Paul Simon "Seven Psalms" released May 19 2023 *

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by linklinc1, Aug 20, 2022.

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    Excerpt from.the article linked to below:

    "Sessions are on-going at New York's Reservoir Studios for a new album that's tentatively titled The Seven Psalms, according to Spin magazine. In a conversation with Malcolm Gladwell for the Miracle and Wonder audiobook series, Simon says a dream helped him rediscover his muse."

    Paul Simon Is Apparently Ending His Studio Retirement

    Of all the greats from the 60's & 70's, for me, Paul Simon is the one who's hit the highest heights & maintained both the most consistent, & highest, levels of greatness in the decades since then... most especially...

    80's: "Hearts & Bones" & "Graceland"
    90's: "Rhythm Of The Saints"
    00's: "Surprise"
    10's: "So Beautiful Or So What"

    Any of those are as great as his greatest works from the 60's & 70's ("Bookends", "Bridge Over Troubled Water" & "Paul Simon" being my favorites from those decades).
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  2. kwadguy

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    Well, that retirement didn't last that long.

    Of course, it's good news.
  3. gregorya

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    It would be great if the album is really inspired... I welcome a great album from anybody... :)
  4. A Local Bloke

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    What do most people consider his last fantastic album? Apart from S&G I've got Graceland and You're The One on CD, both of which are very nice (But don't blow me away as much as S&G do). I've also got One Trick Pony on LP but while I love the cover I gave it one play and didn't even get through that. I'll give it another shot tonight I guess.
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  5. linklinc1

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    2011's "So Beautiful Or So What"!!
    2006's "Surprise" is equally as great (my favorite Brian Eno collaboration ever)

    And 2016's "Stranger To Stranger" is nearly as great as those two as well (just not quite as great for me, but still plenty great too)
  6. So Beautiful Or So What
    The first album since Graceland that reaches that exalted standard IMHO.
    Great news Paul rediscovering his muse.
    From the post above I think Surprise is a snoozer and that collaboration was a real disappointment for most of it.Stranger To Stranger is good but not in the same class as So Beautiful.All IMHO of course.
  7. linklinc1

    linklinc1 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I "Rhythm Of The Saints", "Surprise" & "Hearts & Bones" as much as The two masterpieces you named.
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  8. linklinc1

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    Douglas Adam's wrote "The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe" (sequel to "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy") listening exclusively to the "One-Trick Pony" album by Paul Simon.
  9. A Local Bloke

    A Local Bloke Forum President

    I forgot about that but yes, you're right. I've heard the Dire Straits s*x scene bit is about the song Tunnel Of Love specifically.

    So then, which albums of his really don't cut it? I've heard bad stuff about Capeman.
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  10. Bruce M.

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    I'd rate "Stranger to Stranger" very close to his sixties and seventies classics. Parts of it are jaw-droppingly great. I also think "Songs from the Capeman" tends to be criminally underrated. In any case, I'm glad to see he's working on something new.
  11. Lands End Drums

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    Some great stuff on Capeman, have to listen to it in context of its stage origins. Simon is an artist that for me has yet to make a bad album.
  12. linklinc1

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    Absolutely agree about both albums!

    I dig "Stranger To Stranger" only slightly less than "So Beautiful Or So What" & "Surprise". All the albums I didn't list as highest heights he hit, are still not far from those marks. He has made consistently great albums his whole career. His batting average & slugging percentage are both off the charts!

    I aso agree that "Songs From The Capeman" is both a terrific, & a terrifically underrated/overlooked/misunderstood, album.
  13. linklinc1

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    For me... "Wednesday Morning 3 A.M." the Simon & Garfunkel debut is a bit too laden with covers & is just a bit of a lesser effort compared to the rest of the generally brilliant S & G albums.

    "Songs From The Capeman" could arguably be his weakest solo effort, but I think it's still a terrific album & would put it up against most anything any other elder statesman was doing at that time.

    "The Paul Simon Songbook" has better material (more originals, plenty of which ended up on S & G albums later on) but suffers from a bit of the same vibe as "Wednesday Morning 3 A.M."- it's very good but pales a bit in contrast to the heights that would soon be hit...

    I think his career has been consistently great... his lack of clunkers is pretty much as great as it gets career wise...
  14. 905

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    Midwest USA
    Wonderful news.
    I find so much sublime music on So Beautiful or So What, Stranger to Stranger, and In the Blue Light.
  15. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    I thought Simon only retired from touring? I thought continuing to make music and the occasional live performance was always on the cards.

    Great news though.
  16. That is maybe my favorite album by him, has a unique atmosphere and style.
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  17. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    I agree. You're The One is possibly my favourite Simon album, so Suprise was a real come down. It never gelled with me on the same levels as his other albums.
  18. jlf

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    United States
    Wonderful news. I was just thinking it’s been a bit since we’d heard from him. There was going to be a demos set around the time of the farewell tour but that must have been reconsidered. In the Blue Light was a really beautiful sounding record. I’m excited to hear what his next effort will sound like.
  19. musicaner

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    always great to have a new Paul Simon album.
  20. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    That's correct. I had forgotten about that. I always wondered if it was going to develop into something larger along the lines of Joni and Dylan's Archival sets
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  21. Sgt. Abbey Road

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    Wow! I hope he plays an European tour as well;)
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  22. Rockford & Roll

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    This is fantastic news. I get the idea of getting his muse back at whatever age. So Beautiful is an excellent record.
  23. pghmusiclover

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    ...and yet his duet album with Edie remains in limbo...
  24. klaatuhf

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    For me his last true classic was "Graceland". "Rhythm of The Saints" was half decent but a long way away in the song writing quality of "Graceland". Then came "..Capeman" which was horrific from start to finish. "You're The One" had a few good songs but an equal number of duds. After that his quality dropped off dramatically and his last album of original new material "Stranger To Stranger" could have been recorded by any third rate singer-songwriter with some of the songs being utterly laughable (like "Wristband") especially considering who was writing them. So I have no confidence this next album will be any sort of improvement but I hope I'm totally wrong and maybe he has one last "Graceland" in him.
  25. Wildest cat from montana

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    ontario canada
    Give 'Suprise' a spin. I thought it was excellent.

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