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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by antonkk, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. antonkk

    antonkk Senior Member Thread Starter

    Well, we all know Pete is quilty of some serious sonic crimes. Still, he has some good titles out there, like Purple remasters. What do you think are his most listenable achievements and on the other hand his worst (1999 Bowies for me)?
  2. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Funny things about threads like this - one persons sonic delight could be another person's sonic poison!

    I think Mr. Mew does the best job that he can, given restrictions put on him such as master or copies of tapes, bands and record companies requests, time restraints, equipment limitations - you name it!
  3. Claus

    Claus Senior Member

    Well... Deep Purple's Machine Head is awesome on SACD... I also like TYA's Cricklewood Green (better than the Mofi)
  4. jroyen

    jroyen Forum Resident

    New York City
    I'm afraid, I've honestly only ever heard Peter Mew's worst - one too many recordings, in fact. But maybe he was just having a bad day.
  5. John Buchanan

    John Buchanan I'm just a headphone kind of fellow. Stax Sigma

    I don't mind most of Peter Mew's remasters.
    The worst I heard was Aqualung 25th, but the rest of the Jethro Tull series is quite good. He uses NoNoise (or equivalent) sure, and equalises the sound (some bass and treble boost), but he doesn't seem to go in for the maximisation that some others use. I like the Bowie remasters, but I know they sound nothing like vinyl. I feel they sound like I (and probably Peter Mew) would have liked the vinyl to sound - ie more bass, a little more treble. The Ryko Bowies sounded exactly as I didn't want Bowie vinyl to sound - less bass, less treble and lots of midrange.
  6. fjhuerta

    fjhuerta New Member

    MĂ©xico City
    The Queen Crown Jewels, as I said before, sounds clean, crisp, and as lifeless as I couldn't have imagined... I still haven't decided whether I could live with it or not.

    If he could let go of the NoNoise button, he would do some rather decent work.
  7. Captain Groovy

    Captain Groovy Senior Member

    Freedonia, USA
    I've only heard his "Mew"telations of the McCartney discs. And of course, they pale in comparison to Steve's DCCs... that's all I know.
  8. oxenholme

    oxenholme Senile member

    I have many of his EMI "DORIG" digipak 60's CDs. They sounded good for the most part on my elderly bitstream player, but rather less so on the new upsampling machine on which they sound a bit constricted.

    Peter Mew remastered what must surely be jewel in the crown of all EMI releases: Produced By George Martin - 50 Years In Recording. It is a remarkable compilation over 6 discs, each with a different Parlophone label. Among the tracks are a lovely version of Ringo's Theme, a couple of gems from Bernard Cribbens, the original version of Elizabethan Serenade by Ron Goodwin (Monday Night At Home on The BBC Home Service), Bluebell Polka by Jimmy Shand (magic) and TW3 by Millicent Martin (what a voice!). The sound ain't bad - it's a lot better than when I heard it for the first time in the 50's & 60's - just listen to it on a cheap player, forget the fidelity and enjoy the music - it's fab.
  9. Jamie Tate

    Jamie Tate New Member

    I agree. :agree:
  10. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    That's a very good observation! I don't recall any remasters where super compression was used! Or any compression, actually.

    As I don't have too many current remasters done by Mr. Mew, does anyone have any comments on this? Am I right? Or wrong?

    If I am correct, it must be a North American vs. European thing. Interesting....

    And based on unscientific evidence, it appears to me that current remasters sound a lot better than earlier remasters. Like the early Jethro Tull papersleeves vs. the current remasters.

  11. ChrisM

    ChrisM Reclusive Enabler

    SW Ontario, Canada
    I got a Simply Vinyl copy of Man Who Sold the World a couple of weeks back. The notes mention that it was done by Mew (assisted by Nigel Reeve) and then it goes on to mention the 24/96 transfer of the analogue tapes, No-Noise process and then conversion to 16-bit.

    I have an old US Mercury pressing of the album which sounds awful (the one with the cartoon cover) as well as a UK RCA pressing (b&w cover) which I bought around '74/75. I was amazed how muddy and murky the UK version sounded!

    The Simply Vinyl edition has had a huge mask of mud taken away from the sound compared to my old RCA version. I was quit amazed. I doubt that I'll ever have an original "drag cover" pressing to compare it to and I've never owned the Ryko vinyl.

    Any comments on the Ryko LP sound compared to the Simply Vinyl Mew version?

  12. davef

    davef Senior Member

    Vienna, VA
    I hated the Aqualung remaster too, totally unnatural..

    ...but I think he's done some good work over the years (Kevin Ayers, Harvest Festival, Purple SACD, etc)... and his work in 2003 seemed to be getting better...

    ... I'll take his remaster over a Norberg one any day! :p
  13. mcow1

    mcow1 Sommelier Gort

    Orange County, CA
    I agree with Claus on the Ten Years After.
  14. Sgt. Pepper

    Sgt. Pepper Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Peter Mew's worst for me is Beatles One. Talk about EXCESSIVE NoNoise.
  15. badfingerjoe

    badfingerjoe Senior Member

    New Jersey
    The McCartney remasters do it for me..I can't listen to them...if not for some of those exclusive bonus tracks I'd dump the whole set. I also don't care for his recent work on the Hollies. Could it be that the McCartney series was one of his first projects? Although that does'nt explain why the new Hollies projects are so bad...I don't have a problem with the Tull's....

    question for oxenholme...does your copy of the Hollies digipak version of "Butterfly" chop off the first few seconds of "Dear Eloise"(mono mix-track 1)??? Thats the only place I have a mono mix of this..I know it's a Peter Mew master but .......
    Mine is 49971 2 1 1:2 on the inner ring!!!!!

    I want to find a corrected copy..don't know if it's been redone!!!!

    Sorry if this was a slight thread crap......

  16. Paul Curtis

    Paul Curtis Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    Dunno if this'll help, EMI Butterfly digipak suffered from the same fault. (Also, the PQ coding was messed up on the other tracks. Not to mention the godawful NoNoise.) I promptly turned around and sold my copy, so I can't recite the matrix information--sorry!

    Since then, I've picked up an original Parlophone mono LP (which sounds gorgeous), and I use the Sundazed Dear Eloise/King Midas in Reverse CD as my stereo source.

    --Paul Curtis
  17. I have this box (and HA HA, Randy Newman signed the back for me), but i think the sound on it is questionable for the most part. Too much NR, they should just let the '50's mono tapes hiss a little, we'll get thru it.

    Now if the mastering was of the same quality as the packaging, I'd have no complaints.
    My Rolf Harris lp and old Capitol 45's, as well as some Flanders & Swann - and Beyond the Fringe vinyl - all handily beat this boxed set for sound.

    He equed back in some bass on the 'Tug Of War' tracks, that was worth doing.

    I remember on my last visit to the Abbey Road site that Mew was titled as the Sonic Solutions™ specialist. Try and make him give up THAT software.
  18. Ronflugelguy

    Ronflugelguy Resident Trumpet Geek

    Just plain bad!!!! :shake:
  19. John B

    John B Once Blue Gort,<br>now just blue.

    Toronto, Canada
    Ox, this is a wonderful set. The sound is so disappointing because it could be great. I take your advice and listen casually or in the car.
  20. Evan L

    Evan L Beatologist

    I'm usually of the school of thought that if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all.......

    " "

  21. John Carsell

    John Carsell Forum Resident

    Northwest Illinois
    I think he had to let go of the NR on the ELO 30th anniversary deluxe CD's of the first 2 albums, because they had to meet Jeff Lynne's approval, and thank god Jeff isn't into Sonic Solutions.
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  22. bartels76

    bartels76 Forum Hall Of Fame

    His work on the Purple remasters are great.

    Of course I would dump them in a heartbeat if Steve got his hands on the catalog.
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