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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by James McCartney, Dec 6, 2023.

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    Speculation regarding Paul McCartney's follow-up album to McCartney III (2020) began when McCartney III Imagined (2021) was being promoted, with Paul saying in April of that year that he was recording some songs with producer Andrew Watt in LA.

    Recording sessions with Andrew Watt probably continued throughout 2021, 2022 and 2023, with Paul also working in The Rolling Stones' album produced by Watt.

    Furthermore, in December 2022 this was posted on Paul's official website:

    ⁠ What are you looking forward to in 2023?
    Paul: Well, I’m going on holiday - I’m definitely looking forward to that! And I’m doing some more recording. I’ve been recording with a couple of people, so I’m looking forward to doing even more. I’ve started working with this producer called Andrew Watt, and he’s very interesting – we’ve had some fun. Beyond that, I don’t have anything massive planned... at the moment!
    (Paul McCartney | News | You Gave Me The Answer: What has been your highlight of 2022? )

    In August 2023, Paul said in an interview with a Brazilian news outlet that "Composing is my hobby. I have some new songs that I'll probably release at some point next year. We'll see!".

    Ronnie Wood, explaining Paul McCartney suggested Andrew Watt as producer for “Hackney Diamonds” – From, October 13, 2023: "I was telling Paul we needed someone to kick us up the ****ing ****, and he said, ‘I’m working with this young boy, he’s got a lot of front. We’re doing some really adventurous tracks together. You try him.’"

    Finally, the upcoming number of the Uncut Magazine with Keith Richards on the cover includes a 2024 album preview headlined by McCartney (Uncut – January 2024 ).

    Let the fun begin!
  2. James McCartney

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    Penny Lane, Spain
  3. paulmccartneyistheman

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    I’ll be more excited for this than any other music release. Macca albums are events for me.
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    It isn’t any different for me:agree:
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  5. tug_of_war

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    Same here!!! :cheers:
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    I really like Andrew Watt's spirit, enthusiasm, and by all accounts, his process. I believe that if Paul is comfortable with Watt we will get a spectacular record. I simply can not wait.
  7. JMichael

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    I hope Woody's word "adventurous" is indeed how Paul described his new work, and that adventurous at times means weird and psychedelic. I hope Paul takes chances. Do we need another grand McCartney piano ballad or acoustic pop ditty? Maybe one token one on the new album, but we have lots of those already, don't we?

    I'd rather an album with a lot of "Deep Deep Feeling"/"Despite Repeated Warnings"/McCartney II energy, personally, and I think an adventurous approach suits his current voice the most as well.
  8. Glenn Christense

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    So.. wait a minute .
    You’re looking forward to this album ?

    I thought your screen name was a clever coverup for your obsessive love of Bobby Vinton’s music . :p ;)
  9. Glenn Christense

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    Paul seldom takes my advice but I’d be up for something like another Electric Arguments.
  10. omikron

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    I just have to front the question. But I was reading a lot on Paul threads and Rolling Stones threads how people couldn't stand the Watt production sound/style and feared that Watt was going to be a detriment to the new Stones album.

    But Hackney Diamonds seems to have vindicated him in the eyes of the Maccarazzi and Stoners alike (on SHMF at least).

    Are there any lingering concerns with Andrew Watt as producer?

    I didn't know his work before so I don't have a position on this topic.
  11. jazon

    jazon A fight between the blue you once knew

    Andrew Watt is really in there with the older rockers. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I'm glad he is getting them motivated to make music but how much is he influencing the music? Anyways, I'm always game for more McCartney.
  12. Duophonic

    Duophonic Beatles

    Rather have London Town, Egg, and Broad Street archive editions :righton:
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  13. gottafeelin

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    I'd second that!
  14. micksmuse

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    san diego
  15. balzac

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    As others have said, if he can write stuff in his range and be willing to go an octave down on stuff (e.g. "get on with the show" from "At the Mercy"), he can perhaps do good songs justice with his voice.

    Or better yet, get more "Archive" sets out, and perhaps piece together a "new" album from 2000s outtakes from back when his voice was giving him less problems.

    "McCartney III" was a step above "Egypt Station", so I'm not closed off to the idea that he can pull something off.

    But again, he has *albums and albums* worth of unreleased material, including *unbooted* material, that would almost surely be far more interesting and also find him in better voice. Not to mention getting better-sounding versions of stuff that has been out there, like Rupert, all the Back to the Egg audio and film/video, etc.

    If he wants "cred" for an "unloved gem" sort of thing, he should also be working on a huge deluxe "Press to Play" set as well.

    And an uncut audio/video set of "Unplugged."

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  16. paulmccartneyistheman

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    You weren’t supposed to tell, what the heck?! You think you can trust people.
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  17. balzac

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    Might be worth trying the "Flowers" and "Flaming Pie" method of multiple producers. Get back with Jeff Lynne for a few, then Watt, and others.
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  18. paulmccartneyistheman

    paulmccartneyistheman Forum Resident

    I hope not, Egypt Station (aside from Fuh You), Memory Almost Full, and Chaos are far more consistent than Flowers, Flaming, and New with the multiple producer approach
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  19. MikeVielhaber

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    Flaming Pie is the most consistent, in quality, of all of those
  20. Apollo C. Vermouth

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    I'm a HUGE fan of Paul and Wings (Just look at my avatar) ... but please don't release another new album. I would rather him just go back into the archives and finally do a COMPLETE!!! Cold Cuts album. From start to finish. His vocals are not near what they used to be and it's time to look back and finish stuff that has literally been on the agenda for about 40 years already. Also, get the Archives finished before more of US pass away. I'd love to finally get to see a archive of Back To The Egg in my lifetime.
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  21. paulmccartneyistheman

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    I highly disagree. Those three albums don’t have any tracks as horrible as Really Love You, If You Wanna and Used To Be Bad IMO
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  22. MHP

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    Well… He made The Stones make their best album in over 40 years…
  23. paulmccartneyistheman

    paulmccartneyistheman Forum Resident

    I am hoping that he can pull the same magic that is Hackney Diamonds out of Macca.
  24. JMichael

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    I do think Paul will make some some kind of album with old outtakes/demos that he updates with new instrumental overdubs and fresh production (while retaining the original vocals and some of the original instrumentation)....Basically what was done with Now and Then, but using his own studio demos....and that is a GREAT idea.

    But, I think he'll do one more all-new solo album (this Watt-produced one) before doing something like that.
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  25. Kiss73

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    I have to applaud him for getting Jagger especially motivated to make a pretty decent Stones album. For me personally its an album much better than we should be receiving from a bunch of old men and significantly better than Bigger Bang. Not better than anything else that proceed it though IMO.

    Is it a great sounding album??

    I LOVED McCartney III so my expectations are I don't expect McCartney will top that one.

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