Pink Floyd - The Early Years 1965-1972 Box Set - Realiz/ation (Content, tracks, etc. ONLY!)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stereoptic, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Jerry Horne

    Jerry Horne The Division Bell 1994|25|2019

    West Coast
    Just to confirm, the bass solo in the middle of 'One of These Days' on the 24/96 stereo remix pans aggressively left to right?
  2. Kristofa

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    Eugene, Oregon
    Cool. Does your Echoes ping back and forth?
  3. Philrock90

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    Where can i get a download of the new stereo mix off the early years?
  4. Flaming Torch

    Flaming Torch Forum Resident

    No doubt it is out there in internet land somewhere. I have not seen a boot but then I have not looked. Officially I would guess it is still somewhere within the Early Years box as I would guess it has not sold out so I would not think it has been repressed. I am lucky a friend worked out how to extract the Meddle remix and I have it on a usb. All a bit annoying really but that's life.
  5. Hymie the Robot

    Hymie the Robot Forum Resident

    The annoying part is no Obscured By Clouds!
  6. coolsound

    coolsound Forum Resident

    i' m just discovering this post of 352 pages and those lives . for years i had the 16 july 1971 bootleg in london. could anybody tell me if this concert is on one set ? and does it have a good sound ? thanks
  7. Meng

    Meng Forum Resident

    It isn't, no.
  8. central616

    central616 Forum Resident

    I think you are wrongly refering to the concert at BBC's Paris Theatre on 16/07/1970, not 1971, which is included in the Devi/ation set in great quality.
  9. *Zod*

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    New England
    he's probably talking about 9/30/71 Paris Theater London
  10. NunoBento

    NunoBento Rock 'n' Roll Star

    Hang On a minute. I heard the surround mix that was hidden on the data of the disc, but never heard the stereo remix!
    What do you guys make of it?
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  11. edfom

    edfom Forum Resident

    Yeah there's a stereo mix as well. I personally find the panning in it to be distracting. Especially on One Of These Days. Just doesn't do it for me, but it's cool to have.
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  12. scobb

    scobb Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    I know this info is in this thread but I can’t find it! Which disc has the 5.1 meddle?

    Sorry in advance for asking... again
  13. Hymie the Robot

    Hymie the Robot Forum Resident

    Volume 5 - 1971 Reverber-ation (Blu-ray)
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  14. scobb

    scobb Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    So only some copies have this? I have echoes in quad but no 5.1 meddle!
  15. Hymie the Robot

    Hymie the Robot Forum Resident

    It was removed for the individual releases.
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  16. scobb

    scobb Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    I have the complete box bought in 2017 on the uk lightning deal. Is it a hidden track? Thank you for your help so far.

    Frustrating as it was the main reason I bought the box!
  17. Hymie the Robot

    Hymie the Robot Forum Resident

    Yes it is hidden. I should have mentioned that.

    Use MakeMKV to rip to MKV and Audiomuxer to convert to FLAC if need be. Both are free on PC.
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  18. scobb

    scobb Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    Can I not play it on my blu ray player? My pc doesn’t have a Blu ray drive?
  19. rontoon

    rontoon Floydian Archivist

    Highland Park, USA
    No, you can't. It needs to be ripped.
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  20. You need to extract the hidden audio using a computer with a Blu-ray drive.
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  21. coffeetime

    coffeetime Forum Resident

    Lancs, UK
    Listening again to the extracted 5.1 Meddle as I’m on a massive Floyd kick ahead of the anticipated Later Years box announcement, first time I’ve listened to it since upgrading my AV receiver a few months back. I’m hearing exactly what you are, especially with the newer AVR having better imaging than my previous.

    I now have dogs howling over my right shoulder :D
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  22. coffeetime

    coffeetime Forum Resident

    Lancs, UK
    In anticipation/ation of the Later Years set, I'm rewatching some of the BluRay content from TEY. Watching the Tienerklanken, Brussels video for Painbox, did the band have something about wanting David to stand in high precarious places where he might fall? His vantage point on top of the strut of the bridge doesn't look very safe. cf standing on top of the flight cases etc for the CN solo atop The Wall a dozen years later.
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  23. edfom

    edfom Forum Resident

    I've been going through and ripping the audio from most of the blurays yesterday and today. I've got to say, I love listening to Rick's organ playing on The Man / The Journey rehearsal. Just sublime.
  24. I just purchased the Devi/ation set as it had the most enticing content for me. I'm a big fan of their live 1969-71 shows and this set seemed to have the most bang for your buck when it came to the live content.

    My audio portion review:

    Disk 1
    Atom Heart Mother (live, sans choir and orchestra)
    I heard this one before from an old boot (Smoking Blues?). The sound here is an upgrade with some decent stereo separation and everyone is audible, though Roger's bass is pretty low in the mix. The sound effects are a nice touch and I also enjoy the trimmed length as the studio version always seemed a bit padded in length to me. This one is primarily Rick and Dave's showcase as they get the best presence in this mix and are "on" for this show. Some of Dave's guitar work here is amazing and quite different from the studio version. Glad to get this one on an official release.

    1970 Paris Theatre BBC Show
    The sound quality here is better than any boot I have heard and I have heard most for this show. It's mono as that is the only mix available (unlike the 1971 show available in mono and stereo) and it's clear and well mixed.
    Embryo reached its peak in spaciness, improv and length in 1970 as it would be trimmed back for the '71 tour. Echoes would incorporate some of the same Pterodactyl effects found here. This is amazing work and completely blows away the studio version. There are better 1970 live versions available on boots, but this one is the best sounding and mighty fine.
    Fat Old Sun is done well here, if a bit close to the studio rendition. It's tempo is just a bit faster and works fine -also Dave is in good voice. I like the '71 versions with extended improv from Rick better than this arrangement.
    Green is The Colour is a favorite of mine from the 69-70 tours. This rendition is about as good as they ever played it live. Sung beautifully and again everyone is "on". I think it blows the studio version away by some margin.
    Careful With That Axe Eugene comes in from a clean transition from "Green" as was the practice in the 69-70 tours. Eugene was a key improv piece that varied substantially from night to night. This is a good one, but I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite live version of this song.
    If is a nice showcase for Roger. It's played pretty close to the studio version and does not better it, I still enjoy it.
    Atom Heart Mother with Choir and Orchestra is pulled-off well (it must have been very difficult making this work live). Good to have but they stick very close to the studio arrangement so no big surprises or changes (unlike the other version on this disk). I think the choir and solo singing here may surpass the studio performance.

    I'm glad this show got an official catalog inclusion -well deserved!

    Disk 2
    The Zabriskie Point soundtrack material all sounds good to me -pleasant, easy on the ears, not too dynamic, but I suspect that's an issue with the recordings as the soundtrack songs were also in the same narrow DR. I can quibble about not including the previously released songs from the soundtrack on this disk, but if you view this strictly as a supplement it makes sense -still why did they include Unknown Song Take 1 which is virtually the same as the mix included on the soundtrack, yet left off the other key bonus track Country Song (Red Queen)? Weird.

    The tracks:
    Auto Scene Version 2 -the harpsichord Country Song instrumental is beautiful
    Auto Scene Version 3 is an example of Floyd doing music that is not well suited for them. They play fine on this, but I get the feeling this is something they had no enthusiasm for
    Aeroplane -A hard rock riff played with raucous enthusiasm by all, adds some energy, but I never thought Floyd did these riff-rockers with a strong conviction. I am not a huge fan of The Nile Song or Young Lust either
    Explosion -a real highlight and maybe my favorite track from Zabriskie -another take on Careful With That Axe Eugene -brilliant!
    The Riot Scene is the short piano piece that morphed into Us and Them -It's nice and I actually think the edited length works fine as the longer piece from the boots can get a bit tedious for me
    Looking At The Map is a run-through of the Country Song / Red Queen theme. Great melody and mood piece!
    Love Scene Version 7 is essentially The Narrow Way Part 1 and this mix sounds great!
    Love Scene Version 1 is an ambient piece, moody, spacey and relaxing
    Take Off -another rocker with Dave ripping it up for a bit over a minute -nice
    Take Off Version 2 -another brief rocking interlude
    Love Scene Version 2 is ambient with a bit more structure thanks to Rick's baleful organ and Dave's guitar effects
    Love Scene Take 1 is Rick on piano and someone playing vibes -not too interesting to me, others may like this lounge music
    Unknown Song Take 1 is familiar to those who have the extended soundtrack CD, its also been booted for years as "Rain In The Country". Another fun variation on The Narrow Way but a better mix to my ear
    Love Scene take 2 -vibes only. Relaxing, but not terribly engaging
    Crumbling Land Take 1 is just a bit looser than the finished version on the soundtrack and I like that about it. Always good to here this one.

    Atom Heart Mother (Early Studio Version) or How Nick Mason Conquered the World! He is amazing here and I think close to his playing peak (his peak was probably 1971). He is mixed up front and dominates. The whole piece sounds like it may have been the under dub for the finished suite. No orchestra or choir to obscure what Floyd play and everyone plays very well here. A real treasure this.

    I still have not delved into the video content, but I will soon and post some thoughts.
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  25. Well I finally finished watching all the video content for the Devi/ation set. Pretty impressive stuff.

    The KQED show is better looking and sounding than what was out there unofficially for years. Great show too that sits comfortably alongside Pompeii as my favorite video document of Pink Floyd live. I like Pulse too, but the older shows had some improv and, for me, are more interesting if also less visually and sonically pleasing.

    I have not heard the ATM Quad mix yet, as my surround system is currently disabled. I understand that some of the sound effects at the end of Alan's...Breakfast have been edited/removed -that's too bad and one of the very few digs I have against this set.

    The Pop Deux festival footage is very nice too -not a complete show, but a solid slice of the boys on a good night (and afternoon soundcheck).

    The instrumental improvs and Embryo extract from Paris are very cool. I wish they had offered that on CD too -I may have to make an extract and try to edit something together. Great visual and sound.

    The amateur video the ATM Suite with orchestra is actually an interesting document showing how the band worked live with the orchestra. Shaking cam and all, I think this is the only video we have of them live with the orchestra.

    So in summary, the Devi/ation individual set is a real success:
    Best sources used for everything? -check, no misses I can see or hear (assuming the ATM quad edit was not related to the source).
    Interesting and new bonus content? Hell yeah.
    Good sound quality? I think this material has never sounded better (I have not heard the ATM quad to confirm this).

    Buy with confidence and enjoy.

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