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    Hmm I don't think I'll be happy about a booming boost in the bass as the 2001's to me had plenty of bass. One of the forum members loaded up the 3 new FL to the dynamic range database and some songs have higher DR's and some lower DR's then the 2001 versions. Check out the numbers below. You can then compare them to the 2001's which are also on the DRD.

    Album list - Dynamic Range Database
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    So are we saying original UK CDs of Please, Actually and Introspective aren't the best available due to this pre-emphasis stuff? Typical, one of the few bands for which I have all their output up to, I think, fundamental and it turns out I can better them with a remastered version! I also have, somewhere, a sealed double digipac release of Please with Always On My Mind cd single. Unless my box of records has been lost between moves, which means all my PSB vinyl including the 10" of Love Comes Quickly has gone too.
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    Pre-emphasis is applied on Please only. The other two don‘t have it and all three original CDs sound good. The PE is easily removed by ripping the CD with iTunes to ALAC. You can convert those files easily and losslessly to FLAC if you like this format better.

    I‘m afraid iTunes isn‘t well regarded here but the De-emphasis works flawlessly.
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    Thanks, I never listened to them in any audiophile way, primarily it would have been on cassette in the car, and or on vinyl on a crappy stereo system. I am looking forward to getting the vinyl and listening to it properly after all these years.
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    Unfortunately, my vinyl copy of Actually has to go back to Amazon. The first two tracks sound perfect but after that it's a mess of endless pops and clicks on both sides. I see a few small scratches - likely caused by the inner sleeve - although they don't seem serious enough to cause as much noise as I'm hearing. I'll see how the 2nd copy goes.

    I also got Introspective on vinyl and this one sounds good for the most part. However, like "Actually" there is more surface noise than I'd like but mostly it is only heard in between tracks. I am not as impressed with these two as the previous Pet Shop Boys vinyl reissues I've purchased, all of which were perfect.
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    No that would't make any sense. Pre-emphasis is just a technical system that doesn't affect the sound as long as everything works properly.
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    90's TOCP's do not have it. These have the correct EQ applied. Japan has a habit of doing this. Their 1990 CSCS ELO-Secret Messages as far as I know is the only one re-issued pre-remaster with the EQ applied as well.
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    First issues were done by Optimal Germany. My Introspective has a BOO header- I can't remember the manufacturer for the life of me. Nice warm EQ on this remaster.
    But it's just a re-level of the compressed file.
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    This is all very good in theory, but as you see, pre-emphasis did not last and only struck a few pop and rock titles.

    I must leave here my experience that when I compare a DE-EMPHASIZED CD versus a vinyl rip from the same era, the vinyl wins always.
    It feels that the vinyl masters are going to be always better than the de-emphasized CD. That's my perception.

    I have de-emphasized "Please" with SoX and also with foobar2000 filters. None of the results are superior to the Japan LP pressing. So no matter what you do with the emphasized CD, it will not sound optimal as a very good LP pressing of its era. I don't even like the sound of the record after the emphasis filter is applied. So all this "you need to apply proper EQ" thing, is a bit weird to me. If it's like this (Se a vida é...) LOL then why those vinyls did sound better?

    And as far as I know, Blu-Ray players today that I know of, do not have this capability of applying the EQ filter for emphasis. We might talk about 1995 Sony CD players that cost a fortune in second hand dark obscure places over the net, however... I will prefer the needle drop.

    So that is why I consider pre-emphasis a devil among the CDs. New Order's Low Life is also a very known title to be plagued with this crap, deeming the original LP the BEST source until today.
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    Obviously you generally prefer vinyl to CD, but this has nothing to do with pre-emphasis. Nobody said de-emphasizing a CD would make it sound "vinyl-like".
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    Yes, probably because it's pointless as I said before. But it's not a problem and there should be no reason to "blacklist" it.

    You are entitled to your preference. But whatever the reason for sonic differences between the two recordings, the pre-emphasis can't be it.

    I don't know that, but if what you say is true they shouldn't be considered proper CD players and not pride themselves with the "Compact Disc" logo. Any machine that displays that logo must adhere to red book, and that means it must be capable of properly de-emphasising CDs where applicable.
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    How is this new 2018 remaster Introspective CD compared with 2001 one (in terms of sound)?
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    My head hurts :hide:
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    Sorry Julian, I get carried away sometimes when it comes to SQ and my favorites. Especially when re-buying things. I'll refrain from now on in this thread :cheers:
    Happy these are available again for those who may have missed them first time around. :)
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    No, please dont :). I was trying to make light of myself not being so technically minded as yourself and others on here. One of the things that I like about this forum is that we all bring different points of view on things on here. :D

    And yes its great that these are available again for people who missed them first time around or just wish to acquire them again. :D
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    Can't wait for the next wave, I've wanted Behavior, Very and Bilingual on vinyl for years.

    Still need to pick up the Yes LP, I keep forgetting...
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    Thanks very much to everyone who chimed in with thoughts and recommendations on the PSBs and these reissues.

    Not one to do anything by half, I decided to snap up the full run of reissues as everything I laid ears on via YouTube more than appealed. With the bonus content seeming good value and nobody saying that these issues utterly decimate the albums in question, it seemed the best option.

    One of these days, I'll learn the meaning of the word "restraint." Today is not that day. :D
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    Aaaah to get to discover all that marvellous music...
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  19. Thought I would post this here, what my dream Pet Shop Boys 12" mixes compilation would look like, 1984-1989:

    Disc 1:
    01. West End Girls (Bobby O Mix)
    02. Pet Shop Boys
    03. One More Chance (Bobby O Mix)
    04. Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (Original 12" Version)
    05. West End Girls (Dance Mix)
    06. A Man Could Get Arrested (Alternate 12" Mix)
    07. Love Comes Quickly (Dance Mix)
    08. That's My Impression (Dance Mix)
    09. Suburbia (The Full Horror)
    10. Paninaro (Italian Mix)

    Disc 2:
    01. It's A Sin (Disco Mix)
    02. You Know Where You Went Wrong (12" Rough Mix)
    03. What Have I Done To Deserve This (Disco Mix)
    04. Rent (Extended Mix)
    05. Always On My Mind (Disco Mix)
    06. Heart (Disco Mix)
    07. I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) (Unused 12" Mix) / Bonus Track
    08. Heart (Remix) / Bonus Track

    Disc 3:
    01. Domino Dancing (Disco Mix)
    02. Don Juan (Disco Mix)
    03. Left To My Own Devices (Disco Mix)
    04. It's Alright (Disco Mix)
    05. Domino Dancing (Base Mix) / Bonus Track
    06. It's Alright (10" Extended Dance Mix) / Bonus Track
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    Please don't put words in my mouth.
    CD as a media is always superior.
    If you give [it] a go and compare Depeche Mode - Violator UK CD vs. UK LP. CD wins to me. As far as Pet Shop Boys - Actually and Introspective are concerned - the ones in the late 80's which did not have pre-emphasis, their OOP CDs are perfect.
    And they are superior to this reissue crap, superior to 2001 and to 2018.

    Just go for Further Listening for the bonus CD, if you don't have some tracks already.
    The other day I listened to a needledrop of Rent 12", and boy, this was never pressed onto CD but for sure, "I want a dog" is superior there, than on the Alternative CD.

    What I was trying to say is that, if you find a CD with pre-emphasis, I'd rather get the vinyl - of that era, out of print - than applying a filter on the CD source to fix it, and I'd rather stay with the vinyl than to get the "proper 2001 or 2018" remastered reissue.

    That is what I was talking about. I have no special preference for LPs, although I think those jackets were really really fantastic.
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  21. The good thing about Actually onward is the prevalence of CD singles, tracking down good non-loudness war'd digital versions of Please era mixes isn't nearly as easy.
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    Ordered the CDs of "Please", "Actually and "Introspective" the day before yesterday. Have the 2001s, but I have to hear the new remastering.
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    Yep. You said it. Tracking down this stuff is impossible, if you're not in Toronto, London, or those kind of cities.
  24. portlandjulian

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    Rent was available as a CD single with the same track listing as the vinyl 12" single. I still have it today. :)
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    Did this thread ever confirm if the bonus discs are also remastered, or is it just the main album?

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