Pink Floyd new song - “Hey Hey Rise Up”*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Alan Driscoll, Apr 7, 2022.

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    Despite wishing the reverse to be true, generally it is not the opinions but the hostile way they are framed that get people "in trouble" online.
    You see, calling other forum users names like, "whiny poster" or questioning their maturity by claiming that they went, "crying to daddy" is unproductive at best, and menacing at worst. It doesn't further your potential "controversial" viewpoints, it just makes other users feel that they are being attacked. As soon as someone goes ad hominem I tune out, and rarely ever gain enough respect for them to ever take what they have to say on any topic seriously. Ad hominem attacks, immediately disqualifies the user - in my eyes. And yes, if I was the recipient of an name calling attack, I would report it to the gorts. I have not, do not, and will not engage in name calling.
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    Any insults or name-calling that occurred within the context of this event was initiated by others in my direction, I assure you. The only difference is that I didn’t play tattletale and make an issue out of it. I just threw my own punches back and then got labeled a trouble maker in response. So it goes. The squeaky wheel… as it were.
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  3. Yeah. Not whiny at all.:laugh:
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    :shh: it's gotten quiet here.......

    the video just went over 9 million views on youtube .... I've no idea how awesome that is by youtube standards.

    Encourage everyone to buy the download.
    just checking: is there really only the mp3 ?

    Really curious how much money this song project has actually generated for Ukraine aid.

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    Nope, it's also available in CD quality and hi-res.
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    I find it interesting that people (likely outside the UK) only get to know Nitin through his work with mainstream artists.

    I'll count myself among the ignorant until I joined the club during the Sting-Desert Rose years. His song with Macca just sealed the deal.
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    Still the same awful text design for the band name, I guess someone must have actually approved it
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    Nice little interview with David (ignore the clickbait title)
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    I feel like I've seen the same Wall rip-off font on Italian bootlegs from the early '90s of the '87-'89 tour :tsk:
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    I trawled through Discogs after your post and found at least one that corroborates your theory:
    Now I wonder where that font originated.

    EDIT: Well it was simpler than I thought. It's from the movie poster / cover for the Wall film:
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    ^ Yes... but that is not a font, it's Gerald Scarfe's hand writing. Looks like they stretched it horizontally for the new single art — hence why it and all the merch looks so naff
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    They used it on tour shirts in 87
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    To me Pink Floyd isn't Pink Floyd without Bob Klose. I haven't bought any Floyd albums since 1965.
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    Actually, that's not entirely true. David Gilmour and Nick Mason together own the rights to the Pink Floyd name.

    This song takes some getting used to. The first time I heard Hey, Hey, Rise Up! the singing - being in Ukrainian - made the song sound a bit strange. But Andriy Khlyvnyuk's vocals have grown on me immensely since then. And Gilmour's guitar solo is sublime, as always. The only thing wrong with the song is that it isn't released on physical format.
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    Pink Floyd

    1 min

    Pink Floyd are releasing Hey Hey Rise Up with a newly reworked A Great Day For Freedom on 7" & CD single, 15 July (Japan: 3 Aug; US/Canada/Australia/Mexico: 21 Aug) in support of the people of Ukraine. April's digital release reached #1 in 27 countries.

    The single, which was initially released digitally in April in support of the people of Ukraine and was #1 in 27 countries, will be available on 7” and CD single. Both formats will also feature a newly reworked version of ‘A Great Day For Freedom’ taken from the band’s 1994 album, The Division Bell.

    For this limited edition release, David Gilmour revisited The Division Bell track ‘A Great Day For Freedom’. He has reworked the song using the original tapes which feature Nick Mason on drums and Richard Wright on keyboards, along with backing vocals from Sam Brown, Claudia Fontaine and Durga McBroom. The music for this song was composed by David Gilmour with lyrics by Polly Samson and David Gilmour.

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    Well!!! That sounds good. I prefer physical product.
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    Now THAT is what I was waiting for.
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    Oh oh. I see a cancellation coming….
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    "A great day for freedom" ? David Gilmour should've revisited "The dogs of war" instead!
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