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    Hello Audiophiles,

    Below is a link to my current Ebay needle listings:

    Items for sale by phxneedles | eBay

    I will be adding more models in the near future. Newly added models will be from EVG, JICO, Pfanstiehl and Tonar.

    I have more models than are listed on eBay. All are new, never opened. A few examples are:
    JICO N3D in EVG PM3118D - JP package,
    Various brands of repackaged VN35E with 'Special Tracking' on the stylus grip,
    VN15E Shibata made in Japan.
    I will add more models to this list at a later date.

    The EVG brand will offer two new conical tipped models in February 2020:
    PM3136D - Conical version (0.7 mil) of the PM3136DE which is for the Shure M91 series cartridge,
    PM3155D - Conical version (0.7 mil) of the PM3155DE which is for the Shure M95 series cartridge.

    Please contact me if you would like to reserve one or more of either or both new conical tipped models. I will update this with any additions to the new conical tipped model list should any more be planned.

    I can have any EVG current stylus model shipped directly to you from the Russell Industries(parent company for the EVG brand) warehouse. Shipments are limited to the United States. Payment is convenient via PayPal. Please contact me to check model availability and current price. Prices for EVG and Pfanstiehl needles increase mid January 2020. Model list is available by request.

    Thank you for looking !


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