be very surprised if Paul released a double album now.
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  2. Curious about the Expectations Game..

    What percentage of songs that you like on McC3 will make you ecstatic /happy vis a vis disappointed/bummed out and in-between?

    Here’s my scale:

    %100 - Over the moon crazy , happy. Has increased his genius legacy several notches.

    85-99% - over-joyed - exceeds my expectations.

    70-84% - Really, really pleased - but not surprised; based on his work in the 21st Century - I expect this.

    50-69% - Pleased, a lot, just hope a bonus track or two can replace a couple clunkers.

    30-59% - A lot I like, definitely glad to have it, hope it’s a blip and not a trend.

    15-29% - I’m not going to complain , 3-4 good tracks is still gold for me.

    1-14%. - Disappointed , but grateful he’s recording. Next one, now guaranteed to be better

  3. theMess

    theMess Forum Resident

    Kent, UK
    It will be interesting to see how many of the new songs were written before the sessions started and then recorded by Paul alone (I’m assuming) and how many (if any) were created in the studio by Paul during the sessions. If we look back at the “McCartney 2” album only “Waterfalls” was written before the “sessions” started.
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  4. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

    Waterfalls is my favorite from that album. I think John was referring to this song when asked about Paul’s newest album. Saying he sounded sad.
  5. Victor46542

    Victor46542 Victor Baissait of Maccaclub

    Paris, France
    about 45% are new songs, and about 55% were written before the session, from what I was told
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  6. Elliottmarx

    Elliottmarx Always in the mood for Burt Bacharach

    Los Angeles
    I agree in principle - but we are microcosm of the general consensus. Us grumbling, doesn't equal much, but we've seen honest to goodness real journalistic reporting using SHF as a source. If we think the album has poor quality control, it is likely we are on to something.
  7. Lovich

    Lovich Forum Resident

    Or Ringo 2013, because we've already had Ringo 2012
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  8. EgyptStationHolland

    EgyptStationHolland Forum Resident

    Interesting, I see that Maccaclub on twitter is writing the same.
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  9. Victor46542

    Victor46542 Victor Baissait of Maccaclub

    Paris, France
    Because I'm one of the guy at Maccaclub ! :p And it's me who have written the tweet
  10. EgyptStationHolland

    EgyptStationHolland Forum Resident

    That explains a lot :D:laugh:
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  11. Brian from Canada

    Brian from Canada Forum Resident

    Great White North
    I somewhat disagree: I think he's less flair and showman as he is a pragmatist that understands the necessity of image in order to succeed in the business.

    Consider his being open and accessible: in the beginning, he is more than willing to let John have the lead. He's also less confident in the studio, contributing just three lead vocalists to each of the earlier albums. But what he does understand — and this comes out a bit in Anthology and Many Years From Now — is that the move from teddy boys to suited mop tops was more than a marketing gimmick to get them more gigs, it was a way for them to get greater acceptance and therefore more fans. He is the last to leave the stage and the first to want to go back, yet even then when he does in 1972, there's no desire to go full out in front until he's sure his material is workable… all the while keeping the most experimental stuff out of sight and out of earshot except for a rare few; if it weren't for his desire to get "Carnival Of Light" out there as a way of validating his own musical authenticity compared to John's, I sincerely doubt we'd have heard anything more about experimental films and tape loops.

    The reason Sgt. Pepper through Let it Be really stand out for Paul is that he's clearly the leader when The Beatles are at their most diverse and most close to the music we have for the decade that follows. It's rare that someone places an album pre-Revolver above Revolver or after in their top selections of all times… and the majority of hit singles as well as central songs to the title are Paul's. John is becoming increasingly disinterested while Paul sees the inherent need to go into Apple on a daily basis and make sure there's toilet paper in the loos.

    And much of that same pragmatism comes after too. Paul is determined to make sure Wings are not interpreted as a mere follow-up to The Beatles, going out of his way to avoid repeating the sound of The Beatles and opting to do as few Beatles songs on tour as possible. In 1976, Wings come into America when "Got To Get You Into My Life" has charted… and the song is not part of the set list. Instead, he's putting his family forward and defending Linda being on stage. He's looking to compete with the bigger bands, putting more speakers off the stage than anyone else. He uses sneaky campaigns to generate sales for Thrillington when the label isn't so interested. And this keeps happening throughout his career: his desire to stick with the music of the present rather than a style of the past (at least until the 90s), he chooses set lists based on what he expects fans want to hear so that they will walk away satisfied, he goes his own way to promote when the label doesn't, etc.

    Thus what makes Paul McCartney succeed in business marketing is that he knows that doing something new and interesting while still holding on to your core identity is what's best. Remember: he went to HearMusic because they had new ideas on how to promote his records; he went back to Capitol because they had a better idea of how to handle the entire catalogue.

    Sean hasn't just started: it was always his destiny, and you can see that in the way Yoko has been handling John's material in the last two decades. In particular, note that The John Lennon Anthology ends with moments between John and Sean. In particular, note that it was Sean who led the Lennon tribute concert in New York City. There's no way he will ever escape the legacy of being John Lennon's son, and with Yoko now reaching the point of near-retirement, it's time for Sean to step up.

    Dhani was immediately thrust into the role as curator when George died. Brainwashed is the product of Dhani Harrison and Jeff Lynne. Dhani repeated George's "For You Blue" for an advert. Dhani has been outspoken about what's coming next.

    Mary and Stella, though, were clearly going their own way — Stella in particular. She has much individual name recognition as Paul and it would not surprise anyone if she was knighted for her contributions to British fashion. Mary has also begun to follow in her mother's footsteps a lot but with her own unique voice, and heading up Meat Free Mondays as one of its key spokespeople has also helped her define herself as someone more than just Paul's obvious heir. Heather is clearly on her own and stays away from the spotlight. So if there's any suggestion it will be James, it's likely because James is still not yet defined as a musician in his own right and might want to copy Sean and Dhani.

    Personally, I think MPL will end up being a shared responsibility of the family rather than a single individual, with a business manager to handle releases that are okayed by the family rather than one family member taking lead — and mostly because it's Mary and Stella who remember Linda and those early days most and have a connection to them. It's Mary who's interviewed for Pipes Of Peace because she sang on the chorus; it's Stella who's in Linda's photos from the 1989 tour. They have an emotional connection to those works (and rightly so!) and so they will want to have them treated with the respect they believe it deserves.

    But then, that's in the far future. Paul's in good health and, to paraphrase Put It There, he'll be doing this until he can't — even if they have to bring him out in a wheelchair so he can strum a guitar.

    And if you've not seen Phil Collins or Brian Wilson on stage lately, we're getting to that point. Wilson needs help getting up from the piano and starting to walk; Collins' back and leg were out when I saw him. However, both want to be on the stage and light up when connecting to fans and their bandmates. Paul will definitely be amongst them — he loves it too much.
  12. Victor46542

    Victor46542 Victor Baissait of Maccaclub

    Paris, France
    Blanchard_APG from Twitter send this to us at Maccaclub

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  13. idreamofpikas

    idreamofpikas Forum Resident

    I expect it to be pretty experimental and something that may not be appreciated right away. I expect there to be some weird parts, multiple instrumentals and a general feeling of an album more for Paul than his wider fanbase.

    Most tracks will probably be hit and miss, but with many of Paul's works there will be no consensus on which songs are the hits and which ones are the misses.
  14. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    Re.: Weird/eccentric/experimental stuff on the new album
    I remember Paul commenting on Ceasar Rock, on some on those interviews he made to promote Egypt Station, that it's a weird track because he recorded it by himself at his home studio and he has this tendency to come up with more experimental/eccentric stuff when recording alone.

  15. EgyptStationHolland

    EgyptStationHolland Forum Resident

    One of my favourites!!
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  16. Monasmee

    Monasmee Forum Residue

    Albuquerque NM
    Make Macca III outlandish
    Don't make it just like Take It Away.... ;)
  17. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    Same here. Love that song.
    GIME ME WEIRDNESS, MACCA!!!! :goodie:
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  18. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

    I have “studied” the multiple Ed Sullivan appearances. Paul is smiling, animated, gregarious, moving his body, projecting himself outward to the audience...and early interviews with the press are similar. Extroverted and in his element. John on the Ed Sullivan shows is standing solid. Frozen like a statue. Maintaining a wide stance to keep his legs from buckling under.

    If Paul had less songs at the beginning, it was because it was clearly John’s band at the beginning. He was the undisputed leader. But it’s been 56 years since the Ed Sullivan shows in 1964. Paul grew up and became a leader by Revolver. Where he found his place in the studio. And became the Master of Ceremonies by Peppers.

    He grew into his salesman/promoter role over the decades but always had it in him.

    John would have thought it was a bit daft and cheesy to sell jigsaw puzzles, maps, tickets, playing cards, and suitcases. As part of a package costing hundreds of dollars. Not that there’s anything wrong with marketing, mementos, and bonus material. And multiple compilations and reissues. Ask Yoko.

    Egypt Station Traveller’s Edition (Luxury Box Set) – Paul McCartney Official Store
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  19. daveidmarx

    daveidmarx Forem Residunt

    Astoria, NY USA
    You ARE aware that the two girls were friends who went to the show together, right? I was at the Grand Central gig and spotted them while waiting to get in. I loved the fact that they already had shirts made of two of the new songs (they are both MEGA fans) and asked if I could take their photo:

  20. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

    In my opinion, much of this was pre-planned. Not random and totally spontaneous. Paul or his team having communication with the girls before they were “chosen” from the audience. No accident that they were right up front by the stage. Them being “friends” could just as well be evidence of prior planning and easier coordination.

    Nice photo. Their dancing and reactions are the best part of the video. Come on to me has a cool friend, clearly.

    Did you have a conversation with them and they ended up telling you that they came to the show together in one of Paul’s limos?
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2020
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  21. planckera

    planckera Goggles On

    Minneapolis, MN
    Hey, everyone. I was just out of town for three days. What did I miss?

  22. jesse

    jesse Forum Resident

    True. But his son Lee is also an attorney and has joined the family business many years ago, working for Eastman&Eastman as well as MPL.
  23. susyredstripe

    susyredstripe Forum Resident

    Weren't the Eastmans supposed to take care of the web site? Didn't they even have a little movie about it? This was back when his PMC "private" club was up & running.
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  24. Runcibletune

    Runcibletune Forum Resident

    Gatefold vinyl, and Paul's current favourite horse is on the inside ...
    I'm 100% certain of this...
    Trust me
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  25. Zongadude

    Zongadude Music is the best

    And both girls happen to know the lyrics of that song from Egypt Station by heart ;)
    This was obviously staged (I suppose the girls were chosen before the show and they gave them the t-shirts beforehand) but I love this sequence anyway :)
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