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Pink Floyd Animals in 5.1

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rontoon, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Hummus

    Hummus Well-Known Member

    Tampa, FL
    Has anyone listened to the bootleg DVD-Audio 5.1 Animals release?

    1977 Pink Floyd - Animals (DVD-Audio)
    • mastered from 8-track Quadro tapes
    • contains the Q8- and SQ version and different versions of "Pigs On The Wing", also the one with Snowy White

    The DVD has a 6-channel MLP mix in 24-bit 96Khz.

    Hunting around, it looks like a very well done up-mix and could be this release:


    This needs some explanation: Most people (and the Pink Floyd fans too)
    know just the common Animals version (LP, CD …) but there were
    Q8 versions (in stereo!) too. The hardcore-collectors know about the difference.
    On the Q8 tapes the two parts of “Pigs On The Wing” are bridged by a
    special guitar solo for continuous run of the Q8 tape. The solo itself was played
    by Snowy White instead of Gilmour!!
    As far as I know this version was never upmixed properly.
    So you will get here:

    • ANIMALS with full separation quadraphonic sound.
    • ANIMALS as an imaginary Q8-tape quadraphonic version (with Snowy White bridge solo in between “Pigs On The Wing”).
    • ANIMALS as an imaginary SQ-LP quadraphonic version (with the normal track sequence and without the solo)
    • ANIMALS bonus feature with all 3 quadraphonic bridge solo versions of
      • “Pigs On The Wing” – upmixed from
      • UK-Q8 tape
      • US-Q8 tape
      • Snowy White’s Gold Top CD.
    • ANIMALS as a quadraphonic DVD-Audio with full 3-page menu and cover pictures.
    The stereo sources were sliced to 6 mono channels with Plogue.
    Then all of the channel’s mono waves were carefully remastered separately
    ‘cause the original remaster CD sources were over-compressed.
    The source was the Japan Cardsleeve Remaster CD.
    The bridge solo in the first mix is sourced from Snowy White’s Gold Top CD.
    In the first moments this DVD-Audio sounds like a mono version – so be patient
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  2. kouzie

    kouzie Forum Resident

    Batavia, IL
    I don't recall seeing this before. Any idea if it's new? I've got an upmix (the BWHI mix), but it doesn't look like this is the same one.
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  3. Hummus

    Hummus Well-Known Member

    Tampa, FL
  4. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Highland Park, USA
    AFAIK, that Quad 8 track was advertised but never produced/released.
  5. mando_dan

    mando_dan Forum Resident

    Beverly, MA
    >>> This may be best thing we'll get for now (or possibly ever.) If I had a surround setup I'd definitely give it a listen.
  6. Kristofa

    Kristofa Car Scratch Melt Repeat

    Eugene, Oregon
    I haven’t heard this, but I sure would like to. I tried searching for it but can’t find a way to access it.
  7. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy Socially distant and unstuck in time

    So it has been established that there never was an official release of Animals in 4.0 Quad in the day. Was it in fact ever mixed in 4.0 but not released? Or are all of the unofficial versions really just upmixes from the stereo?
  8. Pink Floyd did create Quadrophonic Sound Effects Tapes for the 1977 shows, pretty sure they did not do a quad mix of Animals.

    The quad mixes for earlier albums/tracks were all done at Abbey Road, not sure if a quad mix was attempted at Britannia Row.

    James Guthrie has produced/is producing 5.1 mixes of Animals/The Wall that have yet to be released.

    Quadrophonic Sound Effects Tapes for In The Flesh
    Set One
    Sheep (opening sheep sounds and the quad panned sermon voices)
    Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) (wind effects)
    Dogs (quad barking and the backing surround keyboard part for the solo section)
    Pigs On The Wing (Part 2) (birds in the back)
    Pigs (quad grunting)
    Set Two
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1 - 5) (wine glasses intro)
    Welcome To The Machine (the quad panned throbbing synth backing track)
    Have A Cigar (the ‘reduced to AM radio’ event that sweeps across the venue)
    Wish You Were Here (the opening radio bit and wind effects)
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6 - 9) (wind effects and the wine glasses outros)
    Money (cash register sound effects)

    AFAIK The only Quadrophonic version of the Animals tracks is on a live bootleg called Best Of 1977 North American Tour.

    Extract about Quadrophonic Sound from Wikipedia.

    Live concerts
    Azimuth Co-ordinator used by Pink Floyd, made by Bernard Speight (of Abbey Road Studios), 1969 (Victoria & Albert Museum, London)

    In 1967 the rock group Pink Floyd performed the first-ever surround-sound rock concert at “Games for May”, a lavish affair at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, where the band debuted its custom-made quadraphonic speaker system.[22] The control device they had made, the Azimuth Co-ordinator, is now displayed at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, as part of their Theatre Collections gallery.[23]

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