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Pink Floyd - The Early Years 1965-1972 Box Set - Realiz/ation (Content, tracks, etc. ONLY!)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stereoptic, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. lol. Just found an error in the booklet:
    "A WINTER'S DAY ON WEST WITTERING BEACH, where later they shot a promo film for the band's first single 'Arnold Layne', 1965."
  2. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    AFAIK, it's just Syd, singing a bit differently.
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  3. Sytze

    Sytze Forum Resident

    Do we know where 'Walk with me Sydney' is from? I've always thought it wasn't part of the demo. Or is it? Was it recorded before or after? And is Rado Klose on that one as well?
  4. bonjo

    bonjo Forum Resident

    Not sure why you think it's an error.

    It says the picture is from 1965, and that it was taken at West Wittering Beach, and that this is where they later shot a promo film for Arnold Layne.
  5. Okay I was confused then, because maybe 1967 would've been the "right" year, no?
  6. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist

    Highland Park, USA
    Not really. Nick was pretty much brought in as a session drummer for TER. David and Nick were never close friends, they just know how to work together w/o getting under each other's skins.
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  7. Sorry, just realized they wore different clothes in the promo film (couldn't remember it so quickly). I saw the song sheet replica that shows it.
  8. bonjo

    bonjo Forum Resident

    Well the box is titled "The Early Years 1965 - 1967", so I assume this was just a very early photo of the band from 1965.
  9. Interestingly Roger and Nick are (still) close friends these days. Maybe Mason could be guest on some of Roger's gigs then.
  10. Glubluk

    Glubluk Forum Resident

    Yes and yes and yes! VM sounds as if not much thought was given to its composition and arrangement. As if both the lyrics and the individual parts were created and recorded in an 'anything goes' manner. STLS, on the other hand, is a great, wonderfully surreal song.

    Modern mixes are just that - modern. Even if the material at hand is half a century old it's hard to expect a truly vintage sound. Even Steven Wilson's mixes of King Crimson catalogue do not sound vintage, even though you can hear that enormous care was taken to preserve the character of the music. That's just how it works.
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  11. rnranimal

    rnranimal Senior Member

    My complaint isn't about vintage sound vs modern. It's about the poorly balanced (imo) mixing choices. VM new mix has Syd's guitar buried and his lead vocal sounding like it's being recorded from the back of the room and Scream is lopsided and piercing. The older mixes were much better, imo. Not because they were vintage sounding, but because they were simply better mixes. But it's all just our opinions. Some people like them, some don't. I personally hate them and find it the biggest disappointment of the set for me. I was greatly looking forward to official releases of these tracks, so I could retire the bootlegs. I dislike these mixes so much that I'll continue listening to the bootlegs, despite not being thrilled with their sound quality.

    Even if I liked the new mixes, I'd still have to re-EQ them to get rid of the massive treble boost much of this set has. That isn't all from the mix as "Matilda Mother" is treble boosted vs its original appearance on the Syd Introduction CD. The singles are also greatly treble boosted vs previous releases (and even compared to the same tracks on the blu-ray/DVD, which sound much better). The treble boost on this set is one of the biggest I've heard.
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  12. 50 years ago today.

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  13. I'm listening to the CDs from the first volume sub-box right now, the Stockholm gig is amazing!
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  14. The slice sounds are present in the original early releases, too.
    In the (in Holland released) Best Of Pink Floyd compilation it's audible as well, though the track is in duophonic there.
    The song was probably cut from several takes or had a longer running time and was edited short.
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  15. Beeb Fader

    Beeb Fader Forum Resident

    Stockholm has proved very popular on here ! Great recording.
  16. Just finished watching the Cambridge St/ation bluray. So much great footage!
    One of my favorites is that lost and found BBC/Top Of The Pops performance of 'See Emily Play'. Actually the whole disc is amazing.
  17. Careful with those guns, guys.

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  18. chrisrsprague

    chrisrsprague New Member

    Portland, Maine
    Huh. Roger should know that recoil doesn't remind anybody of sex...
  19. Glubluk

    Glubluk Forum Resident

    As I said before, I do like them but I perfectly understand that you don't and why you don't. I like them not because they are modern or even treble-boosted (for me it's a plus), but because I simply find them an enjoyable listen. It's all opinions indeed and I would't like to press mine on anyone, I can even agree with you that the new mixes are objectively worse. Subjectively, I like them more.
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  20. footlooseman

    footlooseman Forum Resident


    Looks like Syd is seeing a pink effervescent elephant
  21. redflag

    redflag Forum Resident

    I bought Devi/ation and am really happy with it. Yeah yeah yeah, they could have done all kinds of things different, but whatever. I dig what I got. Well worth it. Now I have Amazon gift card to spen on another and am trying to figure out which to get. Reverb/eration covers my favorite album, but looks a little light as far as content goes. What say you?
  22. I made some artwork for the Stockholm concert recording. Which sleeve do you think is the best looking one?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  23. Ben Adams

    Ben Adams Forum Resident

    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    I think the second one is best, especially for Stockholm, as it has a "cool" vibe.
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  24. Cool thanks! Originally I used this pic for a second Syd/Floyd studio album but decided to re-design it completely.

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