Phish: What Are You Listening To?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by B-Mike, Jul 27, 2015.

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    WOW!! That's a great story, man! I wish I had heard that SBD even if it's just those 9 songs. It's too bad he missed Wilson. That was also an epic version of that song. Long before the audience sang the intro "Wilson". Only the band sang it.
  2. Lownote30

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    It was a real piano. Just a small piano. It had strings as I was present when one broke and it took forever to change it. It sounded like a cheap upright piano, but that was part of the charm of the way they sounded then. I liked it when he didn't have a Clavinet. Just Hammond and piano.
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    Yeah Brad's Sony dubbing deck was certainly nothing special. There are azimuth issues where it swirls in and out on most anything that sourced through him. I think he was road dogging it and never cleaned what was a pretty crappy deck to begin with. By fall 94 it had a high pitched whine in it that makes his tapes like the the rare partial 11/12/94 SBD all but unlistenable. But his 3/20/92 tape was my absolute favorite thing until August of 93 happened. There are other SBDs that did leak out from that era of course that luckily weren't from him and sound much better.

    Had no idea that Page was playing a small piano in 1992. I walked up to the stage and rested my elbows for the opening Golgi at my first gig , but admit I was locked in on trey and was interested to see how much sustain he was playing with. That baby grand he added in early 1993 commences the beautiful 93/94 era which contains my favorite Rebas, Hoods, Foams, SOAMs etc etc. Trey and Page never had better tone IMO. There is a white light/Baroque purity cleanness that get's me. I encourage everyone to listen to the the most recent 8/26/93 Portland Release , particularly the first set of Reba and Hood from for an example of this.
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    Never 'related' to Phish... but I do have a couple of their CDs, and one live concert CD.

    Guess I'll give them a listen soon again. :)
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    I would have to find it somewhere in my basement to check, but that sounds right about the tape. I am 99% sure it was soundboard (first set only), as all of the tapes I got from my source were boards that he got from someone in the band's camp. I figured all of these probably got into wider circulation, but maybe I'm wrong, as I haven't really kept up with what is out there.
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    PM me if you find that! It was my first show, and I'd love to hear a soundboard recording of some of it!
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    I'll let you know if I do find it. I don't have the technology to dub another cassette, and am not sure how to transfer it to digital, but might be able to find someone with that capacity. That's a great first show. I was at Roseland earlier on that tour, but as I've said earlier on the tour, I made a mistake of missing the hometown Providence show on 3/13 in favor of seeing the Dead at Nassau that night. (I have cassette soundboards of Providence from the same source, I assume those are in circulation, but please correct me if I'm wrong.) '92 is one of my favorite years of Phish, they were getting better and better, but still had that high energy, "machine gun" Trey approach, and the venues were still relatively small. I didn't see anything else that Spring, but caught the Port Chester shows in November and the entire New Year's run, as well as an odd show at Boston Garden on a bill with Michael Penn, the Spin Doctors, and Material Issue, put together by a radio station.
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    Page was playing a "traveling piano" at that point. It was a lot like a Wurlitzer in that the legs screwed into the bottom of it, but the top was longer and had real piano strings inside it. It was definitely a rare instrument. His is the only one I've ever seen to this day!
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    Saw them at the Syracuse Armory and several other places in '92. At the Syracuse show, I could have reached out and grabbed Trey's foot we were so close to the stage. '92 is my favorite year of Phish live shows. Their musicianship was insane around that time, and they took serious risks with their improvisation. They also still played a lot of Gamehendge and other unreleased songs. The reason I went to that first show on 3/20/92 was due to hearing Junta as a young bass player and just being floored by the compositions. No one else was doing that then.
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    Props to @warewolf95 for waking this thread up, great discussions of late! :righton:
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    Ha! Mine, too.
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    As I have posted a few times, my first show was four days later and another one that has been released, 6/22/94 Columbus.
  14. warewolf95

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    Here's a list of every non-album/non-recorded original Phish song I spent 2 hours compiling. I think it's complete but would like you knowledgeable folk to proofread it for me please. :)

    Harry Hood
    The Curtain
    "The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday" album
    Mike's Song
    I Am Hydrogen
    Weekapaug Groove
    Slave to the Traffic Light
    Runaway Jim
    Punch You In the Eye
    Camel Walk
    Gumbo Gumbo
    McGrupp and the Watchful Housemasters
    Suzy Greenberg
    Destiny Unbound
    Buried Alive
    Halley's Comet
    Bittersweet Motel
    Sleeping Monkey
    Strange Design
    Dog Log
    Dogs Stole Things
    Glide II
    Spocks Brain
    Flat Fee
    Tower Jam
    Makisupa Policeman
    Saw It Again
    I Didn't Know
    Yarmouth Road
    The Curtain
    Ha Ha Ha
    Mountains in the Mist
    Burn That Bridge
    Show of Life
    Summer of 89
    You Never Know
    Windy City
    Don't Get Me Wrong
    What Thing's Seem
    Dave's Energy Guide
    The Vibration of Life
    Babylon Baby
    Windora Bug
    TV Theme
    Dickie Scotland
    No Dogs Allowed
    The Chase
    Who Do?
    Bundle of Joy
    Sleep Again
    Say Something
    Spread It Round
    I Don't Care
    Roll Like a CAnteloupe
    Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars
    Fog That Surrounds
    Acoustic Army
    My PRoblem
    Fire up the Ganja
    The Practical Song
    Prep School Hippie
    Skippy the Wondermouse
    In a Hole
    Dr. Gabel
    Waking Up
    Rock a William
    Mr. Completely
    Free World
    Setting Sail
    Black Eyed Katy
    The Asse Festival
    Buffalo Bill
    Bye Bye Foot
    Dear Mrs Reagan
    Nowhere Fast
    I've Turned Bad
    Jennifer Dances
    Amidst the Peals of LAughter
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    If you want to send it across the bay, I can make a low quality MP3 from it.
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    Hosemasters don’t want to inhale NO2.

    Reminds me of a poem:
    Henry was a chemist
    But Henry ain’t no more
    What Henry thought was H2O
    Was H2SO4
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    Will keep that in mind, thanks!
  18. lucan_g

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    That’s a complicated list. Some of those are on Trey solo albums... e.g. Drifting, Snow, Architect... some are studio recorded and released on non-American releases... e.g. Mountains in Mist on Japanese Farmhouse.

    Phish’s catalogue is complicated...I can’t begin to untangle it all...
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    A few of those were recorded in a studio (AFAIK) in, I think, 1990 and are on a boot called The Wendell Sessions which I have on my iPhone - but I don't know the story - studio rehearsals? I'm sure someone can enlighten you/me...

    Suzy Greenberg, Harry Hood, Strange Design, for example.

    I'm sure there's a studio version (again - rehearsal?) of The Curtain on something.

    Mr Completely was on one of Trey's solo albums originally.
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  20. Crispy Rob

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    Some of those are also songs later reworked (e.g., the Fog That Surrounds became Taste), or that became parts of larger songs (e.g., The Asse Festival was incorporated into Guelah Papyrus, Bundle of Joy became part of Fluff's Travels, etc.).
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    Damn, I have a lot of work to do. I don't really have any Phish shows post-90's other than ones I went to over the last 3 years, so if any of these debuted between 2003 and 2014 I probably missed them completely.
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    Great points. :)

    Yea, I know some stuff was recorded and left off albums/incorporated into other things.

    I guess I'm really asking, is my list of songs not released officially correct/missing anything?

  23. lucan_g

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    Also missing newer songs like “Ass Handed”... and old songs like **** Your Face.

    I’m telling you...Phish is a hugely complex beast.
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  24. Crispy Rob

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    **** Your Face was on the White Tape.
  25. Cassius

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    That Roseland 3/14/92 Hood is tasty AF. A big treat for folks to check out what the old style playing was like. My favorite intro to Hood with extended Dub style led by Mike. Even better there's a sick DSBD that captures every nuance. A nice Good Times with Popper was my go to filler to put on tapes for ages in that era.
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