Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother 7.5 IPS REEL!!!!

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    Right here:

    オープンリールミュージックテープ /ピンク・フ... - ヤフオク!

    Two days to go on the auction and it's only at around US$650 at the moment, so someone could get a great deal!!!

    OK, the box is a little...looks like it's been in dank, wet, humid Japanese warehouse or shed for a few decades. But the reel is still in its bag!!! The seller doesn't have a rtr deck and won't accept any correspondence on it nor will the seller entertain any complaints about the item afterwards, but it's a 7.5 IPS reel of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother!!! I mean everything about it -- the patina, it's Atom Heart Mother, and it even has the first owner's purchase date punched into a strip of embossing tape stuck to the box: "S48.8.23" = 1973/August 23.

    Talk about pride of ownership. I'll bet the lucky winner will relish the smell. Man I miss being back in the US where I could hit the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul stores every weekend. That smell. Every one of 'em has it. You can't fake the smell of authenticity.

    Oh...damn! No international sales.
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