Paypal and Ebay dead to me

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Yamahaha, Nov 26, 2019.

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    As a middle age man whose never had a dispute in Paypal in near 20 years (trying to remember, early 2000's I think I signed on)... I wake up to them demanding my drivers license or passport.

    Man alive, I have had it with that nonsense. Ebay and Paypal together has become nothing more than less useful yet demanding entities. Kind of like a friend that never pays, never brings anything to the party yet always gets drunk and starts a fight.

    I dropped Paypal from the sites I own selling retail because 90% of the fraud was from their users. Now they treat me like a bum off the street making demands they have no business making.

    Fortuantely I cleaned my account out the day before. I usually dont leave much and thought "I need to empty that out". Maybe they are mad about that. I dont know but now they wont even let me close the account down, which is illegal, as once notified no merchant or service can store anyones bank or credit information.

    Just my rant for those depending on Paypal as merchants. I've heard lots or horror and now my personal experience has be saying goodbye paypal. You can make demands, but I walk.
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    Interesting. Are you certain it wasn't a personal information gathering to compromise your account security spam email? They've never behaved in this fashion with me and I've been there as long as you have. If they did I would be gone as well.
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    I don't use either but I still get pay-pal emails requesting info. sounds like spam to me.
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    My experience with the OP is a tendency to jump to conclusions. I've asked for details or for him to keep context in mind in previous threads but he's uninterested in either.

    There could be many explanations ranging from complete misinterpretation, to a phishing email, to it being for validation reasons due to a power seller status, and everything else in between. Since this type of info isn't asked of everyone, it's logical to think there is more to the story than what is presented... but I doubt we'll get anything but a rant about eBay or PayPal.
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