Pet Sematary (2019)

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  1. PaulKTF

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    Why does it look so devoid of color? Does this film take place in The Matrix? :)
  2. Ghostworld

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    I'd be happy to see this movie remade. The first one's budget was bargain basement.
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  3. GentleSenator

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    Portland, OR
    I'm generally pretty anti-remake, but I'm kind of glad to see remakes of some of these King stories. The originals may be scary, but it's pretty much a given that the acting was atrocious and the budgets were pretty low.
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  4. agentalbert

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    The Zelda scenes in the original did creep me out when I saw the original.

    I loved the book. I'd say it, along with "The Shining", were the King novels that most scared me.
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  5. Ghostworld

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    Once again proof of my "Scary Old Crone" theory. :p
  6. VeeDub

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    One of King's zippiest, roller-coaster ride-esque novels; loved it. The movie was terrible. I think it's a tricky one to get right, since the book (for King standards) whips by so quickly, the film easily fell into the usual horror tropes and came off as cartoonish, instead of establishing a true sense of dread. Best of luck on this second try; hope it's good; the book deserves it, so to speak.
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  7. It’s the
    After plus if it worked
    as an author of 7 of those screenplays (2 that got optioned, were going to get made and then put into turnaround) I can vouch for that! It’s “can you make it more like (whatever the latest flavor of the year is)?

    The book made me quite sad. Anything with kids that die is too difficult for me to watch.the film, Fred Gwynn’s aside, was mediocre
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  8. Texastoyz

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    The cat in the original was freakier.
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  9. DigitalBlues

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    I liked the book when I read it as a teenager, and the movie was ok, but I don't think I'm too in to it now. I am reading "Doctor Sleep," the sequel to "The Shining" and its ok as well, but not nearly as fresh and scary as the original.
  10. Ghostworld

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    I had one option offer two years ago and the producers were like "This is fantastic! It's brilliant! We love it! Now can you take our notes and completely rewrite it?" Guys, if you love something so much, why do you want me to tear it apart? So I said I need $7k for rewrite (probably should have asked for more, but that's what Tartan Films paid me for a rewrite years ago) and they balked (natch) and so I walked away. I'm no greenhorn. Agent was pissed. screw it. The first thing they taught us at USC was: there will always be lots of people in Hollywood in love with your work... if you're willing to do it for them for free i.e. DON'T give it away. So I don't You don't say to your ****ing car mechanic, "Nice job, but could you tune the engine and change the tires?" and expect if for free. My time is my time. And I'm not tearing up something I worked on for six months because you paid some 20-year old reader $40 for notes.
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  11. Karnak

    Karnak "81-82-83-84..."

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    I'd see this-just wish it was out next month instead of April.

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