PDQ Records in Tucson Going Out of Business

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    I found out this weekend that PDQ Records will be going out of business next month. The city has eminent domained the land to expand Grant Road, forcing the store to close its doors. Earlier in the year, the 94 year old original owner, Jack Grossi, passed away. He had reopened the store in 2014 after a deal to sell the store had fallen through.

    There are some interesting records on the wall behind the front counter, but per my visit to the store yesterday, someone has already purchased all of them. There are still some audiophile records behind the same counter, but they are high priced. The records in the bins are forgettable, and the CDs are very picked over. Might be worth a trip, but only if you live nearby.
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    Sad to hear about Jack Grossi.

    Years ago, that was one of my favorite go-to places when I would spend a week in Tucson for Major League exhibition baseball. I might stop by anyway as I like to hit Phoenix/Mesa stores as well as Tucson twice a year. And judging by the look at this snow coming down this morning at my house, I wished I was there right now!:(
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    They were great in the early 90's but got less great as the years went by. A lot of great stuff never hit the floor, eBay action and employee holds for high end customers. Ever shop another store where every album was sealed up? I passed on hundreds of records because of this.
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