Pink Floyd RSD 2018 (mono Piper)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rontoon, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. n.phelge

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    They haven't released the 1965 EP or Interstellar Overdrive single other than as an RSD limited edition. I understand there is a larger audience for mono Piper, though.
  2. DrewMeyer

    DrewMeyer Forum Resident

    On top of that it is still easy to find the IO vinyl for less then new price. The 1965 7” ep on the other hand
  3. marcb

    marcb Senior Member

    DC area

    And no doubt for the very reason you’re asking.
  4. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Par for the course, really. When the Beatles Mono Box was announced we must have had a dozen threads about it before it was anywhere near released.
  5. Chris M

    Chris M Senior Member

    Baton Rouge, LA
    Unfortunately, almost every contribition David Gilmour made to Syd Barrett's solo albums (as well as his posthumous releases) has been a disaster.

    Inexperienced, incompetent production from people who, let's say, did not always have Syd's best interest in mind.

    Syd Is not without blame, to allow his "friends" to take over for Malcolm Jones, friends that had zero production experience, zero time to devote to the project, friends that staged a bloody coup to fire and replace him from his band was insane.
  6. marigoldilemma

    marigoldilemma Forum Resident

    Perhaps #rontoon has his advance copy, or knows when he will get it?
  7. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    And yet, here we all are still talking about him ... funny, that
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  8. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Chicago, USA
    I don't even remember when RSD is. And I never said that I was getting an advanced copy.
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  9. The Ole' Rocker

    The Ole' Rocker Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    On April 21st just to let you know. Hope you snag a copy!
  10. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Chicago, USA
    I'm getting a couple of copies!
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  11. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    Play em both at once and you’ll have stereo!
  12. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Forum Resident

    Salem, MA
    Can you leave the second copy for someone else who may want it at normal retail?


    - The Gods of "What Goes Around, Comes Around"
  13. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Chicago, USA
    When life rarely throws me an advantage I take it.
  14. baconbadge

    baconbadge Chooglin’

    Queens, NY
    UK Nice Pair definitely sounds better. I had both and sold the US. Plus, the alternate lesser version of Astronomy Domine on the US makes it a no brainer for me.
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  15. plynthe

    plynthe Forum Resident

    **** this ********
    The whole point of RSD was to limit the releases. There's been lots of RSD First creep over the years.
  16. timnor

    timnor Forum Resident

    Have I understood correctly that this is not AAA and will probably be available after RSD with a different jacket ? I prefer the original - why mess with such a classic ?
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  17. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    Didn't gilmour say that syd didn't even want to record the 2nd album? that gilmour had to battle to get it out of him?
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  18. Nightswimmer

    Nightswimmer Forum Resident

    I think that this is a very one-sided interpretation of the events.

    Howw do you deal with a bandmember that is clearly not functioning? In the late 60s drug addiction and its psychological effects were hardly common knowledge. These were young men who dealt with a very difficult situation, but it is very hard to see how they would be able to continue with Syd Barrett. To describe this very drawn-out, obviously painful process as a "bloody coup" is rather stunning, especially when it comes from someone who knows the history of the band so well.

    As for the solo recordings. It is very possible that without Gilmour and/or Waters we would not have any solo material by Syd at all. Even though the recordings were rushed, they were also done in very difficult cirumstances. It would not be unusual if this frustrated Gilmour, but then again how do you deal with someone who is in such a bad mental stage. It is not that Barrett functioned better with other musicians, right?
  19. The Ole' Rocker

    The Ole' Rocker Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    ...Oh, god. I can imagine a duophonic mix, or an extremely phased mix. Either how, that would be some sort of experience, and I mean a horrible one.
    No. The original jacket design from 1967 is preserved on the record, but another package design houses the record with its poster.
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  20. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Forum Resident

    Salem, MA
    Karma, baby, karma.
  21. Deek57

    Deek57 Forum Resident

    It's none of my business, but it's none of yours either. Besides, how do you know Ron isn't buying one for a friend. Remember the days when you'd get in line for a gig and buy ticket for a friend because they couldn't join the queue for some reason, same thing really..
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  22. WonkyWilly

    WonkyWilly Forum Resident

    Paradise, PA
    To imply that Syd was "not functioning" is short-sighted, as well as blaming what happened on "drug addiction". The members of Floyd were equally to blame for Syd's withdrawl as was his own desires and indulgences. There was good reason that he was writing songs like "Vegetable Man" and pulling things like the "Have You Got It Yet?" incident. It's easy for people to blame it on him being "crazy" but I'm sure there is a lot more to it than that.
  23. AZRunner

    AZRunner Forum Resident

    Tampa, FL
    I doubt it because it is listed as an exclusive, rather than a first release.
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  24. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Chicago, USA
    I probably will end up giving one away as a gift. Karma adjustment. One thing for sure is that I won't be selling it for a profit.
  25. Gill-man

    Gill-man Forum Resident

    Hopefully the store you goes to limits it to one copy per person like mine does.
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