Peaky Blinders

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by GodShifter, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. GodShifter

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    Dallas, TX, USA
    Not one thread about this show?

    I watched two seasons and have found it very entertaining (if not a tad predictable). Good performances from Cillian Murphy (who is in almost every scene), Sam Neill, and Paul Anderson (who plays the older brother, Arthur).

    In some ways, it reminds me of "Sons of Anarchy" but has its own spin on things (it's set in Birmingham, England after WWI). Very violent, with lots of action, and a smart script. Season 3 just dropped on Netflix. Recommended.
  2. katstep

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    It is a great show. I've been anxiously awaiting the third season and it doesn't disappoint. Agreed that it's uber violent, so if that's not your cuppa, you should probably pass. It's got a fantastic soundtrack of contemporary music that totally works withing the framework. Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Jack White, and some Radiohead in the new season. Top notch show all around. Recommended.
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  3. GodShifter

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    Dallas, TX, USA
    You know, I think my one criticism of the show would be the soundtrack.

    I LOVE PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, but using songs that are 20 years or older as an original soundtrack leaves me a bit nonplussed. Man, I've heard these songs a 100 times before and they aren't exactly "period" specific. While I applaud the creators for their good taste in music, it's still a bit irritating that little of its original soundtrack was created specifically for the show itself. It's a bit grating honestly.
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  4. babyblue

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    Sounds like what bugged me about the theme for Boardwalk Empire. It didn't fit the series at all. Fortunately it didn't carry over into the rest of the soundtrack.

    I haven't seen Peaky Blinders yet, but it's on my library want list.
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  5. GodShifter

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    Dallas, TX, USA
    Oddly, I liked the Brian Jonestown Massacre opener but thank god it didn't go beyond that into the series itself.

    While I'd admit I hated the music in BE, at least it was authentic or attempted to replicate music of the time. PB doesn't even bother and it bugs me.
  6. Scope J

    Scope J Forum Resident

    The modern music killed it
    for me , just killed it :realmad:
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  7. Chris from Chicago

    Chris from Chicago Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

    I have not been previously aware of this title. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep an eye out for it.
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  8. katstep

    katstep Forum Resident

    This is one of those instances where the modern music in a period piece doesn't bother me, although I can see how it can be an issue for some. I feel like it blends and fits the mood of the story quite well. Different strokes.
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  9. Gibson67

    Gibson67 Life is a Magical Mystery Tour enjoy the ride

    Diss, UK
    As a Brit I'm embarrassed to say this fell under my radar? Too busy watching US shows!!! Just started season 2 and I'm really enjoying it. It must be good because my wife's enjoying it too, and her attention span is pretty short! But I love her
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  10. wolfram

    wolfram Slave to the rhythm

    Berlin, Germany
    Like it a lot and hope S3 finds its way to Netflix Germany soon.

    And Nick Cave's music could never bug me.
  11. GodShifter

    GodShifter Negative Creep® Thread Starter

    Dallas, TX, USA
    The music doesn't bug me; the lack of originality does. I think I made that pretty clear.
  12. Luckless Pedestrian

    Luckless Pedestrian Forum Resident

    New Hampshire, USA
    Just finished season 2, good show! Glad I happened to stumble across it. Netflix seems to spare no expense on series like this; it must have cost a fortune to produce, and it shows - great actors, directors, writing, set design, music, wardrobe, and production.

    The (heavy) modern music set against the authentic early 1900s setting irked me initially; but as the series progresses the producers become more judicious with it's use, and by the end of season one it's very effective in emphasizing the drama of a particular scene. I love how the use of the main theme song is stylized and varied in each episode.

    My criticisms are that Tommy and his adversaries are somewhat one-dimensional; we know that they are all damaged to some extent by their participation in WWI (or lack thereof); but I would have enjoyed more detail on the clan's gypsy background and discrimination (did they fight for the King by choice or coercion?), as well as some deeper background on the motivations of the various ethnic and political groups at play (IRA, communists, red hand, etc). The politics between the various players is alluded to but not explored to any significant depth; compare to the series Vikings for example, which goes into extensive detail on the culture of the Northmen and how it contrasts to western culture (an entire episode is devoted to the exploration of their tradition of human sacrifice), which provides fantastic depth to the motives and impulses of Ragnar Lothbrok (Which is probably why Vikings stretched to something like 6 seasons, while S2 of Peaky Blinders is only 6 episodes long).

    On the other hand there is plenty of action, and the finale's of S1 & S2 have great tension and payoff. Recommended!
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  13. misterbozz

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    Nerima-ku, Tokyo
    After a weaker season 3, good to see things are back on track in season 4. Action packed, unpredictable and pretty barmy - well worth checking out.
  14. Rufus McDufus

    Rufus McDufus Forum Resident

    Twickenham, UK
    I love the very strange universe the show seems to be set in. The machines that puff fire, the grim blackened rows of terraced houses or the huge industrial Birmingham background. It's almost like 1920's steampunk.
    Plus of course the soundtrack which seems to be almost all either Nick Cave or tracks from the late 90's/early 2000's.
    It's utterly absurd but very watchable!
  15. Grunge Master

    Grunge Master 8 Bit Enthusiast

    Just started on season 3. I have to say, one of the things that's interesting (at least to me), is the fact that these guys seem to be very un-likeable. Like in The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire, you learn to like certain characters. With PB, I don't feel the same sort of emotional investment in it. I like the show, it's just that if or when any of them gets killed, it won't be a big deal. Except maybe Polly.
  16. Daryl M

    Daryl M Forum Resident

    London, Ontario
    Have not watched this show, but the fact that the great Tom Hardy appears in season 2 is
    enough to get me to tune in on Netflix.
  17. gary191265

    gary191265 Forum Resident

    Eh? That's exactly what Birmingham would have been like at the end of WW1! Nothing absurd about it at all, just a normal post-industrialisation landscape.

    Parts of Birmingham aren't so different now ;)
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  18. bluesaddict

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    Loveland, Colorado
    I started to watch this show but life got in the way. I'm getting back into it as of late. The modern music took me by surprise and thought it was a little out of place, but after watching a few more shows it started to grow on me. Now it seams to connect with the story line very well. I'm not as far as some of you but from what I've read here I have a good show to catch up on.
  19. We binged the new season 4 on Christmas Day. 6 episodes. Still one if the best dramas ever.

    Like an Irish Godfather and season 4 actually brings us closer to the Italian Mafia with the introduction of Aidrien Brody who does somewhat of a Corleone Brando impression.

    It’s an excellent season and I can see the series continue for years. Like The Godfather saga.

    Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and the entire cast are stunning.
  20. GodShifter

    GodShifter Negative Creep® Thread Starter

    Dallas, TX, USA
    Hardy makes appearances in 3 and 4 as well.
  21. Actually he’s a big part of season 4. No not in every episode but important in the storyline.
  22. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    PJ Harvey soundtrack too modern for the time period. Pity!!!
  23. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Is there any other good Brit drama series, apart from Outlander?
  24. Luther , Taboo countless others.
  25. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    I've just finished S4 episode 2. I've gotta say, Brody's wholesale imitation of Brando/Corleone is damn near laughable to me. I hope I can put that aside for the last 4 episodes.

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