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Pink Floyd The Early Years 1965-1972 -Anticip/ation

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rontoon, Jul 25, 2016.

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  1. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Highland Park, USA
    My friend dug up this image from the official Pink Floyd website just before it was pulled. Image is pretty small so let's speculate on the content. : )

  2. amonjamesduul

    amonjamesduul Forum Resident

    From what I see ,45 singles replicas but most of the other stuff is hard to tell.If that row in the back is a case for each disc a whole bunch of stuff could be in this(hoping).If videos are included it could be a lot of what we have seen already.
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  3. Interesting this (supposedly) covers all the way up to '72.
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  4. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    Will those elusive singles ever finally get a re-release (or a release at all on CD?)
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  5. Vinyl Addict

    Vinyl Addict Forum Resident

    Do want...
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  6. Alofter

    Alofter Nowhere Man

    Marshall Michigan
    Take up thy wallet and spend is what I see in this pic:agree:
    Singles, concert reproduction posters, hopefully CDs and DVDs. Handbills and postcards, no marbles? (FIRST) ....
  7. Scott in DC

    Scott in DC Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    This is by far my favorite period of Pink Floyd.

  8. Tristero

    Tristero Touching from a distance

    Whoa, is this legit? I wasn't expecting this set to go all the way up to 1972. Personally, I'd definitely prefer if they did the CD and vinyl releases separately. I also wonder if this new set will focus mainly on studio recordings or will it include a mix of both studio and live? I will be watching these developments with great interest.

    Do we really need another thread for this or can it be rolled into the other one?
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  9. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Highland Park, USA
    It's from the official website so.... YEAH!!!
  10. pscreed

    pscreed Upstanding Member

    Wow. If this is real it's an automatic buy. That would be tremendous. Even if it doesn't include ant marbles (2nd :)
  11. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    Glad that there is palpable movement at last. But this feels like a bloated way of giving us the Syd material. I'd rather have a Syd era set. There must be many who like me have no interest in the post Syd work, even the up until '72 period. I'd rather wait for a succinct 2 or 3 CD shelf-friendly Syd Years set.
  12. Finchingfield

    Finchingfield Forum Resident

    Henrico, Va
    I'd prefer early Syd, during Syd, and just after Syd, rather than 1972...
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  13. GroovingPict

    GroovingPict New Member

    Right, so, what can we make out here.

    The easy stuff first: Obviously all the first singles: Arnold Layne, See Emily Play, Apples & Oranges, It Would Be So Nice, Point Me At The Sky (the two latter originally released without picture sleeve in the UK, which is why they are showed with a Columbia company sleeve here as well).

    There is also the poster which was recently posted on Pink Floyd's facebook page. And the The Man & Journey 1969 tour programme, but it looks like a miniature version, so it's possible it's just a postcard sized photo of its front cover.

    There is also the Rainbow Theatre programme from February 1972, but again in miniature it would seem, as well as the 1972 "Eclipse - A Piece For Assorted Lunatics" programme which was used for the first US tour in 1972 (for those not in the know: they performed their new set in 1972 first as "Dark Side Of The Moon", then when they travelled to the US for the first time in 1972 they changed the title to "Eclipse", a title they kept when they returned for more European dates, but then changed it back to Dark Side Of The Moon when they visited the US for the second time in 1972). There seem to be a couple more programmes there, as well as another poster, but I dont recognise them from the low res image. And there is a bunch more stuff towards the right of the image that I dont recognise as well.

    What will also most likely be there: well, since it's 1965-1972, most likely the 1965 stuff released last year. Also probably unreleased 1966 recordings, as well as the unreleased Scream Thy Last Scream / Vegetable Man single (theyre gonna either release it with this box or be forced to release it next year anyway, so they might as well include it now, despite having vehemently resisted its release on any sort of compilation for 50 years now).

    Anyone else recognise more stuff that I didnt?
  14. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Highland Park, USA
    Dude you have amazing eyes! Thanks for the info!!! I'm hoping for some live material as well and some of the BBC appearances. I'm pretty sure that this will fill in all the gaps for the Syd era so hopefully this will please fans of the Syd era as well. Aside from the 1977 tour this is my favorite era of the band, by far.

    This is REAL and official. I found it on pinkfloyd.com by going to that URL, inspecting the HTML and searching for the file. I found it, downloaded it and continued to look for other images. It appears that they caught on to the "hack" a few minutes later and removed it.
  15. Kristofa

    Kristofa Car Scratch Melt Repeat

    Eugene, Oregon
    Yes, the year span is peculiar. I imagine it would make more financial sense to release two box sets: one that is just the Syd-era stuff then one for the rest up through'72. Then we could get another through '79 and yet another through the present. I would buy all four sets if it was comprehensive and included video. Sans marbles, stickers, etc.
  16. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist Thread Starter

    Highland Park, USA
    I also see a replica of the Sevilla poster, the image that was previously teasing us on their website. All the repros are nice, a lot better than scarfs and marbles, but it will all come down to the content.
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  17. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

    I think this set makes sense in that it may sell to people who would not be interested in one or the other periods alone. I wonder how big the market would be for a Syd only era box. Throw in an early DSOTM take and the appeal widens.
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  18. GroovingPict

    GroovingPict New Member

    My speculation: No, theyre not gonna do more similar boxes like this. I think the only reason for making this box release is to get all those unreleased recordings out of the way in one release. There is the "use it or lose it" copyright clause which apparently means that if you dont release something within 50 years, then it falls into the public domain. This is why the 1965 stuff was hurriedly, and quietly, released last year. So now theyre doing the rest in one release rather than doing the unreleased 1966 recordings this year, the unreleased 1967 recordings next year and so on. So why 1972? Well, all the previously unreleased stuff after that has pretty much now already been released anyway, in Immersion box sets and so on.

    Or maybe they figure right before Dark Side is a natural cut off (although 1972 actually includes early incarnations of Dark Side, but nevermind) and that they will wait until 2023 gets closer to do more, if there is more.
  19. fallbreaks

    fallbreaks Forum Resident

    The PF guys have been so concerned with the quality of their releases, it makes sense that they'd dump the outtakes and live material that fans have been clamoring for into a giant expensive set that only major fans will buy.
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  20. GroovingPict

    GroovingPict New Member

    I think you mean Saville ;)
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  21. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Time to open up the Vault- live recordings from 1970 and 1971.
  22. smoke

    smoke Forum Resident

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of casual fans out there with tons of money, and lots of dedicated fans with little money.
  23. Hattipper

    Hattipper Forum Resident

    Sarver, PA
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  24. CybrKhatru

    CybrKhatru Music is life.

    Los Angeles
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  25. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne Peace Be With You.

    West Coast
    Can't wait. Christmas?
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