PayPal won't let me accept my money?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by InStepWithTheStars, Sep 7, 2019.

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    I posted something similar a while back, but I'm continuing to have trouble with PayPal. I received a payment for a CD I sold on Discogs, and with their new model, it doesn't go into a balance, you need to choose to accept it. I don't think that was necessary, but whatever, if design didn't change, there would be no reason to keep designers employed.

    Well anyway, I click on the payment and it brings me to a screen with three options: "Accept this payment and convert it to $(amount) USD", "Accept this payment in US Dollars and create a balance in this currency", and "Deny this payment". Then at the bottom, after I've selected one of those, I can "Submit" or "Decide Later".

    So I click the first one - it's a US payment in US dollars between two US residents - and it brings me to a new screen (after about 30 seconds of loading). This screen says: "Your money is waiting." with buttons to "Accept", "Deny", "Print shipping label", and "Add tracking info". Underneath all that is the order details.

    So I click "Accept"... and it takes me back to the previous screen. So I try the second option, create a balance in USD. It takes me to the second screen. I click accept. It takes me to the first screen. I try the first option again. It takes me to the second screen. I click accept. It takes me back to the first screen.

    I am unable to accept my money. From my past experience, I know that you need to have a bank linked in order to accept money now, under their new format. The PayPal rep I spoke to before reconnected my old bank (which I did not manually disconnect; it disappeared on its own - and for that matter, addresses that I've deleted multiple keep coming back) and it's gone again. I'm guessing it was just temporary to process that one payment.

    I'm assuming this is why. So I tried reconnecting my bank myself, and every single time, every time I've tried, about four or five times a day for the past week, no matter what time of day it is... every single time, I get this message: "We're sorry. We're not able to process your request right now. Please try again later." Tried this with two different banks, during business hours - nothing. It will not go through.

    Has anybody experienced anything like this, and did you find a workaround? Right now, it looks like I'm going to have to call PayPal, wait about two hours for a rep to become available, and have them process each $10 payment for me on their own. I'd like to, er, be able to do that like I was always able to do on my own.

    Somebody had mentioned before that maybe my account had been compromised - there's nothing fishy on my bank statements and I changed my password twice since that first incident. All of my outgoing payments are fine. I have to wonder if my PayPal account somehow got screwed up in their servers or something - or maybe my account is the guinea pig account where they test unfinished code or something, haha.

    Anyway, anybody experience anything like this?
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    Did you try reaching out to PayPal customer service? They're likely to have answers for you
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    No one outside of PayPal and/or your bank can possibly resolve it for you. There are plenty of factors which may factor in that you're currently unaware of. You implied there was a security breach on your account which may be one of those factors. For all you know, PayPal was made aware of those breaches and removed your account which is now red-flagged which is why you're unable to re-add it.

    Call them. It's a pain and I empathize but it's the only way to resolve this. The only possible alternative I can think of would be for you to add a different account from another bank but you wouldn't be fixing the problem as much as you'd be circumventing it.
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    Thanks. Wanted to know if there was a way to not deal with customer service again - oh well.

    I don't think my account was breached - but someone in that first thread suggested it, so I made sure to re-secure it. What I find more confusing is why my bank was de-linked without my input, as that's now important - yet my address from my old state continues to reappear like a bad penny and redirect packages to 10 hours away! Seems there's a priority screw-up there! :p

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