Pink Floyd - PULSE rereleased on vinyl - official

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mestreech, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    I know the original recording gives the blurb 'Analog Recording' but with Q sound present was this process incorporated in the digital realm?. Some are claiming the old vinyl is full analog. But I'm not so sure with it being mixed with Q.
    I'm just curious, not trying to pick a debate :laugh:
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  2. PMC7027

    PMC7027 Forum Hall Of Fame

    I ordered Pulse and The Who Live at the Fillmore East in March from SSD. I've sent 2 e-mails to their customer service address, one as recently as last week, and have not gotten a reply. I'm very discouraged. SSD has always been my number one mail order record dealer.
  3. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    3 months ?!?!? :faint:
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  4. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    No it wasnt released until May...but that is still really long.
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  5. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    Yea with gilmour pompeii i also sent 2 messages with no reply. Seems they dont reply anymore.
    However this pulse set is taking even longer to get than pompeii. sigh
  6. vinylbeat

    vinylbeat Forum Resident

    Got a set coming from Amazon for $80.45 after $5.00 Prime Music credit applied and tax. Should have it Tuesday. June seems to be "box set" month. Thankfully I'm getting some great deals ordering from Amazon. I hope the Stones and Buffalo Springfield sets get to me at the low pre-ordered prices as well!
  7. filson9

    filson9 Well-Known Member

    My box set just arrived. One thing I noticed that is different from the 95 version is that de booklet is a bit thinner. Probably the quality of the paper used.
  8. filson9

    filson9 Well-Known Member

    Also, the box itself is reasonably thinner, and the discs seem a bit lighter. Think the original version was 200g instead of 180.
  9. Bigdz68

    Bigdz68 Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
    They seem to take forever for email but andwer the phone rather
  10. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    Take heart. My Pulse box finally arrived from SSD yesterday and I’m currently spinning it. They actually do eventually come through. Should be soon for you too. So far it seems to be well worth the wait. They did their usual nice packing job and got the set here without any damage.

    It’s nicely pressed with very good sound quality. The only criticism so far from me is the lack of poly lined sleeves. This is not uncommon with sets like this but it drives me nuts. Why not take one more small step to insure delivery of vinyl as pristine as possible? Luckily, it seems no harm was done. This is one of the more impressive releases from this series IMO.
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  11. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    Been reading through the thread tons of information but ultimately is this a big enough upgrade over the first issue cd set to spend $80 on ?
  12. MedozK

    MedozK Forum Resident

    Murfreesboro, TN
    In regards to SSD pre-order. I ordered mine on 4/21/18, taking advantage of the 25% off. After waiting and waiting I emailed them, after a couple back and forth emails I requested that they upgrade my shipping from the normally free Media Mail to Priority... they agreed and upgraded my shipping. I received it the a few day and ago, they package very well, just take FOREVER with shipping.
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  13. Dylan Terhune

    Dylan Terhune Well-Known Member

    Amazon has it for $80. Ordered 6/7 and arrived today (Sunday no less) packaging was comparable to SSD. double boxed and sealed with extra cardboard.
  14. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    I’m happy with what they finally got shipped to me as well. I always liked their commitment to vinyl and the care in packing but heaven forbid I had a return issue with them now. I’m reading between the lines here but I’m guessing we won’t have SSD to kick around much longer.
  15. vinylbeat

    vinylbeat Forum Resident

    Got mine from Amazon today. Arrived in perfect shape, but was not double boxed or any extra cardboard. The box set was placed inside a decent snug fitted mailer/box that had additional side flaps and was delivered by UPS. Sure hope my Stones box set arrives safely and in the same shape.
  16. PsychedelicMike

    PsychedelicMike Well-Known Member

    Ordered a month ago. Still waiting on SSD.
  17. rynopinn

    rynopinn Well-Known Member

    Wilson, NC
    I preorderd the Simon & Garfunkel MSFL Ultra in Jan which still hasn't shipped. Of course SSD charges you immediately. I finally cancelled the order a few weeks ago. As always, it took 2 calls to get my refund. Once to cancel the order, then a week later to tell them I still had not been refunded. They of course immediately refund me the 2nd time. This has happend 2 different times wih them. I will never order from them again. I will stick with CC Music or Amazon. I hope your record ships soon.
  18. DBMartin

    DBMartin Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Just got my replacement set of Pulse (my previous copy had some pressings issues), and boy does it sound great! I already liked the CD and DVD and I appreciated the differences in song order/setlist and performances, but I'd argue that the sonic upgrade you get with this new vinyl set really sets it apart from the CD release too.
  19. marcb

    marcb Senior Member

    DC area
    Q sound is built into the mix. Short of a remix, you can’t remove it.

    But I think you’re overthinking things. I mean if Gilmour used some digital effects pedals - and thus his guitar at times wasn’t all analog - would that too mean the old vinyl wasn’t full analog?
  20. Bruce Burgess

    Bruce Burgess Forum Resident

    Hamilton, Canada
    I got mine Tuesday from What a great sounding box set! Very quiet vinyl.
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  21. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    I can't bring myself to put it in the big outer bag, and set it beside the other boxes yet. Just too good and too soon for that.
    Funny, first I bought the DVDs years ago, then the CDs, and now the vinyl.
    Pulse is just a great set.
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  22. DBMartin

    DBMartin Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    I hear you, just got my replacement set and those four heavenly beautiful records have been in almost constant rotation for the past 12 hours...
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  23. razorball

    razorball Forum Resident

    Yah i ordered it on may 32th. Now it got delayed. Hope it wont be warped. Oh well. Should be there by august 28th. Sounds well.
  24. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    A little part of me always feels guilty. Shouldn't I be missing Roger ? Yet, I don't. :shrug: Not bashing either, it's just the performances of all that participated in Pulse do such an outstanding job.

    This is what came over me years ago, when the DVDs arrived. I kept playing them, over, and over, and over. :hugs:
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  25. DBMartin

    DBMartin Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    I had similarly mixed feelings when I first watched the DVD, especially when Gilmour sang Waters' parts. But then I watched it so many times that I've now come to prefer Dave's lead vocals over Waters' on songs like Shine On and Brain Damage/Eclipse :hide:
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